Prayer for Canada

Hello, i am in Manitoba Canada. Voting is here. My husband and i have read the plans and who they are ( from what we get to read on a webpage) on the parties to vote for. I truly don’t even want to vote at this point since there is just no one i can stand behind. At this point i dare to say PPC is what we vote for i guess. And even they have things we don’t agree with. This world is so corrupt. Any other brother or sister in Christ can give some input in who to vote for this time? We will be voting this Saturday, and surely praying to the Lord if this is who we should vote for. I vote for JESUS CHRIST!! You get my point. I also know its a possibility that we might be raptured before that, that would be JUST fine!!! Input would be appreciated ( we have been voting for the conservative party before, but since they are VERY PRO VACCINES and everything else that comes with it, we dont want to vote for them this year)


Joyful, Shalom from the Peg.
I was praying :pray: about this same thing and when I was done, I too was felt led to go PC. Not because I agree with anything any of them stand for BIT because they are not Islamic. Oh I know that sounds racial and predgedist etc, but when I look at the other (spiritual) end of things, they are the BEST option. :cry:

Trudeau is Muslim- he converted the day after he took office- from what I’ve read anyway- Sing, yep he’s Canadian born but also ties to the other Islamic states too. We’ve seen Trudeau’s true colors now and I think he should go back to Cuba if he wants to run things like his maternal father did (Castro). O’Toole originally was challenging the restrictions and the concentration camps set up in Emerson and at the Wpg airport. My biggest question that no one addressed I heard about out of Ohio- Why does the Canadian government need 2 guillotines? (I’m suddenly hearing remnants of the song “I’m Henry the 8th - off with their heads! So yeah, I’m concerned too.

I’ve also been asking God if this is just a warning phase - you know, like a Brackston Hicks situation.
Inside I really feel like something big is going to happen very very soon.

Here’s one more question; why are we all worked up about an “agenda” with a fictitious illness?

Oh I can hear it all now, “how dare you say it not real? I’ve had so&so die because of COVID! “

1- it’s called CoV-02 not Covid
2- Covid-19 is the Name of the Agenda
3- the UN, WHO, WEF are all under the same ownership
4- what happened to the seasonal flu or allergies or heart disease or cancer or Autism or arthritis? All we hear now is COVID

We truly are in the clutches of the brainwashing Czars. Same tacktics Hitler used are being implemented today.

Do you want to know what they did to the Jews and Christians during that time? We were human lab rats, just like today. This time it’s on a global scale.
The injections are the disease!
Anyone remember when the MadCow disease was out and the had to kill all the cows for a while?? Well a farmer recorded the testing process and put it on yt years ago. Same thing they did to infect all those cows is the exact same method they are using now to “test for Covid”.

Oh the things the LORD has revealed to me. No wonder I almost lost my mind 6 months ago. But on the good side of that is that I am as calm as a human being can be in the midst of this situation, that’s not to say that the spirit of fear doesn’t do it’s worst but I see it & give it all to Jesus Christ. That spirit of fear comes knocking I call out “Hey Jesus, it’s back again.” Then voop all peace and happiness returns and I can come back and attempt to strengthen others with what God has showed me.

Joyful, I’d love to get together sometime soon. I’m willing to walk to you if I must, as long as God gives me strength I can walk for DAYS!
Rofl :rofl:
Okay funny bunny trail:
When I lived in Morris Manitoba I had a boyfriend who lived outside of Winkler. We couldn’t always get together because he worked at the Harley Davidson shop in Morden. One morning I woke up very early and started to walk to visit him. Morris is about a 4 hour walk to Winkler. This was during the days when it was still mostly safe to hitchhike- not like now. I got about halfway there when a familiar vehicle came up. Rolled the window down, “Marianne, need a lift?” “Sure, thanks Wes.” And off we went. Wes would often drive this route knowing that James and I would meet this way occasionally. Later that year Wes saved my life after a seriously bad drunken fight with another girl who claimed James was her boyfriend. :rofl::rofl::rofl:
I can laugh now but at the time I was hanging onto life and belted to Wes on his Harley. No literally They used belts to secure me to Wes so I wouldn’t fall off the bike. Many asked me why James didn’t take me. Honestly, I think he might have been too drunk to drive. James was the son of a pastor in Morden and that made Grandma happy. We never did find a way to make it work though. Anyway, the moral of that story is, I’m not afraid to walk anywhere in this world anymore. And if I tell you I’m on my way to see you, if I’m taking a long time it because I’m walking :walking_man::joy::rofl::innocent::innocent::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Okay, now let’s put the spirit of fear where it belongs, in Jesus hands. Our advisary is a little yappy dog that’s it. Just running his yap again.

“They will worship the creation rather than the creator.” Unknown

“If you are truly wise you will keep your eyes on Palestine” Larry Norman singer, evangelist and now with Jesus Christ

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Ah, Marianne we love your heart felt messages!
Walking out with the TV - well put a little humour into all the very real and serious stuff. We need a good chuckle. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:
Loved to hear the little bits of your family heritage. Your family has lived here in Canada for a long time. They also fled persecution in Europe. There was a mighty move of God through reconciliation with our brothers and sisters of first nations and now it seems like it never took place.

Normal is Only a setting on your dryer!

@Binky - I think there is lots of room to share our heart sleeves on this forum. Who else are we going to share the heaviness (burdens) to? So, we can all come along here and bear a burden or two with you - lift you up in prayer and walk the road with you for a bit until another comes along and does the same. God has equipped us to do just that!
But, what times we are in!
@Nessie - wow, your dream give me chicken skin. Very Awesome!
Thank you for your encouragement. Things sound so bad down under. It looks like AU is a testing ground for what is going to happen here in Canada. After all we are part of the commonwealth.


I like that dream Nessie. I too had a dream last night about my daughter who I have been sharing Jesus with. She grew up in church but has since rejected all that she believed. In the dream I was reaching for this child (Crystal is an adult now) and could not get to her. I believe God was saying her child-like mind is not ready yet, but keep praying and believing. Although my bags are packed and I am ready to leave this old world, there are those God wants to reach first. Hold on just a bit longer.


Hey guys; I just had a revelation I need to share with you.

I was coming back from doing laundry and I met a neighbor & was all polite with her like we’re suppose to be. She looked at me like I was gonna kill her or something - some people you can see terror in their eyes.
I said to her I’m not the enemy and she’s like “then act like it.”
First I’m like, “huh what?”
I go home, she leaves in the elevator. and I’m puzzled, nothing new there lol
So i’m chatting with the LORD about it and it gets revealed, that’s persecution in it’s infancy. Then I get the “Praise God when men persecute you” popping into my head, so I do. Then, still puzzled by the exchange I start wondering how does she know I haven’t been jabbed. Then it hits me like a cast iron frying pan to the face! THE APP!!! It doesn’t just tell the powers that be who’s jabbed, it also shows the people with the app who have NOT been jabbed and what their proximity is to them. I know it sounds all Twighlight zone & everything but think this through. Those who have been jabbed and have the app once the system in online things will all change & at one injection that they receive it will have the stuff to make it all work … kinda like a computer doesn’t work very well without it’s CPU chip installed.

How else would this lady whom I rarely talk to, let alone see, know my jab status? Am I nuts, or does this make sense to someone other than me?

GO bag is repacked and by the door should it become a necessity. “Be Prepared”

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I love your dream too. I’m sorry for not saying so sooner.
I’m trying real hard to hold on with the rest of you, but Oh WOW what we all know is coming and some of the things I’ve seen happen - spiritually- to Winnipeg…it’s gonna get flattened and then she’s gonna go boom at Portage and Main… I wish I didn’t know what I know… :cry: Get out of the cities while you still can. Sell it all and go bush. You know what I’m saying ladies. If not, ask Gran, she’ll tell ya.

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It’s good. I go long too.
Definite prayers for you and yours.
We all coming up on some hard choices right now. Remember though, we are HIS remnant. I was reminded today, or was it last night, anyway, I was reminded of the passage where Jesus said that the Father has put all those into His (Jesus) hands and that those who are in Jesus hand HE will not lose even a one.

Thank you :pray:

The technology is there for sure!
I am not aware if that kind of APP is active now in Canada but perhaps it is.
Here is what I think it is as well.
There is another kind of thing at work: Spirtual Warfare - light and dark forces at play. This women in darkness could not stand the light of God you were emitting. Makes sense?
I had a very similar think take place last week. I was out late one evening going for walk and crossed path with a young women and her hubby on a walk. This women is in Christian ministry ( which I find so puzzling). After greeting them she turned, I believe I got a very quick hello and she tugged on her husbands arm who was quite confused. I retraced my steps following them and asked why she was ignoring me and then it came out - " I know what side you are on." I stood there baffled and shocked but stood tall and still as I know Jesus was giving me strength to do so. She reacted in fear and rage and I would say bordering on hate. A few words from there were exchanged but suffice it to say - the darkness inside of her collided with the light of Jesus in me. I don’t want to come across as proud. Heaven help me!! You know the Bible says this is not a fight against flesh and blood …
To be sure we will get more experiences like this and so we must put on The Whole Armor of God every single day as it is a Battle out there!!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Right right right. :woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming: Duh! Rofl
I knew the spiritual battle was there, maybe my emotions didn’t register it.

Yep there’s a c o v I d app out there in the App Stores. It’s been around since last summer. All the kids use it now. It’s allegedly so “they” can track the spread- yeah right - control city here we come. Apple did a huge promo on it when it first was released.

Okay true story:
I’m praying after I posted earlier when I suddenly feel led to call my husband up north and give him a quick 2 minute fill in, then I get the feeling to have a soak… several hours ahead of my schedule. So I’m waiting on the tub to fill and I hear this sound like I’m getting an alert in my phone, which is in the kitchen area. Phone is on silent volume off! So I check the phone and there is YOUR MESSAGE!!!

Thank you for obeying the voice of God!
This is just too cool. I’d been praying about this since it happened. lolGod is so good to us!

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Amen Sister!
Soak in His Goodness! :smiley:

You realize the APP is just a modern day adaptation of what the patch was for the Jews during the Nazi era. The only difference is the App is more efficient in identifying the “enemy of the state.”

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Yep, that’s why I don’t have it nor do I intend to.

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As I was chomping away throughout the day about our thread here I thought of two things.
First: We need to count it All Joy when we go through these trails and that Jesus would count us worthy to join in His suffering.
Second: Corrie ten Boom has been such a great comfort and encouragement over the years to me and especially now I find myself digging up her interviews and quotes. Be blessed Sheepies! :orange_heart:

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Okay Lavender, this is getting kinda …. “God, didn’t we just go through this together about a week or two ago?” Him and I.

I even told my Dad that sometimes I feel like Corrie… “thank God for bugs!” Hey no one wants to come in if they think you got the ones that like your bed… right?

I’m grateful for our chats today.

Yep I too was reminded of the “praise God” like Paul did and then I let out one of my “Oh wow! Thank you Jesus!!!” God is good all the time and all the time God is good!

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:raised_hands: :raised_hands:
God is good - ALL THE TIME!
We can count on that!!
He is the Winner Man!

Thanks Randy - absolutely it is.
My province is scheduled to roll this out in a few weeks.
I guess, what we/I were bringing forth is can the public at this time see who got vaxxed and who did not via an App at this point.
But, you know what? I really don’t want to go there. Not head in the sand - no
I don’t feel its my mantel to carry.

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Amen Sister!!!

Umm :thinking: I think I know where God is leading me but … I’m nervous about the Office It seems HE is leading me to. :sweat::disappointed_relieved::cold_sweat::shushing_face::shushing_face::shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth::astonished:

Yes we are hey. All part of a bigger control and manipulation as part of the commonwealth. I have heard people tell me about their loved ones being quarantined for covid after being jabbed and having police rock up with military forces. Also I have seen a video of hotel quaratine and heard about people being locked in their apartments for weeks at a time with no space to get outside etc.

Things are heating up here with postal services now slowing down because apparently there has been 500 employees test positive for covid.

I have seen a video of someone local get falsely arrested for standing his ground and not wearing a mask and other stories have come to light via video of police brutality.

Despite this, lot people still begging for more continued lock downs etc. It’s absolutely insane.

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Thankyou for your encouragement!! P.s I do hope your daughter gets saved. I will pray for you all xx

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