Prayer for my kate

Please pray for my daughter in canada, im in the uk. She is the only 1 in her work place who has’nt had the jab and feeling the pressure from other work colleagues to take it, so far she is holding her ground and told them its still in trials till 2023 but she feels like they are going to pressurize her more to take it… thankyou all.


Father God,
Please give courage, wisdom, and strength to Kate to maneuver the system that is pressuring her to conform by taking the jab. Supernaturally protect her, Lord, and show her every avenue of escape. Give her and her mother peace and calm about the situation, knowing that You, oh Lord, are mighty to bring down strongholds!

In Jesus’ name we pray,
Amen and amen!


All Encompassing Heavenly Father

We ask that you galvanize Kat’s daughter with protection from those who are not of You. We plead with you to bless her with bold strength and courage to hold on till the end with her convictions and that You O Lord would set before her a pathway, a direction, a set of markers that indicate which way to go for her. While we beg you to comfort her heart and mind with peace and calm and an answer fitly spoken at the times needed; we ask that you cast away those who are not of You from her presence. May deception flee her presence. O Lord cast away the demons of Satan from her presence at all times. Guide her to the answers and solutions she needs and bless her with comprehension to understand them at a moment’s notice.

May she follow Your instructions without question as Isaiah did, even when what you asked of him was sometimes beyond, shall we say, considered wrong in our eyes, or unthinkable. But Your word is our guidance. Your command, we must obey. Without question. May Your answers and solutions be the same for Kat’s daughter.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


:pray: :pray: for your daughter


Sorry Kat. For some reason my prayer went before I finished it. I just wanted to add that Jesus would pour out his love over you so that you would be at peace concerning Kate and be free from all worry and stress. I live in the US and my 3 sons, 5 grandchildren and family are all Canada and it is oftentimes so hard to be away from them.
God comfort your heart.
Blessings and hugs,


Thank you all so much for your prayers, your all very kind. God Bless.