Prayer for my special needs son (hospitalized again) 🙏

Hi everyone :slightly_smiling_face:

My entire household recently had “covid” (whatever it is) about 5 weeks ago, and our youngest boy Zach was hospitalized in the ICU for a few days…

Today Zach, who has myotonic muscular dystrophy, became lethargic, and has come down with another fever… My wife then proceeded to fall face first in the living room floor and have a seizure…

She is doing ok now, but we are stressed to the max over our boy… he is non-verbal with autism as well, so he can’t communicate what’s bothering him…

For now, we are trying to manage here at home, but I was seconds away from calling EMS earlier this evening… There are concerns over post-covid complications with heart inflammation and such, but we are hoping and praying it is just a random fever (which he tends to get on occasion)

Anyhow please pray to our mighty and merciful Saviour Jesus, that he will have compassion on us and give us peace and healing… my wife has many health complications as well, and the past few weeks have been very trying for our little family…

Thank you all in advance, and God bless you all in Jesus precious name :pray:t3:


I’m so so very sorry for these attacks on your family and will fervently pray for a miraculous intervention of our merciful Savior.


@HIS - Thank you so much Vicki :smiling_face:

It’s almost 5am and we just had EMT’s here… they hooked him up to all their little doo-dads and his vitals all checked out… they shied away from taking him to the ER, so he’s staying here at home for now… still running a fever and shivering, but they just suggested we continue alternating tylenol and motrin, and call the doctor in the morning…

So stressful dealing with all the unknown… praise Jesus for bringing a bit of peace :pray:t3:


As the bride of Christ you know that He sees, hears and knows all things. He is suffering with you therefore will not turn His face from your family. These thorns that are being allowed will in the end be for His glory.
Hold fast and fear not for it’s all in His mighty healing hands!


I have been praying, Kevin. I do have a point-to-consider. You know best, as Zack’s dad, however.

Hidden fever…things like that, have me wondering about subtle infections. We’ll hear of elderly, for example, who will have strange symptoms going on, only to discover that a bladder infection was to blame.

This may or may or may not be appropriate for your family, but I am thinking of probiotics—at least for future occurrences. Restoring gut health is key for the immune system. They can help prevent future infections of that nature.

Meanwhile, might it be worth while to have your boy’s urine sampled for infection?

Praying for both he and your wife and for you all.:hibiscus:


I actually agree with Merrilee about having Zach’s urine tested…it certainly couldn’t hurt and would rule out a bladder infection.

You didn’t mention Zach’s age…an easy way to introduce probiotics…if he is able to swallow them, is with oil of oregano capsules which are very small
They are essential for fighting infections and as Merrilee said, keeping them at bay.

Please keep us updated.


Hi @Gracings and @HIS (Merrilee and Viki) :blush:

Thanks so much for your concern and suggestions, I definitely appreciate it…

Quick update… Zach slept for awhile and seems to be doing better… he did throw up some bile and mucus earlier when I woke him up, but luckily he was standing and I was able to help him, as he is prone to aspiration if not careful when vomiting… he also has an old nissen procedure from when he was a baby that still seems to be holding his lower esophagus tighter and preventing too much from coming up…

Anyhow, his fever seems to be on the decline, and his breathing seems to be regulating, so that is very encouraging… praise Jesus :raised_hands:t3:

He is 13 now, but refuses to swallow any sort of pill of any kind… we still have to restrain him to get children’s liquid tylenol down the tube… the boy is beyond stubborn… Lord only knows where he gets that from :smirk:

He was getting a probiotic, digestive enzymes and omega-3’s in a powdered multi-vitamin which we would sprinkle over his chicken nuggets… but, as goes with us, they have since discontinued it, and we have been unable to find anything similar to substitute :frowning:

Also, Zach is still in diapers (at age 13 :face_with_spiral_eyes:) so to retrieve a urine sample would require him being catheterized… and… well, I’m not looking to traumatize him too much if I don’t absolutely have to :grimacing: …they had to squiggly straw him when he was in the ICU with co-co a few weeks back, but that was bcuz his stubborn little butt was holding his wee for nearly 24hrs… I think he was mad that they put a big ole adult depends on him in the ER, and was afraid he was gonna go-go on himself… it wasn’t until he was admitted and moved up to pediatrics that they found something that fit him good…

Anyhooo… sorry to ramble… our situation is most definitely unique… :face_holding_back_tears:

Thank you all for the continued prayers… they are so very much appreciated… God bless you all ten thousand times ten thousand in Jesus’ perfect, precious and mighty name :pray:t3:


God created Zach’s uniqueness and was given to you for His purpose.
What a brave little boy!
Rejoice, for one day he will be the picture of health with an eternity of bliss ahead of him.

May His angels surround your home and His peace fill your hearts.


God bless you, Kevin! Truly, God bless you forever and ever, amen.

Ok…so I suppose (natural probiotic) sauerkraut is a no-go. :wink:

So glad to see that he is making improvements, in the meantime.


Thank You, Lord, for giving Zach the perfect parents! Your Love is so beautiful, Lord, and You pour it out on this precious family. How wonderful to share this story within our family of Christ. Lord, we thank You and Praise Your Name for the strength and courage of this family and the troubles they encounter, still loving and praising You. What a testimony to us! Lord, we know You send Your Angels to minister and that the Angels of the children are before Your Face. We trust You, Father, for the best and pleasing outcome for Zach and his parents. O how we love You! In the Name Above All Name, we Glorify You, Sweet Jesus, Savior and Friend, Amen and Amen.


“I pray for your healing. That circumstances would change. I pray miracles over your life, in Jesus’ name.”
Sending Christ love, from my heart and home, to yours. Having been a teacher working with special needs children for over 30 years, I’ve an especially soft spot in my heart for children and families like yours who live through and love through these unique challenges. But GOD!! He sees. He knows. He cares. He will provide.
Sending this prayer in a song. Singing along for all of you. :heavy_heart_exclamation:


Oh, that must have been nice to have a three-in-one! Our daughter (almost 13 with cerebral palsy) doesn’t swallow pills either. Can your son do chewables? Our daughter likes these chewable probiotics and will take the liquid omega mixed into baby food fruit puree (not a fan of plain applesauce).

One of my daughters had a urine test years ago while still in diapers and they gave us a collection bag that stuck to the skin and stayed in the diaper…wondering if maybe they make them for larger children…?


Praying for Zack and you all. Please keep us updated.


Hi everyone… thank you all so much for your prayers and encouraging words and recommendations…

I so wish I would be coming on here with better news, but Zach has been admitted to the hospital again, as they found a small amount of pneumonia in the lower part of both lungs…

They aren’t sure if this is the cause of the fevers and infection (his white blood cell count is up) so they started him on a broad spectrum antibiotic and are doing fluids and cough assist treatments…

He threw up bile two times Monday afternoon, and the second time he choked real good to where I thought he may have aspirated… so I brought him to the emergency room fully expecting to be returning home with him as he was doing so good… but his chest x-ray showed a minor amount of pneumonia that only the radiologist saw… the ER doctor said they looked clear but recommended he stay on account of the radiologist…

He was dehydrated, and got cathed anyway for a urine sample after-all…

I honestly can’t believe we are in this situation… this is all so surreal right now…

I just want to say that for a long time now it seems like the exact opposite of our family prayers have been repeatedly bestowed upon us… but to my Saviour Jesus I will remain trusting and faithful… He will see us through no matter the outcome…

I’m not saying this is easy… and I certainly don’t understand the thought process of God in this manner… but…

Isaiah 55:8-9…

  • 8 For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the Lord.

  • 9 For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

Thank you all for the continued prayers and love… thank you for lifting our family up to our Mighty King… I wish I could hug each and every one of you… my heart is so heavy and our little family is so weary… please Jesus help us and strengthen us… please bring us the peace you promise in your Word :pray:t3:



Lifting your precious Zach for complete healing, for the pneumonia to leave his lungs, in Jesus’s name. We pray for healing on a cellular level in every area of his precious body.
We ask the Lord of all to gift your entire family with restorative rest, and a peace that only our Heavenly Father can give.
I wish we could come and sit with you, pray in person with you, let you take a much needed rest. Know we are lifting your dear Zach to the God who made him and knows his innermost being. :pray:t2::heart:


Sorry to hear. I’m praying for Zach and you all.


@Kevo4Christ my heart breaks for your family after reading that statement as it hits so close to home for me. I’m glad you are resting in Isaiah 55:8-9. After adopting our third and discovering her needs were far greater than we expected, I did a whole lot of praying and watched them seemingly go unanswered. It wasn’t until I heard someone ask the following question that my heart truly started to heal.

“Do you believe God can change your situation?
Will you love him if he doesn’t?”

I touched a little bit on that process including a few songs and scripture that helped me along that path, in the following post.

It was through those times of seemingly unanswered prayer that my “but even if he doesn’t” faith started to grow deep roots.

That said, I’m still praying for healing and quick release from the hospital along with God’s peace that passes all understanding through this ordeal.


My heart is hurting with and for you!

“Do you believe God can change your situation?
Will you love him if he doesn’t?”
These aren’t just words…they are the core of ALL that represents your faith and HIS FAITHFULNESS.

I pray HIS strength enters every fiber of your being. I pray HIS mighty yet gentle Holy Spirit fills Zach with HIS peace while casting out all fear. I pray you Kevin remember that HE loves Zach even more than you do.

Oh Father, I pray for Zach’s healing now for Your glory In Jesus precious name.


Praying to our Father and asking for His healing, peace and calm.


@Kevo4Christ Thank you, Kevin, for sharing from your heart. I do appreciate the example you give to us of that faith exemplified also in Job’s words,
Though he slay me, yet will I trust Him.” Many prayers :pray: :pray: for you and your wife and son.
@pbandj Thank you, Paula, for sharing your older post here. I think it will help a lot of people, including someone close to me.