Prayer for my Family

Hi brothers and sisters.
I am asking for your prayers. I have no idea how to reach my unsaved husband. I pray constantly that the Lord will fill him with the Holy Spirit. How am I going to be able to get him to listen about the end times? He already thinks everything is conspiracy theories. I can’t even talk to him about this stuff - the truths of our times, and what’s really going on in the world. I keep praying that the Lord removes the scales from his eyes. Right now, my husband does not have eyes to see or ears to hear.

We also will soon have to deal with the vaccine situation for our young kids (15 and 12). He believes all of this is ok. I of course, do not. I keep praying, and I’m struggling deeply. I am asking the Lord for guidance on how to handle this. It is going to blow up soon, and I admit I am afraid. I keep looking at verses in the Bible to gain strength. And I’m praying so hard to our Savior, that he works a miracle in this situation in our family.
Thank you for listening. God bless you all.



:point_right:t3: “When we can’t control the outcome, we can trust the Overseer.” -David Jeremiah

:point_right:t3: “How unspeakably wonderful to know that all our concerns are held in the hands that bled for us.” -John Newton

:point_right:t3: “Christian, it’s not our job to straighten everybody out. It’s our job to show everybody the unconditional love of Christ.” -Unknown

:point_right:t3: “Let go & let God.” -Unknown

Keep praying without fail and know that you’ve done your part…it’s time to trust God to do His part. Knowing that, as difficult it is to accept, we cannot save someone…only God. Let peace wash over you about the matter, my friend :dove: .

Blessings & Maranatha :revolving_hearts:


Longsuffering and Loving Heavenly Father

Please reveal yourself in no uncertain terms to Faith’s husband. Bless her please with a heavenly calm and peace in her heart and mind with guiding her to the answers and solutions she needs. Please bless her with comprehension of those answers and solutions when they present themselves to her, through Your timing.

Please comfort her and deliver her from worry and any doubt that may creep in.
Please protect their children from the shots being administered to so many. Galvanize her and her family with a protection from those not of You O Lord and bless her with bold strength and courage to listen always, speak when needed and never lose her cool when dealing with the topics presented to a troubled heart.

We pray this in Jesus’ name

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