Prayer for Marriage

Hey folks. I hope you are all doing well. I am requesting prayer for my marriage. In the past I have done a lot of things that hurt my wife. We have been reconciled for two years with two children, but its been difficult for her to forgive me. Sometimes it feels like I am fighting an uphill battle. I pray, but it feels like things are pushing against us. Please pray for our marriage and family. Thank you Brothers and Sisters in Christ.

Thank you.


God loves a humble and contrite spirit.
Praying for you, Mark, and your wife, as I go about my work today, @Chang1927


Evening Mark @Chang1927,
So glad you decided to become a better husband. The more I study scripture, the more convinced I am of it being one of the major creations of our Father. He has put so much symbolism into the institution of marriage. And fathers are so very important to a family. So bravo for seeing what you were doing and deciding to change. God bless your wife for staying through the turmoil and God bless you both for trying to rebuild your relationship. It’s probably one of the most difficult things a couple can do— but God… all thing are possible with Him!

Hubbydude and I have been married 37 years now. Things weren’t always as good as they are now in our marriage. Things got better when I decided to turn it over to God. Things got really good when we began reading the Bible and praying together every morning. To God be the glory!

The change started when I stopped asking God to change my husband and instead asked Him to make me a better wife, the wife my husband needed me to be. I wasn’t a terrible wife before but I’m amazed at the one I’ve become— with the leadership and power of His Spirit. Hubbydude saw the change (and understood it was authentic). He saw me studying scripture (no lecturing him) and several times accidentally
walked in on me while I was on my knees in prayer.

I knew husbands are supposed to be the spiritual leaders of our homes and began praying for that. A very wise friend suggested that I ASK my husband for what I needed, to fulfill his role according to the Bible. When I asked my husband to take this role, his heart had been prepared and we began our mornings together. They are, without a doubt, the best part of our days.

This question has been on our fridge for about three years now— not scripture, but helpful to remember nonetheless.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for Mark’s change of heart. Thank You for his wife and children— and for pouring out Your Spirit upon this family, working all things together to strengthen their faith in You and their bond with each other. Please protect them from evil and help them to flourish. Bless them with abundance so that there can be no doubt that You are their Source. Hold them in Your mighty arms Father and bring them safely through this trial so that You may be glorified in their victory. We thank You for this. We praise You for it! In the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, amen.


Thank you for sharing your story, @GR!
By the way, if you are into painting propane tanks, I have a few….


Morning Merrilee @Gracings,

Thanks. God has been sooooo good to me!

And yes, I need to paint my propane tank. No more refills until it’s been repainted, per the company we get our propane from. Was gonna make it a yellow submarine a la the Beetles. Have painted some colorful seaweed on old fence pieces to put behind it. But the more I think of a big ol’ honkin’ chunk of yellow, the more I think maybe not. And I really like color! Perhaps that wonderful ubiquitous silver? If yours are cheery, I’d love to see pics.


I LOVE seeing cheerful tanks! Alas, ours our all boring white with some rust. :grimacing: I keep saying that this is the year (so far, no chewing out from the propane deliverers), so we’ll see.
Maybe I can just consider the pop of color on the control covers, eh? If you ever feel like sharing your own work, consider messaging me or posting on them on Social Well!

Yes, God is so good. :pray: