Prayer for friends wife

She is in the emergency ward, tested positive for Covid. Diagnosed her pneumonia, started her on antibiotics, no IV and are going to send her home. Could be pneumonia, but doesn’t make sense to me.
These hospitals are killing fields these days with their woke procedures, or not treating the symptoms with Ivermectin.
Passing it on to the Great Physician.



Whats meant with IV?

Don’t know know, they just started remdesivir, another non-approved FDA drug. Shuts down kidneys in some.

IV is intravenous.

Yes he husband got that wrong, at that time none, now who knows he can see her. She is a nurse, maybe stands a better chance. Thanx

Thank you all for your prayers.

Just got message from friend his wife is doing a little better, but their next door neighbor, ended up in the ICU next to her, but was transferred to a bigger hospital because of his condition. He requested prayer for him Richard Leonard


Not sure if I should put this request separately ?

Wow 7 replies but mostly me. :joy:

Praying for her. One can never say for sure what they would do in that situation, but I think I would load up on the vitamins and quit the meds.

Good advise, but she is in the ICU now, on 02, and in a locked Covid ward at this time.


:pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray::pray: prayers for all!


And they wonder why people are taking it into their own hands


Any update today @NamDoc? Hospitals have never been a fun place to be, but they’re like cold medical jails now… Whole lot of love needs to be poured into the hearts of staff in these places, and that comes from only one true and perfect source. Praying for her :heart:


Maybe so, since only 2 people have 'liked" that post… so far.
Praying now for both your friend’s wife and their neighbour Richard, to get the most appropriate treatment and make a swift recovery.


Best I can get she stabilized, resting, still on remdesivir. [another kidney killer] and my buddy says she is OK, he is in contact with Duo.
That being said, I really don’t know for sure. My friend is, I hate to say, a macho Marine [ex] he is withdrawing. He is on 14 day lock-down, because he was positive with no symptoms. So I can’t visit , everything I get is text. He does not like to talk feelings, if you text, your lucky to get a reply 12 hours later. But because I’m a talker doesn’t mean he can. It is just his process, different than mine. I said all that to say she seems to be OK, stable for now.


Praying sent you a message as well. We are in times of peril. Prayer is mighty. Ask and the door will be open.

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Monday 9/20 She may be coming home with O2, we are waiting to see. I will update, if so less than a week in the hospital.


They held her one more day, and discharged 9/21 her home with O2, she had the virus, and she is doing fine so far. Less than a week in, home…
Thank You Jesus and all who prayed.



She went to the doctor today and got a clear report.
Thirteen days from hospitalization,
home on 9/21 with 02,
today clear 9/29
I’d say it is a miracle,
HalleluYAH !!!