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I requested l prayer for my lost family members back in august and God had put in on my heart from time to time to talk especially to my brother about Gods love, and how to be saved. I the conversation due to fear of it turning out bad…however God had a different plan…our conversation lead to that discussion and as I feared - it did not go well and ended with him yelling “I don’t want to hear it!” And hanging up on me, As I was telling him about the love that Jesus has for us…it breaks my heart…my brother is so lost :cry: and doesn’t want to hear truth. Please if you will pray for him and for his soul. I pray he finds it in his heart to know that I wasn’t I’ll intended that despite the conversations outcome and escalation I only want him To be saved and see him in heaven…he hasn’t my idea of Gods love for us :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:thank you in advance


It’s so hard when those we love don’t want to know about the Lord. At least you have sowed the seed, Kristen.

Dear Heavenly Father :

You know how much Kristen cares about her brother and his eternal destiny. We know that You care even more. That You want none to be lost but all to come to repentance. So we now pray for this man who thinks he does not need You in his life to come to the point where he admits he is a sinner, believes on the Lord Jesus Christ and calls on Your name.
Perhaps, Lord, in the meantime, in Your gracious way, You might bring some other Christian(s) across his path, since he has asked his sister not to discuss her faith with him anymore.

And please, Lord, we also ask that this brother and sister continue to have a good relationship, in spite of this recent unpleasant altercation.

For we ask it in the Name that is above all names, the Lord Jesus Christ.


Thank you so much for this prayer and kind words. It’s so hard to hear those words from him. I was always closest to this brother and I’m pretty sure that is gone now, more than ever…it’s so hard hearing and seeing him say “no” to God. Please if I may also ask for prayer for my mother and father who are so upset about this as well. They are saved and just want their lost son to be saved as well. They’re hearts are broken … God bless you for sharing this prayer with me .


You my sweet friend are not alone with these responses. I too have experienced hang ups and threats after I sent letters explaining ALL THINGS God and Jesus. I’ve been told if I ever brought it up again I’d not exist to them. As horrifying as it is to think of our friends and family suffering the eternal consequences of refusing Jesus, I beg of you to keep in mind…all we can do is plant seeds but the choice is theirs. Free will is just that…free will. With that said, of course I pray that your loved ones will come to their senses before it’s too late.

You mustn’t agonize over the lost but rather rejoice the reality that HE loved YOU first and you CHOSE to love HIM in return.


Praying that the Lord will comfort you and your parents and give you hope.
Perhaps the following verse from Isaiah 55:11 will encourage you all.

So shall My word be that goes forth from My mouth;
It shall not return to Me void,
But it shall accomplish what I please,
And it shall prosper in the thing for which I sent it.


Thank you Pax, I will share this with them also. Appreciate your prayers and kind words, more than I can say. God bless you


Thank you so much for your words of encouragement and reminders of Gods love. I’m so sorry to hear you have had the same responses. …it is painful, “but God” is on the thrown and we know we can count on Him to comfort us. I will keep you in my prayers as well. Lord please - come quickly!


Dear Kristen and Vicki, this is so helpful for me to hear what you have gone through for His Name and your heart for your family and loved ones. I have had these things happen too and it is so hard. We suffer for Him and I am praying for your family too.
I will share an encouragement. About 2 months ago I was out with a group sharing the Gospel in a random place with strangers. Long story short we stopped a young runner and had a divine encounter with him where he received the Good News💕. The thing that really blew me away- he said that his uncle had been trying to talk to him about Jesus. And, when we stopped him and started talking to him about Jesus he felt it was time to give his life to him. This was such an encouragement to me!! Family members like you are doing the hard work, planting the seeds, having persecution. But God! He used complete strangers! (I am so thankful his uncle was sharing with him, planting the seeds faithfully).
So yes, lets pray for God’s divine encounter with these family members and be encouraged to pray for them. I am so happy God showed me the beauty of all our parts that day- planters, watering, harvesting… It makes it worth it now when suffering to share Him as we never know how that may be used. I have heard it may take several times to hear the Gospel before receiving. So have faith and hope and I praise God for your obedience to Him and love for your family.:heart:


Amen to that!

And thanks so much, @Blessed, for sharing that encouraging news.


Thank you so much for the encouragement. It’s appreciated more than I can ever say. God bless you and yours and may our Lord save our lost family members :pray:t3::pray:t3::pray:t3:


Have you any updates?

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Thank you for checking on me, but sadly no change…I haven’t heard from him and I’m thinking I probably won’t…I keep praying for him & im hoping God is working on him, that something I said will keep coming to his mind & our dear Lord will open his heart