Prayer for Israel

IDF channel:

Israel Defense Forces
Official Telegram channel of the Israel Defense Forces - Real time security updates and IDF announcements |

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Please post the url, it’s more easy to subscribe :+1:

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Thank you sister, I watched the video. Jesus come quickly!!!


Anyone can download an app called Red Alert. It tells you when Israel is getting rocket attacks. The app is constantly going off…almost literally constantly. It’s to the point where you might want to turn off the notifications when you sleep. I too have joined in prayer for God’s chosen people. Being half Jewish, I feel for the Israelis so much.

Can you imagine spending nights in your shelter and hearing the Iron Dome destroying the Hamas missiles over your head?

I pray this doesn’t escalate to ground battle and I pray that somehow Jews will come to know the true Savior through this and lean on Yeshua.


Hamas has already had 2 calls with Iran regarding current situation. Splinter cells in Lebanon have fired into Israel and now groups are massed on Lebanese border and attempting to climb and destroy border wall.

Seems to be the start of something bigger.


The only thing that brings me comfort is that Israel will remain standing no matter what their enemies do.

Do you think the enemies know that part of the Bible, but are so zealous in their hatred that they keep trying to destroy Israel?

A few years ago when Hamas was firing on Israel, a Hamas representative said, “Their God changes the direction of our rockets.”

You think they would get the picture by now, but that hatred blinds them.


The news about heading to the bomb shelters gave me pause, this morning. I’ve been struggling with present issues that seem dialed up to insanity level at the moment…and then I thought, you know what? No matter my own circumstances, I will take it over being huddled in a bomb shelter, right now.


Amen, Gracings! Can you imagine having small children and having to comfort them and explain to them what is happening?

I’m with you…extremely blessed to sleep in a bed rather than a shelter.


I can’t imagine that. I mean, I CAN, but yet I can’t. :worried:


They know the old and new testament but believe that all is false.

I spoke with several Muslims on discord, they always find excuses to not believe “my version” of the story. According to them:

!!! Jesus never died on the cross, he’s only a prophet, God has no son, the apostles and witnesses are false, we modified the Bible, the jews too… !!!

They learned Coran since their ~4.5 years old.
They are brainwashed.


I think it’s probably Satan’s agenda to try and destroy those 144000 Jews. I think that is why they have mandatory vaccinations and now this.:pray:.


Amir has been great on his updates. Very informative and relevant. I highly recommend signing up to his telegram Chanel for his Middle East updates and hus intel messages.

Interesting though. Do you think that Satan is trying to defile the choosen virgins though the “vax”?

Amir on his telegram channel is amazing.

I like Eric.

But when God says they will be 144,000 it will be.

Satan is trying to destroy completely Israel. For the same reason, Satan will not succeed. Israel will reject the antichrist and will accept Jesus as Lord.

When the battle begins between Israel and the hamas, the mainstream media less speak about covid :sweat_smile:


Thank you. I have never really had a very comfortable feeling with Amir. I listen to him once in a while. Something just doesn’t settle right.
I appreciate your help though.
God bless.


interesting. I’ve never knowingly spoken to a Muslim. so I ask out of curiosity, what do they mean by “Jesus never died” ? do they think he’s still living…?

and do they at least try to engage in loving conversation about it, or do they simply bulldoze what you have to say, i.e. “always find excuses” ?

your answers will possibly help me understand the other side if I encounter someone of that faith. thanks if anything! <3


They say that someone at the last “minute” took the place of Jesus on the cross!

I don’t remember about their excuses but they are quick on that. They say someone we don’t even know who he is (a pseudo priest or monk) said the Bible has been rewritten. A king said another thing… and God can’t have a son! (so they limit God). They also said a story that God can’t create a so heavy stone that the stone would kill him… in their believe, they think that Jesus will come back to kill all the Christians!

Watch the apostate prophet on YT, he was an ex-muslim.

Both sides urgently need prayer. Jews think their Messiah is still to come. Muslims are equally lost.

If all out war happens, not only lives will be lost, but souls more importantly.

Both sides need the true Gospel desperately because the time is short and for the soldiers, their lives may not last long.