Prayer for my 8 yr. old Grand Daughter, Devyn

Greetings in the Name of Jesus…I was wondering if someone here in the Forum would agree in prayer with me regarding my Grand Daughter, Devyn. I don’t see her very often because of distance, but I had spent time with her on June 15th and found out to my surprise that she told me that she was “gay.” I’m sure that she’s being indoctrinated in the school system & at home also as her Mother told her (in my presence) that, “It is OK to like girls.” Devyn is mature / very intelligent for her age, but her Parents don’t believe in Jesus, even though I got her her 1st Holy Bible last year. I pray that Devyn will come around and not be deceived by Satan or anyone else in her life. Thank you.


Will pray @Soulsister / Krista.

Surely the cup is nigh full of iniquity - Rev 18

In Christ


Mighty Heavenly Father

Bring forth the cracking open of the sky with thunder and the ground to quake and shutter as a warning to those who dare work against You in relation to the crumbling of strongholds between You and the children of this world. We ask that these events not bring danger or devastation to the people, but be a wake up call to repent and come to Jesus and believe in Him as Lord and become inspired to flee the prisons they’ve made for themselves in this carnal world and begin to be obedient to You.

Father, while it’s understood what is going on, I pray that Devyn is as coy as I am when people ask “Are you gay?” to respond, “Only when I’m not depressed.” Please allow the lesson to be learned that what is said to be okay or acceptable in the eyes of a parent, with relation to homosexuality, is quickly dismissed as wrong in the eyes of God and easily shown as such and to whom do we listen to then? Our all Mighty, Merciful, and Loving Father in Heaven and not the carnality of this world’s irrationality within our parents.

As Your children, we’re able to see the tweaks and the edits and the turning of a phrase or twisting of context within a word. As the lost, they are blind and deaf, and many times mute to experience this truth. Please help inspire Devyn and her parents to see, comprehend, and accept the truth quickly. I say inspire because we know You cannot interfere in our lives due to free will. BUT just as we were once lost, they can be found and gathered too.

Bless Devyn with a transformation of her questions into answers and problems into solutions. Please bless Krista with a Godly boldness that trumps all notion of carnality that rears its ugly head in her sight. Galvanize @Soulsister with protection against evil and those not of You while also placing Devyn within the same bubble of protection. Inspire her mother to see the error of her ways and come to You. Please invigorate the Word to infiltrate this Devyn especially and also her family with resonating truth beyond measure.

We ask this in Jesus’ name


Praying right now :yellow_heart::yellow_heart::yellow_heart:


:pray::heart: Praying in agreement with @jasonacts177 and @Jon.


As a grandmother of 8 grandchildren, this just breaks my heart. Oh dear Father in heaven have mercy on this innocent little child who is confused by the enemy who wants to destroy our little ones with lies, confusion, fear and a wicked web of deceit. Command your angels to protect her and guide her in all her ways. Speak your holy truth into her precious mind that she would be set free and restore her to knowing that You created her to be a girl. You knit her together in her mother’s womb and she is fearfully and wonderfully made. From the moment she was conceived she was a female. I rebuke the lies of the devil in the mighty and powerful name of Jesus Christ our Lord and demand the enemy to lose his hold on this child. Lord deliver her from this evil and place a hedge of protection around her. In Jesus name I pray.


I pray for Devyn’s protection against all forms of brainwashing and that she grows into a deep relationship with God during her days


Praying in agreement for Devyn.


Thank you very much for your thoughtful prayers. May God bless you greatly.


I’m so grateful to everyone who agreed in payer with me for my 8 yr. old Grand Daughter, Devyn. Thank you to al and may God bless each of you! Shalom.


Hearing this som often now. Even where I live many youth grade school on up turning to gay/lesbian relationships.
And then the false love criteria churches are teaching we cannot say anything don’t hurt feeling just love them. I am absolutely convinced to share in Love the Truth, but the greatest Power along with the Word of God is continual intercession… OH to be able to see the Power of Prayer through Gods eyes.
Again willing to share believing the Spirit has prepared the person and we who share but preceding with Prayer and after we share.

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Jesus I too, pray for Devyn and her family. Wow , what must be going through the mind of this 8 year old child. Father, you are a good and faithful Father.
Many children today don’t have faithful parents to trust in and love. When a child is born in a family that doesn’t believe in you and doesn’t love their children as they where born.
The desire to change what they were born to be. Feeling unwanted if they stay who you made them must be so unbearable.
Jesus we all want our parents to love us , to accept us. The pain of knowing I am who I am, and your parent wanting me to be what I am not. Would be awful. May you be glorified Jesus in this young child , bring godly , born again people into this child’s life to love and protect her. From all this evil the enemy is committing against her. In Jesus name