Prayer for husband getting 3rd booster

I’d appreciate prayer for my husband.
He and my kids are vaccinated. I sent them videos and links a couple weeks ago about the spike protein, future repercussions like cancer etc to no avail.
My husband at the time was talking to a coworker who he told “ I’m going to get the booster (3rd one :grimacing::sweat:) … I trust the
science” :roll_eyes:) I then later told him I’d request he get no more of the C19 vax. He said he disagreed with my reasons.
He didn’t get the vax at that time.
Today, he got a notice that the boosters are approved for whatever age it said :woman_shrugging:t4:

He proceeded to read the notice to me and tell me “ I’m going to try to go tomorrow and get it”

I’m at such a loss. No one in my immediate family nor his family who have numerous medically trained people get it. They are all vaccinated and push it. I’m the black sheep.

I just ask for prayer that first a lightbulb goes off in his brain but if not that these so called repeat and useless vaccines don’t create side effects or future problems should he continue to “ trust the science :woman_facepalming:


Praying for your husband and other family members to be protected from the poison…some just do not see and are blinded to the truth for some reason.

You are no black sheep, dear sister! Lol! You are washed in the blood of the Lamb, spotless and clean. You just keep praying for these lost lambs who are wandering to and fro toward the “science”. Someday soon, I pray, their eyes will be opened to the real truth.



Thank you :heart::blush:


My husband informed me he made an appointment for tomorrow morning at Walgreens to get his booster. ( after trying elsewhere today to just walk in , they said he needed an appointment).

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Hi , @Stephmerm
I prayed for you right now .
Stay strong keep praying
God honors our prayers .



Thank you. :heart::relaxed:
I am thankful I can go to God any time, for anything and anywhere in prayer!


praying for you and him


Update on husband getting his vaccine #3

I had invited my husband to go the the Baptist church today as there was a Thanksgiving potluck and pie contest ( Hoping one day he’ll say yes and go​:pray::pray:) but he went instead to get his 3rd booster.
He got home this afternoon and of course in the news was the rise in cases and need for vaccine.
I’m n a sing song voice he says” I got my boooosterrr” I told him to please stop because he knows how I feel about it.
Then he said a niece and nephew of his were sick so his elderly mom isn’t celebrating Thanksgiving with anyone ( They’re in Pennsylvania). I asked sick from what.
Wait for it… they both were quarantined for being Covid positive but they both FULLY VACCINATED​:woman_facepalming::woman_facepalming:
He said “ they didn’t die” ( because he knows the risks and side effects I’ve shown him) but he attributes it to them being vaccinated. I told him it’s because THEY ARE IN THEIR TWENTIES. He changed the subject.
Seriously, people are like lemurs blindly doing what they’re told heading for a cliff despite all the evidence warning them.
The deception is almost tangible.
Lord help us please. :sweat::pray:


People these days tend to look to the government for a hope and a salvation instead of Jesus.
John 8:32
“And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.”
People are blinded to the truth of Jesus Christ and the Bible. Instead of looking to Him for a hope and a salvation they look to the vaccines because they want to go back to life as it was. Lots of my friends aren’t looking to Jesus as a hope but instead look to other worldly things (that aren’t always the vaccine). I guess the lesson here is stand fast in your faith because you know the truth. We can only pray that people we love come to the truth we know. God bless you. Maranatha!


I am assuming he is not saved since he won’t go to church with you. Steph, keep praying for his eternal soul.


Praying Psalms 91 for you and your husband Steph.

Shalom :pray:


So sorry @Stephmerm… my oldest daughter got her booster last week. :frowning:


Prayers go out for you and your family. I understand and pray daily for all my vaccinated friends who think big pharma can save them. Only our Lord Jesus has that power.


Amen Judy and welcome to the forum. So many wonderful believers on here. Happy Thanksgiving.


Thank you. I pray daily.( Sometimes many times.):sweat::pray::pray::pray:


It’s definitely hard to watch loved ones not understand. Prayers for you also.