Prayer for peace of mind etc

Please pray. My son’s roommate committed suicide today. His other roommate found him. They live in a supervised group home for the mentally ill. The man was only 30 years old. Please pray for peace, comfort, strength and support for my son, the one who found the man, the residents and staff and the family most of all. My heart breaks for them. Thank you brothers and sisters in Christ. I anxiously await the day when we don’t have to feel this sort of anguish anymore!


Violet, I am so sorry for your son and what he had to go through. it must be so heartbreaking for him and the other room mate. I will pray for both of them and for the residents, staff and family. I know how hard dealing with a suicide can be. God also knows and he cares. Peace to you dear sister.


Thank you, Dallas, for your prayers. God bless you.


Sometimes there just are no words to express a grief so deep, a tragedy so profound. Praise God for his Holy Spirit praying with us and for us. Sometimes we just sit in silence together, let the tears come, and trust the Spirit speak. May the comfort of Christ love wrap round all involved in their sorrow.


Thank you for sharing this song with me. It touched my heart. I’m also going through a rough time- three other people I know have died in the past few weeks. Thank you for praying :pray::heart:.


My heart is heavy for you all, @VioletYates2. I am praying. :cherry_blossom:

These are hard times for people and God understands. Prayer is our window to God. I pray that violet and all feeling sorrow, loss and pain will be comforted dear Lord. You gave us our Comforter who lives in the hearts of all believers. May we turn to the Holy Spirit and feel your arms around us. Praise your Holy name. Amen.

Thank you both for praying. <3