Prayer for depression and relationships

I don’t think it is any coincidence that as soon as I made the decision to take Bible study seriously and dig deep in the word that my depression has hit me hard. I don’t even know if I would call it depression per se but the slightest thing will send me into a crying spell that I can’t seem to shake. I can’t put all the blame on family as I do indeed have emotional issues but for example I fixed dinner tonight which is very hard for my physically and then I am not asked I am told we are going to the store (I am the only driver in the family) when I suggested it would be better to wait til morning after I have had a good night sleep since evenings are difficult for me physically, I was made fun of, and disrespected. I just wish my family could understand the pressure I am under and how hard it is to have health problems. I was going to study another chapter before bed but now I am tired and can’t see straight for all the crying and I have a headache. I feel a push to study the Bible as much as possible because I don’t think we have much longer and it isn’t a legalistic thing, I genuinely want to do it. Anyway, prayers that the Lord would untangle my mind and help me have peace, to know when to give of myself and to know when to protect my health and to help my family understand when I say no it isnt personal and I am trying so hard to do everything I should.
Thank You.


“Greater is he who is in me, than is in the world.” I will pray for you, you pray for them sister. Pray unceasingly about everything, give thanks about everything. Where the enemy is attacking you, give thanks and glory to our Lord Jesus that you are worthy to be attacked, in him. Keep your eyes on Jesus and let him deal with your attackers. He is with you always. I will see you soon in the air dear sister. Stand strong!


I am praying for you


This helps refocus my attention and get me through:


C elebrate Gods mighty power
A sk specifically
L eave it with Him
M editate on good things

I have prayed for you🙏


@adelissa I am sorry you are so stressed. I pray the Lord will bring you peace and joy. Jesus calmed the raging sea; He can calm your stressed and anxious mind and spirit.

It sounds like a lot of people expect a lot from you. Don’t be afraid to assign duties and ask for help. You are one person. I pray that your family will give you a break and realize you are doing your best. These are very stressful times for even the strongest among us. So, don’t be too hard on yourself, Adelissa. Sometimes we need a good cry to get out the stuff building up inside.

Maybe you can get some crayons/markers and color a picture in one of those adult coloring books. Just color and sing or listen to some worship music. Relax and breathe…

Jesus has you…lean on Him! It’s gonna be okay.




Loving Heavenly Father

Please place upon @adelissa’s heart and mind a blessing of peace and calm. Remind her through the struggle of this time, our fight isn’t against flesh and blood, but against principalities and spiritual hosts in heavenly places. It’s hard for us, Lord, to differentiate between loved ones who attack us outside of a Christian understanding, and the spiritual nuances that persuade to treat others not like we wish to be treated.

We ask that you open her families eyes to the truth, and guide them from their prisons as you guide us from ours and into the open arms of Christ, we pray that this moment will not go to waste for Your message to wash over all who Adelissa encounters as we ask to have an abundant joy overflowing in her heart for You and a revitalizing of the Holy Spirit within her daily to touch those she encounters.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Praying for you!! :green_heart::pray:

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