Prayer for healing over me

I was up late last night reading on my phone and felt/noticed my hand swelling up with numbness. The swelling went down about 20 minutes or so later and slept pretty good afterwords. When I woke up this morning, I felt that heavy feeling in my lower respiratory track and had a little bit of a productive cough. Thought it was a little strange because I had no symptoms prior with normal breathing. Already feeling better but thought I would ask for prayer because I tend to not ask for help often. Thanks :blush:


Best to ask for prayers. Praying for you now. I know I sound like a broken record with this but:


Loving Heavenly Father

Please bless Benny with a transformative action of his infirmities into strength as we ask that You please pluck from him whatever is ailing and afflicting him. Please change whatever is harming him into helping him and as an extra precaution, please correct or rejuvenate his immune system. Please bless his heart and mind with peace and calm (not safety/security because we know what happens when that’s said) and allow him to continue on his path as You desire him which, we pray is aligned with where he’s going already.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you for your prayers for me and advice in the video. :blush:


Hey there Benny,
Hope you’re doing better. Better to nip congestion and coughs early than wait. Pineapple juice or whiskey is also good to help break up congestion. Don’t think I’d drink ‘em together though— just that thought makes me cringe, lol.

Father God, You are our great Comfort and our Healer. We thank You for it; we praise You for it! Please heal Benny of all that ails him and protect him for all things that would hurt him. We trust that You will do what is best for Your son and will also glorify Your Name in so doing. There is nothing more that is needed. Thank You for blessing this child of Yours with abundance Father— in his heart, mind, body and soul; in his health and finances too. And please bless his family and friends with a desire to seek You while they are still able. In Yeshua’s Name, we thank You. Amen.


Thank you so much for your prayers :blush: It’s amazing to have family in Christ praying for me and feel the love that I needed. You are all a blessing to me and really appreciate everything God has done and is continuing to do in my life. :heart:


Lord I ask that Benny would be healed and the start of healing would be quickly ignited with your hands. I know you are ever so near to your children. Lord give him peace, calm and wisdom during this time. Thank you Lord. In Jesus Name. Amen.