Prayer for Canada

Hi everyone. We had a media blackout here in Canada over the weekend. There was a HUGE protest in Montreal Quebec with 10’s of thousands of people lining the streets. I don’t have much by way of details BUT we NEED prayer. The 4th Reicht is here.
September 1, 2021 is “Papers Please” start date. You know what I’m saying. They are really making it MANDATORY here. Injection mandate likely to follow, already in play for people in government positions (meaning my sister too) :frowning:

As I am writing this I have had some time to pray and to calm myself, but for many unsuspecting Canadians this is going to be a HUGE issue. It could become an issue with my housing and income being government and all, but 1 day at a time. “Not by might nor by power, but by MY SPIRIT.”, says the LORD.

All you can do at this point is pray and yet it’s EVERYTHING we can do at this point is pray. Once we’ve prayed we need to pray some more and then again pray even more. This is the time for prayer WITH thanksgiving. Always always always with THANKSGIVING. :slight_smile:

Thanks for your time. <3 God bless you all.


@Marianne_Cnd dear sister, i’ll pray for and with you!! I can’t imagine what it must be like to witness all these things in person. And yet i know it is coming our way too.
Stay strong and keep looking up. We listened to JD Farag today (a bit late, i know) and he reminded us of the fact that when God opens a door, NO man can close it!!!
Christ is walking right beside you and will give you the strengh and the courage at just the right time.
Many, many hugs and Blessings :two_hearts:


Its really getting crazy here in Canada. In Saskatoon and Regina mandated masking in both city facilities. Soon a person will have to show your QR code from your online health records to prove you are vaccinated to go to concerts, sports events, etc. Oh Lord, take me home, I’m done with this all.


Praying for my neighbors to the North. Praying God’s provision and the Holy Spirit’s clarity, dear ones.


Hi everyone>. My son and daughter in law went ahead and got vaxxed a while ago. They listen more closely to her family which are vaxxed. One of my daughters works for a university and they have been told they have to be vaxxed by the Sept 1st after originally being told that the universities would not make it mandatory. She does not want the vax. She has read as much info on it as i have as well as what she has had shared from her friends.
We have also had the federal election come up really fast, and i believe if the existing government gets voted back in, they will change our Charter of Rights and Freedoms to the extend that they can censor our tv and internet, possible email.
Apparently the unvaccinated if voting in person can only vote on September 10 or 11th. after that we need to be vaccinated to enter the voting stations.
I have seen a sample of the new legislation which removes freedom of religion from protection as well as expanding gender to include gender expression and identity. Praying that religion will not be removed.
God is in control. Daniel 4: 17 verse ends with “that the living may know that the most High ruleth in the kindgom of men, and giveth it to whomsoever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men”.
Those in office ruling our government are there according to God’s will and purpose and are part of Gods plan to fulfill His purpose.
I will join you in prayer for this nation. Praying God will make a way of escape.


It’s weird because I don’t even notice that stuff. I mean I know it’s happening, but it’s almost as if I’m completely oblivious to it all.

I keep praying.

Thank you

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WOW, I didn’t even know we were having an election! So I guess I better put on my “I like politics” face and go do what I can to change something. Thanks for letting me know.

I have a feeling I am the only one not jabbed in my family, not sure about Dad because I have’t seen him in months. Him without Mama is not a good thing in our family.

Removal of religious freedoms is to be expected as the age of evil dawns. These things must not cause us fear and trembling, rather they should cause us to shout for joy, pray all the more and more earnestly seek His face.

What was it Jesus said to the disciples about not being afraid? Maybe we need to go back and read the words Jesus actually said to His disciples when they were afraid? Hey, I’m talking to myself here too. LOL :smiley:

I’ll keep praying and you keep praying and who knows, one time when we’re in prayer HE will say to us as HE said to Enoch, “Come up here.” and like Enoch, we will gladly go. That’s my idea of a great time. :smiley:


Lord, my heart is heavy for Canada and has been for some time. Lord, thank You for all the souls coming to because of this oppression. We declare that many are having their eyes opened to their need for a Saviour. Lord, please stir hearts! This is Your will. Help my unbelief! We need You to show men and women and children that there is a God in heaven Who is holy, just and pure, righteous in all His ways. Lord, send dreams and visions, warn parents through little ones, and I ask that the children break out in worship and praise for out of the babes mouths, You’ve ordained praise to defeat the enemy. Yes, Lord, by this I know You are pleased with Your children, that our enemy has not triumphed over us! (psalm 41:11). Lord, thank You for saving and that Your power is undiminished. Thank You for strength, glory, wisdom, protection and all the fulfilled promises in Jesus Christ. Glory to Your holy Name! Send out Your Word and save, O Lord, everlasting Father and Prince of peace. Save Canadians left and right……give them a fierce fighting spirit, but fighting in the Spirit, resisting the spirit of fear! O Lord, You have overcome this world. Give cheerfulness to Your people in these last days…so much darkness yet even the darkness is light to You. We are going to overcome by the blood of the Lamb! And we will overcome by the testimony of Your faithfulness! O Lord, have mercy on this wicked world. Thank You……of course, You are showing Your mercy, even by exposing such sin and wickedness. Open the eyes of the blind, the ears of the deaf….awaken Your people to keep remembering the resurrection power of Jesus Christ. We trust in You O Lord! We will praise Your Name forever.


Same here Nancy! Our daughter also works at a Canadian Univ. and is in the same pickle. She is also far away and so this momma can not provide shelter and home. We have had good discussions this past year and half. She knew it was coming but Now it is Here!
Leaving her at the feet of Jesus is what I do. I pray scripture over her and that God would give her a back bone and I do remind her that there are countless others just like her and God will provide a way for all those that trust in Him!
What days of testing for all of us.


Loved your thoughtful prayer!
This Canadian is blessed - thank you!
And I take this to my pillow tonight as I rest my weary heart…

But - just to sum it up…

Amen and Amen!!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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thankyou so much. it is an encouragement to pray for others and to be prayed for.
In Ontario our premier has now mandated the Health Pass and although it is limited right now in its application, i believe it eventually will include necessities like grocery stores, retail and drug stores as well as restaurants, theaters etc. that it applies to now.
Toronto Sun newspaper a few days ago reiterated comments that are in social media and elsewhere, that those who dont t get vaccinated should be denied health care and a health officer in one of our regions has indicated that maybe its time only the unvaccinated be locked down so they cant spread the virus.
I also have read that in Australia the government has had 50 people participate in the testing of a government ap. The ap would allow the government to call an individual and request they submit a photo of themselves and their surroundings within 15 minutes and if they do not comply the police will be sent to arrest the individual or levy a fine which are quite hefty.
The province of Alberta is now going to pay people 100 dollars to take the jab.
Our current PM is pressing the provinces to come up with the Health pass for their province and I suspect it will be so its easier to put a federal one in place.
Philippians 4:19 but my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
May it be so. Amen


Thankyou Desert Rose
God bless you. What a beautiful heartfelt prayer.
HIs name is wonderful, HIs name is marvelous.
Saviour, friend, healer, deliverer, counsellor, Lord and coming King.
Worthy of all praise.
May His great name be magnified. Jesus Christ. Kings and kingdoms will all pass away but His name will stand for ever.
Each new day is one that you give, help us to remember that and to be glad and rejoice in it no matter how it looks. Help us to also remember you specialize in miracles and you are a master way maker.
Renew and refresh my brothers and sisters in Christ around the world who are all faced with various hard ships, challenges and threats. May they feel your presence, your peace and your comfort.
All is going according to your plan. May your will be done on earth as it is in heaven Father God.
In your dear sons name, Jesus.


I also live in Canada, in BC. Starting Sept 13 all long term care home staff must be jabbed. Can’t get on an airplane even within our own country unless jabbed. Imagine not being able to attend a parents funeral? Vaccine passports come into effect on Sept 13, and all must have their first jab by then and their second by Oct 13. If not, they are automatically fired. My sister in law works at one of these LTC homes. They are so incredibly short staffed now, what is going to happen when they have to fire 10-20 care aides? Who will care for these elderly residents? But the residents don’t have to be vaccinated, just the staff. No unessential outings for the unvaccinated such as restaurants, gyms, sporting events etc. And yet the rule doesn’t apply to fast food restaurants where they are packed in like sardines with no social distancing. The restaurants are worried sick how they will be able to find staff to police the front doors of these establishments as they know it’s going to get ugly. There is NO exemptions. Not for medical or religious reasons. The only exemption is for immigrants? Try to figure that one out. And ALL government workers also have to be jabbed by Sept 13. I don’t think some people have a clue of the chaos this is going to create. We have not had outbreaks at restaurants. It’s interesting to note also, it’s only been since the vaccines came out that our numbers have sky rocketed! I actually had a neighbour a couple of weeks ago tell me that it is because of unvaccinated people like me that her brother is sick with covid in Vancouver. You know what he told her? And she repeated this in a very snitty voice saying he told her that he was covered by the blood of Jesus and that made her so angry and she shouted that Jesus sent the vaccine! This is getting so ugly guys. The division this is causing is heartbreaking. I am truly blessed that my family is all on the same page and we are all saved, PTL!
We had a large rally here in Kelowna on Wednesday and the mainstream news turned it into something so ugly and even outright lied that the people in attendance were unruly.
I’m sorry I ranted all over the place here. I guess I never thought it would come to this here in Canada. I even heard about a 12 year old boy being denied medical attention at a clinic because neither him or his mother were vaccinated. It’s getting very real. And most people I know just don’t tie any of this in with the bible. Apparently my sister in law won’t get fired until Oct 13, but from Sept 13 till October 13 she has to take the rapid test every single day. I am thinking the only reason they are being given the extra month now is to see how many unvaccinated they ate dealing with, and when they realize the numbers are higher than they thought, they will have to figure out a way to bring them back to work. This is only going to tax the already shortage of staff happening now. I’m sure some will cave to keep their jobs but a lot won’t. And there won’t be enough workers to keep the establishments running. It’s going to get very bad here. BUT GOD! Now is the time we need to get off our knees and unto our faces before the Lord!
I believe the mark of the beast is possibly only months away. What historic times we are living in. BUT GOD! Praise be to God! We will all be victorious in the end! Our relationship with God is all that matters right now. And one final thing, ( I’m starting to sound like JD ) lol. My best friends husband has been denied a lung transplant because he won’t get the jab. So for him it’s not about losing his job, it’s his life! It’s a no win situation for him. Well it is, because he is saved!
Sorry I went on so long. Didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant. prayers to each amd everyone of you!


Praying for Canada too. Australia is also getting really bad. Sending prayers and love. Xx

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Also hold tight sister. Jesus is coming. I truly truly believe he is close because
I had my first rapture dream this morning… I was suddenly taken up into the clouds and was surrounded by angels… then the next thing I knew… I was on this hwy on a bus and I was looking around and ahead was disaster and destruction but on the left we were fast approaching the off ramp to eternity.

I felt like I was being told that we are about to leave.


Same in many U.S. cities…and not necessarily just the woke cities either. No concerts, no restaurants…pretty soon we will all face what some other countries such as Australia, Phillipines, Malaysia, France, Germany…no entry to grocery stores without that QR code or other proof of V.

Come Lord Jesus…rescue us all soon.


I’m sorry. I had to stop reading when I read where you said my own sister will be forced to take the jab or be fired. She works for the gov of Can in taxation. She’s had the job since a year after high school (1980’s). She told my Dad and I that she was taking it (she told us this last fall and I snapped.) and that she was going to “encourage” her kids to take it too.
One’s already involved with gene therapy :sob::sob:, the other moved in with her longtime school sweetheart but works in healthcare like Grandma, Mama and I all did. We’re Mennonites. lol we don’t believe in violence or participating in warfare.
I’ve been praying more for my sister and her kids then anyone else I meet, know or get prayer requests for. I have to, she’s the only sister I have left. I’m grateful not to have children and grandchildren and great grandchildren to concern myself with.

Now about all these restrictions. I have had a question posed to me in prayer time; “why do you care about going into places where the enemy lives, is My habitation insufficient for you?”
I’ll just let that sit with you all too. I’m still working it out.
Now I’m kinda a strange egg anyway, ask anyone in my 900+ sized family and either they’ll tell you we’ve never met or they’ll tell you, “yeah we don’t really understand her so we just leave her alone.”. Point: I don’t like shopping anymore and if I don’t have to go into those places I don’t anymore. The warfare in the malls is off the charts so I just stopped going there. Dens of robbers, thrives, and all that stirs the heart towards idolatry and away from God. The more they say , “unvaccinated people don’t go here or there” the more I think, “awesome! We’re not supposed to be in places that cause us to sin anyways. I’m even mentally prepared for the day they say “if you’re not jabbed you don’t get your disability money anymore and we’re kicking you out of housing.” I’m ready! I can survive very well in the wild. I was taught how, it’s one of the great privileges of being 4th generation Canadian. This country means nothing to me except that it’s a place where Great Grandpa Weibe came along with Mr. Peters between 1874-1884 with the gospel of Jesus Christ to Canada and Manitoba.
Yes, Jesus Christ is coming very soon. There’s going to be forces all around Israel :israel: In the valleys on the East from the very North boarder God gave them originally to the south end. Then there will be an earthquake that slips the mount of Olives in half from the East to the West and Jerusalem will be divided into 3 parts. When that earthquake happens, that’s when Jesus Christ returns! No date given nor requested, but these are the events that will take place that day. How do I know this? I read my Bible.

I’m going to keep praying for all the prayer requests. I’m highly unlikely to achieve level 2 status because I don’t typically hit 50 of anything, so whatever you guys know there is beyond me. I barely hit 10 topics or subjects in a month so hitting 50 isn’t going to happen.
The more quiet I am, the more I’m praying. So visibility Is not something you can expect unless the Lord leads.


Actually, I’m glad. I know, I know. It sounds horrible, BUT I can’t be the only believer who has picked up on the pharmakai and the pharmaceutical connection! I just can’t be! It’s all sourcery and witchcraft anyway!! Hallelujah!!! I’m off of ALL pharmaceutical prescriptions now. They can’t treat the kind of epilepsy I have anyway so I don’t care for myself. Now my Dad, that’s a different story. He’s got diabetes and heart problems, and with my sister in charge of his health care…. We’ll that could get dicey. Dad said when this started he would not get it unless he had no other choice. My sister is encouraging him to get it too. I keep telling him what the Bible says and remind him of what he taught us kids. I think it seems to help him. I’m having trouble putting into words with him what I understand about phamakai- it’s just challenging for me to put pictures I to words now. Please do some research for yourselves about what the Bible says we’re suppose to do. “Be ye in the World but not OF the World.
How many times have you walked into Walmart and walked out with stuff that was NOT on your list in any way? Wanna know why? White noise. It was specifically created to cause shoppers to spend more money because they’d forget why they went to the stores in the first place. How do I know? Because it’s happened to me. Went in for groceries one time in Saskatoon came out with a flatscreen TVs and no groceries!!! See what I mean?
Okay, we like going to restaurants, but it use to be a luxury, not a write of passage. Driving a car was a huge deal, now if you don’t drive your poor or inept. When Great Grandpa Weibe came over with Me. Peters with the gospel it was to bring peace and the love of Christ to a nation filled with people who had never heard the gospel before, then the English sent members from the Catholic Church to “force” them to recant EVERYTHING they believed in, including their heritage in a land they were born in. If I’m remembering this correctly, house of Japheth came to Canada- some of his sons. So, being an Ashkenazi Jew that makes them part of my family line. I love our original First Nations people. They’re beautiful people with a very rich heritage in spite of what happened to them in the Residential Schools. They have every right to be upset. In the Late 1990’s and early 2000’s we had a movement come through from , I think it was Kelowna, Upstream Ministries, anyway, they came through doing the “Heal Our Land” message. We went to our churches, prayed fasted and then boldly went to these same people and invited their Chiefs to come so we could meet with them. It took a few years but the Christian Bikers with the churches got together and had a wonderful season of healing, forgiveness and restoration. Great Grandpa’s dream had been realized and I got to be a part in it.
Forgive those who have wronged God’s people. Stay away from Sourcery and tell everyone you meet about the LOVE AND FORGIVENESS of Jesus Christ, and He really is coming back much sooner than any of us realize or know. It’s getting very very close. If we’re still here in 3 years I’ll be surprised. But that’s just me.

I know it’s hard out here right now people, but we have to remember that here in the Western World we have grown soft and accustomed to a VERY CUSHY lifestyle. We don’t know what it means to die for our faith, line our forefathers did. We don’t know what it’s like to be tortured or have our guts ripped out of us while we’re still alive, like they did to the Puritans of old.
I could say more but I don’t think it’s the time. I’m going to get myself in trouble if I reveal all that God has shown me since March of 2020. This is only the very tip of the beginning of what’s coming. We haven’t even gotten started yet.
FYI what we’re going through was prophesied in Zechariah. Chapter 12-14 are highly informative for today’s world.


Amen :pray: