Prayer for Canada

It’s all good. I am trying to hold on as best as I can. Thankyou for your kind words.

Just hang on a little bit longer.
How did that saying go again?
Ag yes; “When you get to the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang on for the ride.” :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

There was also a picture I got from a teacher when I was doing upgrading. It simply said “Never give up” on one side that had a frog with its mitts wrapped around the throat of a Sea Gull; on the back it says “I said, NEVER give up” the frog is sitting on the Sea Gull. The symbolism it gives to hanging tough in a seamingly impossible situation.

** Please pray for my Dad . He misses Mama and isn’t sleeping well. Thanks :pray:

Good night all and God bless you richly, pressed down, shaken together, overflowing, good measure, double portion.

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I shall do. I will ensure your father is in my prayers. God bless you too xx

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Uhm - wow!
I have seen some of that coverage as well. To “hear” it from you puts teeth to it all.

That is insane!

I am speechless
So, this evening we went for a walk uptown - its only a few blocks from our home. We passed 5 glitzy weed shops ( all thanks to our PM). Univ. students are back and the town was rocking. It was edgy and it was all so surreal. “As in the days of Noah” - " As in the days of Lot…" were whirling through my mind. Long line-ups to clubs; girls dressed skippy, full make-up, high heels and a diaper hanging from their chins. Very wierd! These students who are back again have had their double shots and or regular testing.

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Yeah it’s shocking hey. The wickedness and evil is at an all time high. I am getting my info from people directly and I have a postal service account that they sent me am email about postal services shutting down and taking longer. It’s all reliable information. Minus the brainwashing of media which I don’t engage with at all.

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My guess is eventually they’re going to do this throughout the world…

I couldn’t agree with you more! PPC I never would have thought I would be voting for them over the Conservative party. Just tonight I did some research on them, ( as I admit I knew very little about this party) but I think I decided just tonight that they will have my vote. I just cannot vote for any party that is all for vaccine passports, I just can’t do it. It will be the first time in my life I didn’t vote conservative. They won’t win I’m sure, but I’m sure they will get more seats this election than ever before. And that will speak volumes. But your right, Jesus Christ gets my vote!


HI Everyone
I feel like we are in a temporary lull. Its a time to catch our breath. I have a strong sense that once our Canadian election is over that within a short amount of time the changes will come rapidly. The winning party will have four years to press their agenda and it appears most are following along the WEF path for the future. In ON the provincial government prorogued parliament until after the federal election.
I agree on the PPE party as an alternate to vote for and even if they don’t succeed, it will perhaps make a point to the party that does win.
'Im not so sure there is any going back anymore, because we have passed that point.
In Zephaniah 1:14 - The great day of the Lord is near, it is near, and hasteth greatly, even the voices of the day of the Lord: the mighty men shall cry there bitterly.
15: That day is a day of wrath, a day of trouble and distress a day of wasteness and desolation, a day of darkness and gloominess, a day of clouds and thick darkness.
We will continue to feel the heaviness of this darkness as we get nearer to the great day of the Lord even though we won’t be here to experience the full weight of it. God is in it. HIs presence can be felt now more then ever. I
Even though this vaccine ap bar code pass is here, it is not yet turned into the mark of the beast.
it is just laying the ground work for it.
the mark wont be in the phone ap, it will be on the body of either the hand or the forehead. That mark of the beast wont come until the beast does.
We know its possible for a mark on the forehead with the quantum dot. No doubt they have evolved that further from were it was last year.
As JD indicated, we are so so close to the rapture.
My one daughter is now sharing the links to JD’s video updates with some of her co workers. The gospel message is being spread through these videos so Praise God for that.
I don’t know if my fellow Canadians are aware that on our government website is information regarding transhumanism and the future of it within our country.
The Canadian Payroll association has indicated that our federal government is wanting to move forward at a more rapid pace on “the internet of things” and digitization.
I don’t see that changing iregardless of who wins the election.
September 6 - Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, it commemorates the creation of the world and marks the beginning of the days of Awe. a 10 day period of introspection and repentance that ends with Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement.
These are the high holy days on the Jewish calendar.
I pray for us all, our beautiful nation of Canada and I think ahead to how much more beautiful will our Lord’s kingdom be.
Isaiah 40:31- But those who wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength , they shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run, and not be weary, and they shall walk, and not faint.
Praying you are encouraged in the Lord.
I am grateful I can share with you. It helps me to stay the course also.
I have times of doubt, not in the Lord, but being able to not take the vaccine even though I live with those who are now fully vaccinated.
They are strongly in favour of all being vaccinated. I have not been pressed yet to go and get it.
God is good and He sees each one of us individually, right were we are at and what our circumstances are. He cares for me and all of you too.


Thanks for your words of encouragement to us.

Honestly, I don’t like where I’m living in the city. Although last month I heard most of the people in this block have not been jabbed, the attitude is still there. Most of them are veterans of one war or another in one way or another. It’s the ones who don’t understand the reality of what we went through to have this nation in the first place. I guess they stopped teaching that part of our national history in school, if they teach history at all.
As I reply to you Grandma5, I sit here remembering pumping water from both well and cistern alike, sometimes just a few hundred yards other times further. I remember hauling bales with Grandpa Friesen in Grunthal Manitoba- they were the rectangular bales that could weigh about 100 pounds when they got wet - gotta love alphalpha (sp). I remember my Grandmother teaching me to see in her old treadle sewing machine telling me it was the “modern way of sewing” not by hand like she use to when she was my age (5-6). I miss that life. It was hard, but oh my it was sooo good! People use to come up alongside someone stranded on the road and help them. Someone’s house burned down, everyone came together as a community to help them rebuild. Yes, I remember those days vividly. I learned how to ride a horse when I was 8-10 years old and how to fall off one too. lol :joy:

Okay back to our government and world stress- ugh.
What CAN we do? Well, we’re Canadians, let’s remember that first and foremost. We don’t like being told what we CANT DO. After a certain amount of time we get kinda grumpy about being ordered about. Our politicians would do well to remember the people of the nation which they have been ELECTED to SERVE! Or did we ALL universally forget that our leaders are SERVANTS to the people? I thing they forgot because WE didn’t remind them.
Before you guys go off in me about this, as a great granddaughter of a politician/doctor/church planter and one of the founding fathers of CANADA I’m going to exercise the right to have the boldness to say such things. Now Great Grandpa Wiebe and Great Uncle Peters came over from southern Russia, now Ukraine. They came here to be rid of tyranny and to start the New Jerusalem here in the West. Have we really allowed this vision, mission and heart’s desire to simply die? Are we so “cumfy” in our lives of ease that we too have forgotten the price they too have paid? Have we forgotten all our family members who fought in, survived, were experimented in, tortured, beaten and even burned at the stake because of Jesus Christ? Have we forgotten our voice?? Have we forgotten what Jesus Christ told us to do?? Have we forgotten our boldness in Christ that “no weapon formed against you shall prosper”? They can stop us from doing a lot of things but, and I know this gets very difficult sometimes, BUT, they cannot prevent us from praying until we draw our last.

I told my Dad last night about the martyrs of Afghanistan and his heart sank. I could hear his heart break as I tried to tell him how I myself was still in shock. It’s coming to Canada, Biden let them into the USA under the cover of “rescued people “ and they will have no hindrance at the boarder.

Anyway, the elections… they be rigged. I’m also considering something. Unvaccinated people can only vote on 2 days. Think through what the process is for voting. You say your name, pull out your ID and show them. They in turn write down this information and next thing you know, you’re on the “gate people “ list and now are easily found by the powers that be. It is my belief that the voice of the unvaccinated will be silenced and their votes not even counted- just tossed out with the trash at the end of the day. I know things I shouldn’t have any way of knowing.

Vote prayerfully. God bless you one and all.
When you eat a pie, do you get it for the crust or the filling? Look at life the same way and also act like Our Father is telling us the TRUTH!


I don’t know about that. I have worked a number of elections in various positions.
Before election day voters are given 3 additional options:

  1. Vote by mail
  2. Vote at the office in your riding by Special Ballot
  3. Vote via Advanced Polls
    People elect to vote with the above options (often) due to the fact they will not be in their riding during election day.
    Have you looked at it this way: perhaps NOT voting pegs you to be a resistor.
    It is better to be stroked off then not in my opinion.
    Now as far as the election being rigged. From what we saw down south - It seems to me to be very probable. The whole thing seems to be a debacle. I have a hunch that after the election it will be very dark days for Canada and if I could even go further a Canada no more!
    Will I vote?
    I am hovering on this one. Taking my time for a response… Buffering…
    But - yes I will - I will still vote and exercise my Right to as a Canadian citizen.

The writing is on the wall for that one - indeed!


Praise God - how very exciting!!!

Could you share the link with us please. :grin:

It has been an amazing country to live in. I thank God that He has given us a good life here. I love Canada west to east. I have traveled and seen much. Its bounty, its vistas -

Canada’s own Brian Doerksen - couldn’t say it better!
Father God - Magnificent Creator - thank you for the awesome privilege of to live here in this land of trees, lakes, mountains and big wide expansive skies. Now as the world as we know it comes to a close their are countless loved ones that don’t know your deep love for them and your promise of a rescue plan. Would you by your mercy make it plain to them as only you can. The hour is so late.
And at this hour, this very last hour would you call out politicians who will stand for you.
All glory and All praise to you!
We need you more than ever!
Come Lord Jesus - Come!


I was floored to read this! This is my experience. We camp at Cowan Lake in a private site along with many other campers. One woman who is friends with my daughter, refuses to speak with me or even come near me, leave alone look at me. I did not know if I offended her or not. I found out she practices witchcraft, it isnt me she fears but God. Can she see that in me??? I keep praying that her heart and eyes open to see Jesus. I pray my daughter does not get messed up in that either.


Yes. They can see our spirit man, just as we can tell the unsaved by the lack of life in their eyes, they too can see the light in ours and the demons tremble. They know that if the LORD should put it upon us to pray for the soul of the body they hold hostage that they will be homeless. Demons fear this because they need a “host” in order to manifest. We must also remember the very important passages in the Word that tells us where our battle truly is. Remember we do not battle against flesh and blood, but against the spiritual forces in Heavenly places and that we have victory in Jesus Christ. The demons know who they can and cannot touch. The ones who have the “seal of God”, God’s MARK if you will the demons must leave alone especially if they are closer to their LORD than to the world and it’s demonic influence.

This is something we use to be taught in the church until the Ecumenical Movement took over many churches and were silenced. We live in a temporary physical world and at the same time we live in a spiritual world which is unseen unless we have been gifted that way in our vision from God. We use to have amazing fire and brimstone preachers who use to wake up their congregants by pounding their fist on the pulpit- hey, he had to get Grandpa to stop snoring in church after working all night in the field or bringing in a new calf.
You do that kind of thing now and WOW people all over you like white on rice.

You want to know why preachers use to be like that? They had fire! They had passion! They were overfilled with Holy Spirit. It was their passion for the LORD that caused them to react and respond in such a manner. I’ll tell you right now, I find a preacher like that again, he will be stuck with me until rapture or death!

I’m sorry but I have to say this; never ever ever should Pastor JD ever feel like he needs to apologize for his passion, zeal and heart for what God has layed on his heart to share with us. We rob ourselves and limit him from fully obeying GOD!
Huh :thinking: that’s a sobering thought isn’t it (looking at myself too) We tell our pastors, “don’t pound the pulpit because it scares me.” And in so doing we restrain the hand of God from moving in HIS fullness of what HE has for us. Oh how foolish we are.
Then there’s all the peer pressure from other “conformist” pastors for them to not “show them up” or as being falsely teaching their congregants what to do. They need our prayers toward repentance, not our condemnation.

Yes, the people who have taken hold to believe the lie and who’s minds have been darkened by this deep seated and long growing brainwashing has done it’s evil task. It started even in the churches with, “We need a more understandable translation of the Bible”. That was the door :door: and one by one we have all walked through that door. I have a Bible from about 1993 - it was a gift and it’s well used and it’s an NIV, but it’s also the one I used when I went to Bible school. I was reading some of the passages that I have memorized over the years out of that specific Bible. Get this; passages have been reworded, names are now either totally changed or condensed to a short form Priscilla for example is now Prisc. It’s interesting what you notice when you don’t read just one version of the translation of your Bible.

So yes, the evil spirits alive on the earth now can and do see us for exactly who we really are and who’s Camp we belong to. They know our BOSS is way bigger and stronger than theirs and that they MUST submit to us in Christ’s name. On the heels of this I’m being reminded that we must walk in the fullness and power of the Holy Spirit and be covered in the blood of Christ. Then and only then should we even attempt to deal with them. My usual method of dealing with this guys is either, “come out and go to the Throne of Christ” or simply, “LORD JESUS, I need some help here. Can I get a couple of angles to take this one please?” 99.99% of the time I get what I ask for. Prayer and time in the Word is key.

God bless you and your in my prayers. Bind first in Jesus name and then send them to Jesus to deal with. That’s not our department…. Yet. :relaxed::wink:

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Yeah, Personally I’m up for just writing NO CONFIDENCE on the ballot and putting it in the box. Thanks for the reminder about the reminder on the voter list. In all honest I am a resister. But not in the way they think. Thanks to all things COVID I have lost complete trust in the medical, political and scientific parts of this world. I watched as we all allowed a dictator to take over the world…Sorry, I better get off this soap box right here. I have very strong thoughts on this entire LIE.

Plus yesterday was 1 year and 9 months since Mama passed so I’m a little touchy. Honestly, you wanna pray for me about something, pray for me about that…I have no clue how to live anymore, now that she’s with Jesus. Oh I still focus on my spiritual life - maybe even more now then ever before - but I still have zero desire for food or to do anything remotely fun or interesting. I read my Bible, I pray & I write (& I watch some youtube video from some of these “watchman on the wall” but not alot. Sometimes I wanna kick the whole thing to the curb and go gypsy and forget the rest of the world even exists, but yeah that’s not what I’m suppose to do. sigh
Sometimes I have rough days. Sometimes I really feel like I don’t know what I’m doing from one day to the next and yet it feels like “Groundhog Day” on repeat.


HI Marianne,
I can’t go into now but I was refused to vote today at advanced polls.
But, I made my mark in the bathroom and left a tract before I was most adamantly refused a ballot right at the poll desk. Thought that might give you some fuel to the fire.
Share more details later.


Hello Marianne​:wave::hugs: I too miss my Mom so much and it’s still painfull, over 9 years have passed since she’s been gone. I can relate how it feels like repeated groundhogs day. Wake up, coffee, tidy up and pretty much read here, pray and watch youtube videos on watchmen and bible studies, make supper, evening routine of preparing for bed, pray and sleep. Hugs to you, hang in there and hope and oray this life on earth is done soon.

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I live in BC Canada. My dear sister in law got her dismissal notice yesterday that Sept 23 will be her last day at work at a long term care home as a care aid. She is almost 62 years old.
When all this covid started everyone was out banging pots and pans at 6:00 pm every evening as a way to say thanks to the front line workers who were putting their lives at risk working with covid patients. And now 18 months later, she gets fired for not taking the jab.
She is the sole supporter as my brother is disabled and was denied disability as his wife made too much money, I think it was about $14.00 an hour at that time. What is she supposed to do for work now? Her age and vaccination status are against her. And she is among thousands of care aids that are being let go, in an already severely short staffed facility.
The residents are going to be the ones that suffer. They could barely keep up with the staff shortage before this. But the residents don’t have to be jabbed. None of this makes any sense.
And in restaurants the servers don’t have to abide by the vaccine mandate, only the customers. There is just no making sense of all this.
Of course we know the why, and…….BUT GOD! It’s just so disturbing. This is going to make many people homeless. Please pray for all these people being fired, some of them 40 years at the job. It’s so criminal and evil amd corrupt. Come Lord Jesus come!


Thanks for the information and all the prayer.
Please pray for my Dad. My sister is moving to Pinawa today and my Dad is expected to follow the end of October. Problems are:
1 - Dad doesn’t want to move in with unbelievers
2 - Dad was not consulted as to his desire to relocate - it was simply assumed
3 - My Dad wants me to move to Pinawa to be closer to him so we can pray together.
4 - When I mentioned to my sister that it had been suggested to me that I move out there too she nearly flipped her wig saying her house doesn’t have room for me, yet last year she gave me an open invitation. I’m fine with that. Once I told her that living with her was not on the table she was fine with it.
I don’t really feel released to leave the city but oh my goodness am I getting weary. Worn out and flat out tired.
5 - Dad & I are deeply concerned about Dad’s spiritual well-being once he moves in with my sister. It is the main reason he does NOT want to live with her and her tg son.
6 - in order for me to relocate I need a place to live, income, Disability and housing to be willing to transfer out an un-jabbed person. I know at least 2 people in this building who will be happy.

I am just totally worn out, exhausted and tired.I feel like I have no direction and yet I keep getting a daily “word from the Lord” so I’m a bit unsure of my next direction and timing. I miss Mama’s wisdom right now.


Updated prayer request:
So the money is transferable. Awesome! Now I have 1 no and another door that opened.
I have a friend in the North who has a place in the sticks I can rent for $500 a month all in. Please pray that my worker will be able to make it happen so I can move out of the city to the country where I have more emotional support.
Keep my Dad in prayer too please and my sister and her kids. They need Jesus. Dad is saved <3


I am also in Alberta and hearing the news today was shattering. My husband is not a believer and for the jab…I feel so lost and alone. What if this tears our marriage apart? I look to God to shine the light on my next step. I trust him alone.