Prayer for my son in the Air Force

I am requesting prayer for my youngest son, Kellen, who is in the Air Force. He was raised 100% in a Christian home, attended good solid churches, and knows the scriptures well. I have prayed over this young man all his life. He is 27. Since he was about 21 or so, he has told me that he does not believe in God or Jesus. We have had many discussions on this topic and he concludes that when you die, that’s it. You just no longer exist. It so grieves me and his step-father that he takes this viewpoint.

Recently he received word that he would be going to Portugal via new orders from the Air Force. I was happy for this because I felt it may be how the Lord brings him back! But now it seems that his orders may be denied because my son has a waiver that must be approved for these orders to go through. I am asking for prayer that his waiver will be approved and that by answering this prayer of mine and of others for him, that God will use it as a tool to bring my son

back to him! But, not my will but the Lords. If any of you would just pray for this young man as you see fit, I would so appreciate it! I would love to tell him how “our” prayers have been answered for him!

Thank you all so very much and may God bless you all and keep you! Jill


Prayers for your son…the Lord has a perfect batting average…he has never lost one sheep.


Thank you so much! That is very comforting!


Lord, I lift up Kellen and his parents to You. As parents that raise our children to honor You from birth, it is so hurtful and hard to see them turn away from the truth. And yet when they turn back, they will know deep in their soul that You alone are their God. Until then, open Kellen’s eyes to see the truth and see the lies yet not be deceived. Protect him as he goes where his job takes him, and if it be Your will, let that be Portugal. If not, we trust that You can and will work anywhere.
Cause Jill and her husband to trust that Your truth that they have taught Kellen will not return void and will accomplish what You desire.
In the mighty name of Jesus we ask, amen.


Hello Jill @Jillmikec,
I’m so glad that you have invited us into prayer with you and all who love Kellen. I’m even more happy to know that God’s Word will not return void. Like Thomas @TBFL said, our Father has a perfect batting average! Stay strong and believe.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for Jill’s faith, for the fact that Kellen was raised to know and worship You. We praise You for it!

Please pour out Your Holy Spirit in power and love, a spirit of revelation and repentance upon this unbelieving son Kellen. We pray that Kellen would place his faith in Your only begotten Son Jesus Who died for his salvation. We ask that every barrier Kellen has erected between himself and God be torn down. We ask that wherever You place Kellen, that You will protect him with Your mighty arm and bring him home safely— to his parents or to You when You call us home, may You do so quickly.

We ask one more thing Father, when Kellen remembers You, let his light shine bright and draw others to You before it is too late. Give Kellen a boldness to reach out and tell others of Your love and how You are not willing that anyone should perish— and that Jesus has redeemed us all. The lost need only to believe and accept His gift of Life.

May the Name of our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer be lifted high on the earth and in the heavens! In His Name we praise our mighty God and pray. Amen.


Thank you so much for your beautiful prayer. It gives such
comfort and prayer is so powerful! To have others praying for us in this means so very much! God bless you and again, thank you!!



You’ve come to the right place as this forum is filled with prayer warriors who are tragically experiencing similar things withing our own families.
All we can do is pray that scales will fall from eyes which will release them from Satan’s grip.
I pray that Kellen will come to his senses and return to THE ONE …THE ONLY TRUE AND LIVING GOD.

\In Jesus precious name I pray…Amen!


Thank you for the wonderful prayer! This forum is such a blessing to be connected with like-minded believers! My husband, Mike, and I
are so comforted by your prayer and also just the out poring of love from everyone. Praise Jesus and blessings to you!


Hi, Prayers for you and your family, I pray for a Hedge of protection around Your Son, and Family! May God Bless You!


@Jillmikec i will be praying for your son, may i ask what his name is?


Thank you dear friend in Jesus for your prayers! We so appreciate them and feel the peace of the Lord in our troubled hearts! Praise Jesus, our KING!


Hi Stacey,

Yes, his name is Kellen. I would so very much appreciate your prayers. I am letting him know that I have people praying for him. :slight_smile: He says he doesn’t believe in prayer, but I know NOTHING IS TOO HARD FOR OUR LORD! Thank you and many blessings to you, Stacey!


Hi Linda,

Thank you so much for your prayers! So good to know that others are praying for us in this! May God richly bless you all! We love JD and the online family and those in his church! Such a comfort and blessing!


God Bless you, Jill. May your prayers for Kellen, joined with ours, reach our all-knowing, merciful Creator in the name of Jesus Christ. It is a time of great apostasy in our world. Many parents and grandparents, I among them, struggle to understand why our offspring seem to be departing from faith in the shed blood of Jesus, which alone releases us from sin and death. In my own efforts to reinforce the truth and importance of God’s precious word to guide us through this painful mortal existence, I feel as though I’ve managed to push too hard. When our kids are all grown up, it’s so difficult to come to terms with the fact that they will, and they must make their own decisions.
My own desire has been to save them from experiencing much of the pain I’ve endured as a consequence of disobedience. My children do not comprehend these motives, though. They have been resentful of my interference. I must, I have and I commit to continuing to leave them to the Good Shepherd’s tender watchcare. Just as He has grown us up into the knowledge of Himself, may He continually water the seeds of eternal hope that we allowed Him to plant in our kids when they were young. It is His will that none be lost and all come to the knowledge of the Truth. And May He comfort all of the parents that have heard and believe Proverbs 22:6 “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.”
What a cultural catastrophe we witness on a global scale today. Now, more than any other time I can imagine, young people (and many old, alike), have taken up the mantle of “doing what is right in their own eyes.” Society has made TRUTH “relative,” when it is ABSOLUTE! And we are so fortunate to have been persuaded to acknowledge Him as our LORD. Not our will, Father, but Yours’ be done as you work miraculous changes in all of our hearts, minds and souls. As the moon reflects the light of the sun, may we who hope in Christ reflect His light heavenward. Thank you, praise you for your loving-kindness. :pray:t3: :heart::latin_cross:


Dear Aliyah,

Thank you for such a comforting and oh so truthful and trusting response to my prayer request! I too, have pushed too hard at times to hopefully keep my children on the straight and narrow path, only to have them choose otherwise as adults. I have clung to that verse, Proverbs 22:6, and prayed it over and over to our dear Father God and Lord Jesus! We have to give them over to our Lord and know that He wants the best for them and loves them even much more than we can or even imagine! Your words were such a comfort to me and thank you so much for taking the time to write and pray for my son, Kellen! I cannot even put into words, how much I appreciate JD, this forum, and all the kind and Godly prayers that have been extended to me and my son! I pray for you and your children, that they will return to what they were taught as children and will get right with the Lord, as we wait and watch for HIS GLORIOUS APPEARING! Thank you and may God rightly bless you! Prayers to you and thank you for your prayers to me! Love in Jesus, Jill


Will pray for son. My father was in army between WWII and Korean. I agree with prayer of GR and agreeing in prayer for your son. I also send prayers of the peer pressure that comes. That your son will learn to hear God’s voice amongst all the others. Father, help this family and there son to know if you want him to go to Portugal or not. Whether this detail is from you. Thank you for what your plans for for him. In Jesus name. Amen! Sandra