Prayer For Anxiety

I watched a video that mentioned drinking a cup of sour cherry juice (preferably organic) before bed really helps with falling asleep. I have not tried it myself but probably will soon.


Make long promenades everyday.
Take Jesus with you and ask him questions…
It helps a lot :relaxed:

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Even when I can sleep, I ask God not to hear the dogs of the neighbor, the neighbor and unnecessary noise. And I sleep well :grinning:


@Grlchatterbox33 hi molly :slightly_smiling_face:

just checking in to see how you’re doing, did the anxiety stop?

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if you need someone to talk to that’s confidential… this is an excellent website to go to.


Wow yes I do the same thing! I have rituals and I must check the locks, fans, lights etc multiple times before bed!! :joy: I also have OCD. My bedtime routine is the worst!! Argh I’ve also gone many days where I only get 3 hours of sleep or less! I can go days without sleep and the longer I go without sleep- the harder it is for me to sleep! Being able to function and be present for life is so hard when you are not sleeping! Everything is a struggle.

Covid has intensified everything too- so many decisions we have been faced with that we are forced to make because of the current state of things… :woman_facepalming:

Yes please keep me in prayer…. And I will be praying for you too! :slight_smile:


I will. Thank you :muscle::pray::heart:


Jon, Jon, Jon. Now you’ve gone and made me cry. From your keyboard to our Father’s ears— the comforting Molly part.

Hey Sandy @jeremiah8,
First welcome! Good suggestions you’ve given Molly @Grlchatterbox33. I like melatonin gummies— two or three help me a lot. The thing I like is if it’s 2AM and I get anxious about not being able to sleep, I can eat a couple in the middle of the night. If I’m able to get back to sleep, I can still wake up fine at 7AM.

Hey there Molly @Grlchatterbox33,
I’m also a member of the anxiety/no sleep club. So ready to disband it already! I’ve struggled with both since I was very young; they can definitely wear you down. I have added you to my prayer list.

The #1 thing that helps me is to pray thanks — kinda like counting sheep, except I just name all that I’m thankful for. And I often listen to favorite Bible teachers. I may or may not fall asleep, but at least I’m immersing myself in Bible lessons.

I’d like to suggest a couple other tips/things I haven’t seen in any posts yet but I’m not done reading. Anyways, I find that a heating pad on my feet really helps. I turn it on, say my prayers, restart it so I get a full cycle of warmth. By the time I get into bed, my feet have a soothing place to snuggle. Sometimes I even wear socks. Of course, I generally remove the socks and kick the pad out of bed when I’ve had enough warmth, but it does seem to help me relax. Many nights I put the heat back on a few times. And sometimes I use another heating pad underneath my torso for extra comfort. There’s also usually two fans pointed at the bed— that noise and slight breeze also help me sleep.

I am also blessed to have an amazing bed that has vibration and bed configuration features. The vibration mode often rocks me back to sleep. If you don’t have these options, you might be able to find a vibration pad… seems like I’ve heard of them for infants.

Another thing that helps is an eye mask. I have glaucoma and severe dry eyes. My eye doctor recommended heat compresses and they really help with the dryness and the glaucoma damage. I began using a hot, wet wash cloth but the warmth doesn’t last too long. Then I bought a mask (doesn’t really lay on eyelids though), then goggles that you heat up (hot water or microwave) and lay across eyes. Again, they didn’t stay warm long enough. I now use a mask I got on Amazon— bulky so I usually have to lay on my back to use. It has several settings; you can combine heat, massage and soothing music. Best thing is the warmth lasts and you can easily restart cycle for longer sessions. Of course the down side is I sometimes worry about the batteries exploding and blinding me (yikes!) and I worry that I won’t be alert if the boogie man shows up in my bedroom. Even with those worries, I find myself reaching for that electric (usb charged) mask time and again.

I looked on Amazon; the one I have is no longer available but I’m adding a screen shot of one that is.

Mine. Notice how much more bulky. The one above looks a lot more comfortable!


Recommend taking melatonin. Time released an hour before you go to bed. Do not recommend taking more in middle of night. It takes times to go through your system. Change sleeping position. I go from bed to recliner or other way. Listen to light music or tape to help sleep. If you have alot if things on your mind Just pray and give it to God. Sometimes I can’t sleep if I over exert myself. But I soak in tub. Learning to relax is a learning experience. Praying about this and your other health concerns.

Been almost three weeks, @Grlchatterbox33, how ya doin?


Thank you for all the suggestions. I use a foot massager that has heat that I do keep on my feet all night! I also purchased the Calm gummies which have actually been helping. They help me relax enough to where I am able to fall asleep but I am still struggling to stay asleep. I get up pretty much every night around 4:30-5:30 AM and I struggle to fall back asleep. I’m averaging 4-5 hours still! I’m very exhausted… unable to function most days… arghh…


Hey thanks for checking in on me. :slight_smile: I’m ok… still hanging in there… barely! lol I gotta make jokes or I will cry. haha Today was tough! … I maybe got 4 hrs of sleep last night! I’m not sure how to private message people on this but if anyone would like to counsel me or offer more advice please private message me or email … I’m not sure how to do that… Thanks!


I normally on average (I guess that’s normally) I get four hours of sleep. Anymore though, I’m getting sometimes two and then up for x amount of hours. Could be twelve or more. There were a few times I only got 15 minutes of sleep a night in 2019. And there was literally 7 days straight I got zero sleep in my 20’s (not drug induced either). My body was just pumping adrenaline like crazy. Finally collapsed after hallucinating while driving on a bridge. Saw s girl in a nightgown walking [along] the bridge (no walkway) and turned around to see if she needed help, and she wasn’t there. Even checked the bank and scanned the water and listened for a scream and nothing. No reports of a missing girl either.

I feel you pain on lack of sleep. I have no remedies to share sadly. Nothing I haven’t already. I will keep praying for ya however!


Hey Molly @Grlchatterbox33,
Well some sleep IS better than none…. but no actual rest will drive you bonkers or kill ya. Glad that you’re getting a bit of relief with the calming tabs. Have you tried sleeping somewhere else, the couch or another bedroom if you have one? Have you tried the cinnamon mix that Janet suggested? Post #14, 17 days ago. Several people said it worked for them the first time she shared it on another thread. I’ll do some more research tomorrow.


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