Prayer for Canada

Mama was only able to teach me what I was willing and open to learn from her. Now I wish I’d spent more time in her counsel.

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Yesterday Premier Scott Moe in Saskatchewan announced as of today mandated masks again. As of October 1, a vaccine passport will be implemented.
A vaxxed person can go to bars, movies, casinos, bingo halls, concerts, sporting events. But unvaxxed cannot attend no entertainment places. He is encouraging all businesses to implement a vaccine passport to allow entry for necessities ie. grocery stores, drug stores etc. I’m not proud to be canadian, we used to be strong and free. I’m done. Lord come quickly.:pray:


Janet, I am so sad to be a Canadian that I took down my flag and put up the Isra’el flag. Time must be almost done. Maybe it’s time to relocate to the country where I know how to clean food and other resources needful to survival.

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Marianne, We are all tired of the lies, the deceit of our governments. As we wait we can keep on praying and praising God. Here is a gal who sings from Manitoba, she has God given talent with her voice. I listen to this song everyday.


Blessings to ALL my brothers and sisters around the world!
I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba CA.
I am getting weary as well… tired, some days i have to rebuke the anger i start to feel that we are still here. Lord forgive me please!!! I pray for patience each and everyday…
Love you all… Lord Jesus come sooooon please Lord!


Pray for me as I prepare to relocate to the country.


Hi Joyful

I’m getting ready to leave the Peg and go to the North country. Please pray for me. I’m not sure it’s God’s will or not because I feel like I’m being PUSHED to move. It’s not really a desire at all. My building is not as safe as it once was but that’s no reason to run away.

I don’t have peace one way or the other but listing to Pastor Mack this morning…. We’ll, it’s had me thinking about stuff.

As believers, where is that line in the midst of a crisis where you stay or go? My vision is blurred with my tears about Mama. Can’t even think or feel most days. I’m so numb. My Dad had wanted me to move to Pinawa but they want everyone jabbed up in the community and there really isn’t a place to rent long term. Cottage country that is.

Art says, come here I’ll take care of you. BUT he also wants me to see if I can keep my income from disability. There are 3 residences on the land so I see no reason why it wouldn’t work. $500 a month room and board - I stopped shopping a few months back because my friend who was with me was treated badly for attempting to assist me during a seizure. I shook the dust off my feet for that store.

I honestly just need prayer. Stay or go. That’s the answer I need and am waiting on. Please join me in prayer. Thanks

Art has everything set up for next weekend and I haven’t even done my weekly laundry yet :rofl: Honestly, I feel like it’s “out of my hands” now. I don’t like it.

Joyful, I’d love to connect for a hot beverage. What part of the Peg are you in? I can come to you if needed. :hugs::hugs:


@ Marianne_Cnd, i just send you a message :heart:

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Praying for you, @Carina.:cherry_blossom:


Thanks :blush:

I just had a thought that made me laugh but is so incredibly true.

Covid is like sand.

Think it through. You’re smart. I don’t have to tell you the rest. ROFL :smiley: Maybe I do.

Think about it, October 18, 2019 they activated “Event 201” The UN’s agenda for COVID_19(84) This is history. we know this. but what happened when they opened the package? It got into everything and everywhere…just like sand. If you put your sleeping bag on your bed after a camping trip well… sand everywhere. Need I say more.

Now, look at the prophecies that we “know about” in regards to end times. How much of this stuff is doing what it’s suppose to be doing? How much of it is “going everywhere and getting into everything”? Ever wonder where this really started and how far back it goes? Be careful what you ask GOD to reveal to you. I wasn’t ready when HE showed me. I almost cooked my God-given cpu (brain). This does have a lot to do with the yuppie yups and the big wigs and all them other 1%ers - NO, not the Hell’s Angels…although that would make for an interesting combat situation. Hmmm (Marianne don’t go there!) Anyway, these big deep pocket people who are blinded themselves and are also only puppets playing to a master’s tune. Yes, it does ultimately start in the Garden if you want to get super detailed BUT that’s not what I was shown.

Yes, the Jews are partly responsible for the issues that plague the world over with one type of belief or cult or another - they lied about why Jesus needed to die & that should have told us something right there. But we, compromised and ignored it. Certain historians and theologians throughout the generations have made accurate accounts by the will and grace of GOD our Father. So we have an accurate record along with the combined records from other nations to reveal the truth of our history both secular and in faith. Praise GOD for faithful people.

A while back I was doing word studies and passage chases as I enjoy doing when I felt a sense to check out the real translations, definitions and meanings of certain words that are on everyone’s lips these days, or so it seems. Pharmaceuticals, Health, well-being, sorcery, idolatry and a few others along those lines. Then I got hit right between the eyes with the TRUTH and it floored me.

Disclaimer: If you need medical care, you need medical care. All I ask is that you chose wisely.

The word for sorcery and the word pharmaceutical is the same word in both greek and latin Pharmakai - Don’t believe me, go look it up yourself and then ask GOD to show you the rest and what HE wants you to do. That’s not my job.

Then it was revealed to me about many things along the GMO fields and some of the military operations they were “ordered” to carry out. (I could speak to someone’s PTSD from 4 tours, but I won’t.)
I started to pray very heavily by this point and my Dad was becoming increasingly concerned because he himself did not understand what I was saying. took me many months to explain it all.
Then there was all the stuff about AI and UFO’s and who knows what all else and I started asking GOD, “Okay what is this all about now? Are conspiricy theories just coming out of the woodwork or what?” So that ment fact-checking on my own with some hard copies of things and other things that are now wiped off the net. Then I remembered one of Pastor JD’s own sermons about the “operating system”, the motherboard, if you will…it just got me thinking.
Now my brain picks up on patterns and faces and things like that pretty quick when I get my mind quiet. That’s when I saw the big picture. Everything came together. I know exactly where we are and where we’re headed but I don’t know how to tell you guys!
The one who has most of the pieces put together is Billy Crone. I heard the things that had been revealed to me come out of his mouth and I promise you as God is my witness, I do not know the man & I have never met him, to the best of my knowledge. Yet, this same man has been able to write books about what I am attempting desperately to reveal to you beautiful people.

I’m sorry it sounds so desperate in tone, but I have been trying to find a way to tell people this since last fall!

As for Winnipeg, if you can, get OUT!
Why? Because too many of the things that GOD has revealed to me have been coming to pass within months (2-4) of me seeing them. I have seen Winnipeg surrounded by tanks all around the perimiter and push in to downtown and flatten every single building and structure. I have seen this city totally flattened. when they were leaving the center of the city (Portage and Main) there was a massive underground explosion that sent every single street on fire…the entire city was flat and on fire. Wise people would leave before the boots on the ground in the West get here.

I’m sorry but I could NOT keep this inside any longer. Forgive me.

HI Lavender
From your comment i realized i sometimes wish that too so i wanted to share with you the following:
2 Kings 6:16 and 17.
Elija and Elisha. God did answer Elija’s prayer to open Elisha’s eyes so he could see there were more with them then there was against them.
God is so good. Nothing that was shared in the scriptures, was put there without a purpose.


Marianne - rest in HIm.
He is ever faithful and will provide for your every need.
I will continue to lift your name before the throne room.


Marianne, stand strong dear sister. Praying the Lord to sustain and keep you safe until He comes for us

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Thanks :pray:

Thank you :pray:

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Lord. please protect Marianne today and keep her in Your perfect care.


Yesterday started with me feeling like a murderer from the time I woke until the chat with my sister happened. I had the realization that “comfort care” is really family approved murder because the person wasn’t able to talk to you. It’s pure evil! We care more about COVID then we do about how the people around us are doing on the inside.

Had about 4-6 seizures yesterday after a chat with my sister. Because I am not jabbed I am not permitted to see her, her kids or our DAD!

This on the heels of her pressuring my Dad to get jabbed in order to even ride in her car with her for HIS medical appointments. Dad is in remission from bladder cancer.
So without knowing it she told me that Dad has been injected. He had not even told me that! So I guess I’m the a-pit-o-my of “Lone Wolf”.

No physical church, just here & some on yt i check out, my best earthly friend is a Wiccan who doesn’t want to hear anything more about Jesus and sometimes I feel like she’s trying to keep me bound to the world.

My husband is in the bush and talking about getting jabbed so he can work.

I’m completely devastated by this unfortunate series of events.
I have One on my side that cancels all that other stuff out; JESUS CHRIST!

I’m honestly loosing my ability to enjoy life at all, even in light of that hope. Jesus is my ONLY hope. I’d likely be happier if I could wrap my mind around this whole RAPTURE/HARPAZO thing. I know a lot about the 2nd coming of Christ but almost nothing about the rapture of the church in spite of the numerous years of reading my Bible. I wish I could see it, but … my brain doesn’t seem to want to put it together. IS there anyone left on this planet that can explain rapture to someone who has both Epilepsy AND aspergers? I’m desperate to learn and understand this one thing.

It’s weird, I kinda know what it looks like because I saw Mama go to Heaven, but how do the LIVING go? What does it feel like? Will we know just before the trumpet blast? How does it work? What does it look like?

Men: How do you put together a Ford motor when all you have is a Honda manual? That’s the trouble.

It’s like when I was young the girls wanted to try to teach me how to do my hair. I STILL can’t make my hands work the right way enough to just ponytail, or what I call a pony braid (picture instead of a braid at each point where you put the fold see a ponytail holder). Why bother using the curling iron to curl your hair when it only lasts 5 minutes no matter the amount of product you use?

Yet, I can read the entire book of Revelation in 6 hours and SEE the entire thing in my head like a movie.

I’m tired, worn out, and beyond anything words can describe. I’m thinking about looking for a series of training videos for the Isra’eli military self-defense course because I have no idea how much of this we have to go through. I’m sorry but I HATE this world.

Please keep praying for me and my cat Bebe, I need her healthy to keep me company. Aside from Jesus, I am completely alone in grief and crisis. I honestly don’t know how much more I can handle. I pray about everything & repent of everything that comes to mind. I don’t know how much is left in me for this life.

Sorry for going on, I got tears helping me type. Thanks for reading it all.


32 Remember those earlier days after you had received the light, when you endured in a great conflict full of suffering. 33 Sometimes you were publicly exposed to insult and persecution; at other times you stood side by side with those who were so treated. 34 You suffered along with those in prison and joyfully accepted the confiscation of your property, because you knew that you yourselves had better and lasting possessions. 35 So do not throw away your confidence; it will be richly rewarded.

36 You need to persevere so that when you have done the will of God, you will receive what he has promised. 37 For,

“In just a little while,
he who is coming will come
and will not delay.”[f]

38 And,

“But my righteous[g] one will live by faith.
And I take no pleasure
in the one who shrinks back.”[h]

39 But we do not belong to those who shrink back and are destroyed, but to those who have faith and are saved. Hebrews 10:32- 39

My dear Marianne, take courage!
You are not alone.
I continue to bring you before Abba.
Let Him take care of ALL the details in your life. Roll them into His lap.


Thank you :pray:

Something tells me this is only the beginning. Nothing concrete, just a “feeling”. I don’t trust them at the best of times lol :joy: My “feelings” have gotten me into way too much hot water over my life :rofl:

Thank you for keeping me in prayer, please also add my Dad Abram, to your list. He’s very vulnerable these days without Mama.

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