Prayer For My Next Door Neighbors

I just found out that my next door neighbor couple and son all have Covid19. The husband (Ray) is in the hospital with double pneumonia. The wife (Rachael) and son (Levi) are home with fevers.

Please pray that they all recover soon! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Heavenly Father we raise our voices in prayer for our neighbors, near and far, who have fallen ill with Covid. They are known to you, Father, and precious. For this father who is hospitalized, we pray that the doctors and nurses who care for him will do so with wisdom and compassion which comes only from you, Father. May he receive treatment known to be swift and effective in stopping the progression of this condition, and may your presence as the Great Physician and the Sustainer of all life, move in and through this body and restore this man to vibrant health. May his family fighting this condition at home be strengthened and healed, also Lord! Let their fevers do the work which you intend and defeat this illness! Pour out your loving, comforting, healing presence to heal every cell in their bodies, Lord. May they rise up at the touch of your hand upon them, fevers gone, restored to wellness, and ready to serve you with gladness! Oh Lord, to you who are the same yesterday and today, we pray, do your healing work again in the lives of these dear ones. We pray in the name of Jesus. We pray that you might be glorified in this! Amen


You know I don’t fear getting the virus even though I have not received the jab (vaccine). However, all of my direct and extended family have received the jab and think I am stupid for not taking it. So I am somewhat concerned that if I should get the virus, everyone in my family will feel like it serves me right for not taking the jab.

My wife stated yesterday that anyone who does not take the jab is just stupid. She either forgot that I did not take it, or currently thinks I am stupid. I don’t mind being in the minority, but I can’t say that it feels good to be THE ONLY ONE in my direct and extended family with my perspective.

I just say all that to say, I understand and feel for those who don’t want to take the jab, but kind of feel forced to.


It’s so very hard isn’t it, this place we find ourselves in now. Others either don’t know, don’t want to know, or don’t believe when we try to share what we’ve come to know as truth. So sad to think about all of the ways this whole situation is dividing families and communities and country. That in itself is evidence enough to recognize just who is behind all of this. . . BUT GOD . . . He is with you and His Spirit in you . . . To guide and guard and give you strength and courage . . . And perhaps even the words to speak to open the eyes of even just one other.


To anyone praying for my next door neighbors, thank you! :+1:

The husband (Ray) is not doing well as his oxygen level isn’t good. They are moving him to the ICU.

Please continue to pray for him! :pray: :pray: :pray: :pray:


Heavenly Father, we lift our prayers for Ray to you. As his health continues to decline, Father, and his wife and child continue to fight there own battle, come Lord Jesus and fight with them all and for them all. Whatever their need, Lord, meet them at every twist and turn, holding out your provision. Father, send doctors and nurses who know you, will lift Ray up in THEIR prayers, and fight courageously for him. And in all of this, Father, work your perfect will, in your perfect way, and in your perfect time. This we pray in the precious name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen


Praying for your neighbours @goodboy :heart:

Oh my, I do understand this statement well…

I emphasize as I have family members who feel the same. My heart is also grieved for those who may feel forced to get vaxxed for various reasons.

May God grant us wisdom and mercy as we navigate these evil days, and the words to speak that will open the eyes of even just one other, as @SongSparrow says.



Your prayers are both beautiful and expressive. :heart:
They say exactly what I would ask of God! :+1:
I can discern that you have the gift of prayer. I admire that as that is one area that I fall short. My prayers are usually only a few words that don’t really encompass all that I want to say.

Thanks for the prayers!!! :heart:


Thank you for your kindness and your encouragement here. Funny, I had poured myself out on another thread because I’ve been struggling so in prayer. For the past five years or so I sob my way through my prayer time with the Lord, and I’ve been so drained and discouraged wondering if my small voice and all of these tears are making a difference at all! After sharing about my struggles, I’ve found it a such a blessing to pray for others here, though! It’s given me a refreshening in my spirit it seems. And I am so grateful.

I have a struggle praying aloud or spontaneously with people, but I find that the words come more easily when I write them down.

I know this for certain, your prayers, no matter how they sound to you, are music in God’s ears! God knows your heart! He can read it and understand just exactly what you want to say! And scripture tells us that the Holy Spirit prays with us and for us when we just can’t pray for ourselves. “Just keep praying, just keep praying!” :notes: :tropical_fish:

I, hesitate to add this as I pray that the medical team treating your neighbors, both in hospital and out, are able to provide just what they need to recover quickly and completely. And we know that Our Great Physician is more than able to do just that, but perhaps this added information will be helpful??

Like many others, I’ve have been diving deep to find information about treatments for this plague that is upon us. I’ve heard several Drs testify that Ivermectin works well even in more advanced cases. Dr. Peter McCullough (not sure I’ve spelled that correctly) has published regarding treatment protocols that have been very effective in treating his Covid patients at all stages of progression. I believe you can find that information on his webpage, or by searching for his name at “America Out Loud” I’ve heard of a couple of cases where the hospital refused to treat with Ivermectin and the families got a court order to allow that treatment for their loved ones. Seems we sometimes have to fight hard for our loved ones who are hospitalized. Perhaps it would be good information to share with your neighbors? If they are open to it??

You could also find good information at, I just listened to an inspiring interview with Dr Vladimir Zelenko on their web page last night. He also developed an effective treatment protocol early on in this battle, and I believe I read somewhere that he has been nominated to a Pulitzer in medicine? American Association of Physicians and Surgeons web page also has a wealth of information posted.

Pray some of this might be helpful.

God bless you there, today and always.



Thanks for your prayers, encouragement and information. :+1:

While I always appreciate any information I can get, I am hesitant to pass it along. If things don’t work out after taking my suggestion, they may end up blaming me. I am not that close with my neighbors and people always look to blame someone if things don’t work out. In this case maybe the hospital or doctors, but if I give them my advice and they take it, maybe me.

I want to be sure my relationship with my next door neighbors stays strong as possible, as I would want to be there to console and pray with the wife and son if things don’t work out.

Father we ask that You would touch Ray and heal him that he may recover as well as his wife and son. Lord if they don’t know You as their Savior, may they call out to You in their distress, accept You as their Savior and receive Your forgiveness and free gift of Salvation. In Jesus merciful and mighty name, Amen

Hi goodboy, I am anath from our former site


Thanks for noticing that! :heart:

For some reason when I reply, it does not always reply to the person I am replying to. That’s why I enter their name myself. Well sometimes at 67 years old, I make a mistake or should I say mistakes! Glad that you noticed it and took the time to inform me. :heart:

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No worries! :hugs: @goodboy I figure a reply is kinda like snail mail…we want to get it to the person to whom it’s addressed :grin:

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Thanks for the prayer! :heart:
My memory is not the best, so cannot truthfully say that I remember you, but in any case glad to see you here! :+1:

My next door neighbors (Ray & Rachael) are both saved, not sure about the young son. However, they do not attend church and are not serving God as far as I know. They are good people and not into sin though. They are both police officers. I am hoping this situation will bring them closer to God!

So Wednesday as I have stated, I found out my next door neighbor (Ray) has Covid19 and is in the ICU.

Today, I found out that a good friend from work (Jeff) has Covid19 and is in the ICU.

A strange week. Hoping that the rapture is next!!! :angel:


will pray for Jeff’s healing as well

Well I’m your age and I think of myself as a spring chicken


Definitely understand! We’ll keep praying and trusting! :pray:t3: