Prayer for Family, kids, Grand kids

It has been a while since I have been on here, though faithfully listen to Pastor Farag every week. The Lord has answered my prayer and I found a small Calvary Chapel close by. So grateful. I had asked for prayer previously for my daughter, who is a narcissist and has kicked out her husband several month back. I felt sorry for him and allowed him to stay with me, though that backfired badly. I can now only see my grand kids sporadically, when the son in law has them, but now he is distancing himself as well. I also just went to visit my son in California, and I had to confront him, though lovingly on some serious issues, mainly his excessive drinking. He initially took it badly, but then seemed to agree with me that he needs to make changes. However, today when I video called, he had a so called friend in his apartment who is a very bad influence, and my little grandson was there as well. All three of my kids are well educated and successful in the worlds eyes, but definitely not from a faith perspective. Please join me in prayer for my kids and grand kids. My youngest son is in Europe and though he was once very much interested in spiritual things, his years in the NAVY have eroded a lot of his faith, and then going to University has not helped either. I am generally of a good disposition and more of an optimist, but lately I feel a heavy burden and my spirit is cast down. I miss my little ones so much, as I do not have an active social life and spend my free time reading, studying and posting news and Bible related issues.I am a teacher and am not looking forward to this next school year. With the current administration, much ungodly material will be pushed on us, and it will take extra discernment to get through the year. I am also praying about moving out to the country, but that would definitely be a miracle from God. Thanks for caring and for your prayers. We are living in troublesome times and many of us are going through similar family issues, which is also a sign of the times.


Dear Daniela, I just happened to see that you had prayed for me and my family. Thank you so much.


(I need a lot of prayers to improve my attitude and responses when providing care to an elderly relative).

I clicked on the link to your profile and read it for the first time. Now I am seeing that your prayer to find a church has been answered. Praise God for that.

You are right in commenting that many of us on this forum are dealing with difficult family issues and/or grieving about the lost state of some of our friends, or our spouse, children, grandchildren or other relatives.
You might like to list the names/initials of your unsaved children & grandkids in the thread Prayers for Lost People, which many will see and then pray for them.

I am sorry you have had such a heartache over seeing your grandchildren. And that your son-in-law did not appreciate your kindness to him.
You are indeed a courageious and caring woman. Let me pray for you.

Dear Heavenly Father,

Thank you for helping Daniela to find a church to belong to . Please, dear Father God, lift her spirits . She has not been well treated by family members. She has much concern for her unsaved children and grandchildren. We do pray for you to reveal the truth fo them and for them to receive it and repent. We pray for the son who has drifted away from the faith that he might again seek You, Lord.

And Lord, Daniela needs your discernment and wisdom as to how to walk circumspectly in regard to this new curriculum , how to *shine as lights in the world* in the midst of a crooked and perverse generation, Thank you for her courage in continuing in this profession during such a difficult time.

Also, dear Lord, please help her to find joy again in spreading the Good News and use her witness to bring many souls to find the Saviour.

For we ask this in the Name of our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ.


dear Lord , I pray in agreement
in Jesus name amen


Thank you so much for that detailed, caring response and that prayer. I appreciate that so much. I pray you petitions to the Lord get answered as well and you and your family may be kept safe from harm in the days ahead. Maranatha


Thank you so much! I appreciate your prayers and your response.


Yes I echo Pax’s prayer… I know that one of the most difficult and heartbreaking things to deal with is watching close family members go astray.

So Lord God, merciful King of creation- I ask you to intervene with Daniela’s family, show them their desperate need for Christ, let your Spirit work in their hearts to convict them and grant them repentance unto salvation; according to your sovereign will let it be done, in the great name of Jesus.


Thank you for reading my petition and responding. I appreciate your concern and your prayer. May God richly bless you!


Lord, give peace to Daniela as only You can. Work in her children’s lives that they might turn to You. Strengthen her faith and encourage her. Send her a blessing soon
In Jesus Name


My prayer in a song . . . May your heavy heart hear the gentle voice of our Father and grant assurance that He hears and knows and will provide strength and hope and peace until the answer comes . . . God bless you and shine his great love upon you and those you love.


Hello Daniela @dpcollins,
You keep doing what you’ve been doing!
I add my prayers to the wonderful prayers of Pax@Pax, Bob@BobinNC, Becky@becky, Naomi@NStallard and Brenda@SongSparrow. And I give thanks for your faith and your heart!

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for loving us and for giving us a way to love and support one another. Thank You for Daniela’s faith in You and her generosity towards her son-in-law. Thank You for her concern for her children and grandchildren and that she has invited us to join her prayers for them.

Please open the eyes and hearts of those who have not yet accepted the salvation Your beloved Son bought with His precious blood— the gift of freedom from sin, the gift of being with You throughout eternity. Turn their hearts to You that they might receive this most amazing gift, please. Remove temptations and bad influences from the lives of Daniela’s children and keep her entire family safe from harm.

And Father, please protect and strengthen Daniela in her profession as another school year begins. Please protect Daniela; give her clarity, discernment and a renewed energy in Your Name. Help her light to shine so that her colleagues and students want to know why, want to know You. Please bless Daniela in all that she does, from the important things like praying, being a good witness, and teaching her kids to the mundane things like preparing lessons, grading papers, and having lunch in the teachers’ lounge. In everything Daniela does, may Your love shine through!

In the Name above all names, in the Name of our Blessed Hope, Your only begotten Son Yeshua, we praise You and pray. Amen.


Thank you for that beautiful reply and encouragement.Came just at the right time. Blessings to you and may the Lord answer your prayers as well!


What an awesome prayer. Thank you so much. I needed it this evening as your response came and that of another sister. God always speaks to us through His Word as well as His children to edify and encourage. May the Lord richly bless you and may he grant your petitions according to His will. Maranatha


Thank you so much for your prayer and concern. Blessings to you!