Prayer for healing, financial miracle... and a way out

I’ve been dealing with pain for 5+ years now. It affects me mentally and physically, which makes it very difficult to work and function. I’ve been a nurse for 15 years now. I still force myself to go to work because I have 3 kids and a wife to support. It can be so debilitating to the point I can’t fully function and concentrate. I’m terrified I will make a mistake and jeopardize someone’ s safety/life. My wife is not understanding and is verbally abusive towards me; there is no reasoning with her due to her bipolar. She is manipulative towards her family as well as mine. My grandmother has helped us out over the years. She is a 91 year old Christian woman… one of the most kind, loving, forgiving, tenderhearted type person you’ll ever meet. My wife has been verbally and physically abusive towards her (police were involved.) The entire situation among other stressors has me so depressed that I can hardly function anymore. My wife has never been physically abusive towards the kids, but what they’ve witnessed has had an impact. I know God hates divorce, nor do I believe in it (which I tried filing 4 years ago) but I can’t take it anymore. When my kids and I stay with my grandmother, they are so well behaved, but they are around my wife, they start having behavior issues and becoming defiant. I’m so miserable I want to end my life. I’m asking for prayer for healing in my mind and body. I’m asking for a financial miracle and a way out of this abusive relationship, with full custody of my kids. I want to have the strength and energy to work again!


Hello brother !

Praying for you and your family :slight_smile:

Hebews 13:5
"for he hath said, I will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.”


Praying for you Bryan…Jesus is already praying for you…may God and His word give you the wisdom you need


Praying for you Bryan - may God’s desire to give good to those who ask be your way out of this present darkness.

Yours in Christ


It’s good that you reached out for prayer, Bryan. And it must have taken quite some courage to share your story on the forum. We’re glad you’re here.

I am praying :pray:now for you to have

  • godly wisdom in this complex situation, so that you know what is the next right step to take

  • for the depression to be alleviated swiftly and that you will be filled with joy and hope and peace

,*for healing from pain

  • for wise counselor(s) to come alongside you, if needed.

*for healing and/or improvement in health for your wife

  • for the Lord’s blessing on your children.

  • for financial provision for you all (I am not sure I understand what you mean by “asking for a financial miracle” .Could it be in case you find it impossible to keep working? Or is it related to obtaining “full custody” of your kids, perhaps?.)

    Praying for you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I am sad :cry:to see how much you are presently suffering.

I can see that you want to do what’s pleasing to the Lord, what’s best for your kids and what will promote your own health and ability to keep working.

It’s wonderful that you have the positive influence of your grandmother in your life and the life of your children. And that you could even manage to focus on something positive in the midst of sharing your problem here.

Although I have asked a question for clarification, it’s not important that you reply. Just take good care of yourself while you do what’s best for you and your family.

Your sister in Christ.



I am lifting you to the Holy God who sees you, and calls you by name. :pray:t2:


You are on my heart, dear brother. Praying in agreement with others here, and trusting our God—our great Provider—to see you through it all.


Praying, Bryan. @Christianmalenurse

While your way is so dark now, may you see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living as per Psalm 27. :pray:t2: