Prayer for Lost Family Members

Dear Lord, please bring sight to all our lost family members to seeing the world not getting better, this earth is under demonic control, it is cursed and that a reckoning is soon to happen. Please cause our lost family members to sense that we are in end times, to hear and believe that the stage is being set for the domination of a NWO to control mankind through the mark of the beast, the precursor already here as the vaccine. Please cause seeds to be planted, watering of these seeds, and please cause growth so these family members get right with You so they are not left behind. Please cause especially the youth in our families to see the stage being set so they turn to You in full repentance and experience true conversions becoming zealous to share their faith to other family members, friends, co workers, and others. Please bring truth so they are no longer deceived in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.


thank you for sharing this amazing prayer. much needed joining you in it


Thank you so much for agreeing in prayer with me! May God bless our families with knowing the truth of Jesus, His forgiveness, His gift of eternal life if they believe and receive Him as Lord and Savior, and repent, by His grace and mercy! Lord, convict our families of their sin, in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen!


Amen to your prayer … praying for our lost loved ones :pray: :pray:



Beautiful post, I enjoin in prayer with you.



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