Prayer for our doctors to stop being deceived and do what's right!

ALL physicians have taken an oath to DO NO HARM yet the reality doesn’t apply.

This is unfortunately more frightening than we even realize for MANY of our physicians even longtime trusted PCP’s are either falling for the lies, deliberately lying to us or simply in denial. I’m an UN-vaccinated 75 year old woman who had my 6 month telephone health/wellness visit. When I told him I had no intention of getting a vaccine because of the numerous side effects which include blood clots and Bell’s Palsy. I’ve already been hospitalized twice for pulmonary embolisms and had 2 bouts of Bell’s Palsy and won’t risk it. He kept telling me over and over how safe the vaccines are…that only a few people have developed clots…that facial paralysis is extremely rare. He insisted that any side effects are few and far between and no one dies from them. ALL LIES AND MISINFORMATION…but I chose not to argue and will NOT change my mind. So we can be sure that what has been reported as facts and what YOU are experiencing goes unrecognized as a reality.

In truth…HIS TRUTH…no matter what befalls us HE IS IN CONTROL OF EVERYTHING. This life is just a passing moment in time, so FEAR NOT as we’ll soon be on our way home for all eternity.

But until HIS coming, we need to pray for our doctors to open their eyes and get a backbone to do what is right for the sake of their patients!


Now I know why they call it the HIPO-CRATIC oath…


You are right praying for them. Listen to Dr Peter McCollough and he will give you hope. He is a doctor that believes we did not treat people the way the medical field should

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I’m sure you’ll like this physician. :relaxed:

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Oh Tina,
Thanks so much for posting this blessing of a man who is on fire for Christ.
Jesus is our ONLY HOPE…Maranatha Lord, PLEASE com quickly!

I know his heart is in the right place but must admit, tho he is well versed in the WORD…as an educated man wished he hadn’t spoken exclusively in today’s vernacular.

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Agreed totally on this dear Vicki, and at the end his prayer for healing was a little too… let’s say emotional for my taste but otherwise I liked his enthusiasm for the Lord.

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