Prayer for cousin whose lung transplant is being rejected

My cousin, Philip, has cystic fibrosis. He is in his fifties and is one of the longest living persons with that disease. Generally the persons born with that disease died early on. He had a lung transplant awhile back. Now he has had covid, pneumonia, mrsa, and his body is starting to reject his lung transplant. He is a believer with a wife and a son. Pray for his recovery, thank you.


Absolutely praying, @SirJohn.


Lord I ask that you use this situation for your glory. You are the God of impossible. I ask that through his testimony many will be saved and come to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. From the nurses, to the doctors, to the patients to anyone who walks into his hospital room. May his love shine so brightly for Christ. We believe in all things that you who have started a good work in, will finish. We lift this child of God up to you and we ask to have your will and way. Ignite healing, recovery and allow your sovereignty to manifest for all to see so that you recieve the glory Lord.

In Jesus Name.


Thank you Lya. That was heart-felt and truly an amazing prayer. Likewise we know your situation and our prayers for you are given knowing that our God hears us as we cry out to Him.


Morning John @SirJohn,
Just saw this prayer request. How is Phillip?

Father in Heaven,
You are not constrained by the hands of time so I am confident that Phillip is in Your care and I thank You for his long life. If it be Your will, I ask for Phillip’s healing. Please bless his healthcare team with wisdom, compassion, integrity and success in treating Phillip. Thank You for what You are doing in and through his life Father. In the Name of Yeshua I pray and praise You. Amen.


Lord Jesus, I lift up Phillip to You for healing. If it be Your will, Lord, break down all barriers that stand in the way of him getting a new lung replacement. Lord, I lift up his wife and son as well for courage and strength. May their strength reflect Your power. May orhers around them see You in them and this trial that they’re going through. We are Your children, and You always want the BEST for us. Please don’t let Phillip or his family lose heart! I ask these things in Your Name, Jesus. Amen!


There has been an answer to prayer. Philip was released from the hospital for the Covid and pneumonia inflection. He is still fighting the lung rejection though. He is the oldest living person in America who has cystic fibrosis since birth. The Lord certainly has His hands on Philip.


Yay God! Glad to hear Phillip is out of hospital. Thanks for the report.