Prayer for safety and success of operation

Please pray for Sarah who is to undergo a hip replacement operation very soon. She is very elderly and all the risks have just been explained to me.
Pray also for the surgeon and for the anesthetist (who will remain during the whole operation).

Thank you,




As an elderly woman who has needed the love and support of my forum family, know first hand that He hears the cries of His children and is faithful to heal and guide those who are caring for us.

So of course, I will join my heart with yours on behalf of Sarah. Please Lord comfort our sister and heal her only as You can.
In Jesus name I pray


Consider it a done deal


Due to respiratory distress, Sarah has needed to have breathing tube re-inserted after the operation. Now she is being moved to ICU where she will be in an induced coma and put on ventilator, with the caveat that this will be for next 24- 48 hours, not indefinitely. In other words, they will try to get her re-oxygenated and breathing independently during that time.

Grateful for your prayer support.

Please also pray for my husband, Sarah’s son. His chronic illness is exacerbated by stress and, of course, he wants to be able to visit his Mum in the hospital. Due to the times we are in, he has no confidence in nursing home care, even for respite or rehab. I am worn out from spending more time staying with Sarah recently ( as some of you might have guessed). Her beloved cat died of heart failure just a fortnight ago. I had been helping to ‘nurse’ him.


Heavenly Father,

You see the needs here, comfort and heal this family. Surround them with your angels in the name of Yeshua Jesus! Amen!


Oh Pax @Pax,
I’m so sorry for your MIL that her cat passed. And I’m sorry she’s having problems breathing, especially at her age and after such a difficult surgery. I’m also sorry that all this stress is hurting your hubbydude’s health; and ultimately your peace of mind and energy —probably affecting your health as well. You’ve been holding it all together it seems. So take care of yourself too! Remember to feed your soul with God’s word often. Stay hydrated, take your vitamins, eat healthy and get some rest. You are ever in my prayers.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You for Pax, and for all those like her— our rocks, our caregivers, our cheerleaders. Father please give some respite to this family and give dear Pax a chance to recover from the pace she’s been keeping.

Thank You that Sarah came out of surgery with so few complications. Please continue to be with Sarah and her health care team. Give them wisdom and compassion please, and bless them with integrity and success in their ministrations.

Thank You for using this situation to draw the lost near to You, to open their hearts to receive the salvation bought with the blood of Your Son Jesus. May His Name be lifted high on this earth and in the heavens! In His Name we thank You and bless You for what You are doing in the life of this family.


Thanks, Georgia Ruth, @GR, for your prayers and for your empathy and sympathy for all concerned, too. I don’t feel much like a solid rock - a bit crumbly really. But the Lord is our Rock and on Him we depend.


Progress Report

As of 2pm Thursday AEST 'Sarah" was extubated successfully and breathing herself, unaided. Nursing Staff reported in the evening that she had been smiling and laughing with them. A couple of hours prior to that we had visited and my husband had prayed aloud (and loudly so his Mum might hear, even though she was apparently asleep). Later we discovered that one of the nurses watching over her was a believer.
So grateful to the Lord and thankful for all those who joined in praying for Sarah and for us.


Praise Jesus!!! Thank you Father God for your watchful blessings and healing on Sarah that she is breathing well and she is alert and able to laugh and smile!! Jesus, please continue to bless Sarah with your healing, and keep her family healthy and strong.



Praise Jesus Holy Name for the mercies He bestows upon those of us whose prayers are heard and honored.

Only He is worthy of our adoration and gratitude.

Thank you Lord!


Oh Lord Great and Wonderful things You have done in caring for Sarah. Thank You Lord Jesus!


Hey there Pax @Pax,
How is Sarah doing? How are you and your husband? I hope Sarah is healing well and that everyone is getting some much needed rest.


Oh Pax, I’m sorry for all the troubles Sarah has had, and sorry for the stress it has caused for your family. Very sad about the cat, too. Praying for you all and praising God that Sarah was breathing unaided.

Hope you all are experiencing some peace in the Lord.





Thank you both for your concern and thanks to everyone who has been praying for us.
Sarah is making good, slow progress. Able to put weight on left leg (the one operated on) and can stand with assistance of one person. Not experiencing as much confusion as in previous hospitalisations. Perhaps the provision of a single room is helping there. Appetite is good.

I am well now, thanks, and my husband is coping, if not feeling all that great, and we are both coming to accept that we will probably have to stay with Sarah again for some time after she is discharged.


Oh that’s heartbreaking. Lord, please heal dear Sarah, you see her poor ailing body, her broken heart andctge distress of her son and loving daughter in law. Please overrule in this situation as only you can. In Jesus name we ask healing for Sarah and healing and comfort to her son. May your unfailing love surround all 3. In Jesus precious name we ask for your compassion beloved Father


Hi Pax, praise our Merciful Jesus for this good report. I know you and your husband are spent. But, cherish the time with Sarah. Being a caregiver can be frustrating and exhausting. But know that you and your hub were placed in her life for such a time as this. If i may add my 2cents. It might be easier on you and your husband if you are with her. Less stress of the unknown and no travel time or expense. My parents are both passed as is a beloved sister and brother. He at 28. How i wish i had just one more day to care for them. Your heavnly bank account is overflowing.

Drink green tea! Its loaded with antioxidants. A spritz of lemon enhances the antioxidants. Eat honey. The bible says its good for you. And…naps! I pray the Lord send you an angel to give you and your husband relief and comfort.

Sincerely your sister in Christ,


Thank you, Margaret @Margaret and @Natalie @Natok . I will respond in more detail by PM when time permits.


You’re welcome! No need to respond. Tend to the home fires. :heart::pray::innocent:


Hey there Pax @Pax,
Just checking in on Sarah, you and your husband. Look forward to hearing from you when you have time.


Update Sep 23rd
Aged care consultant to orthopaedic team is saying that Sarah has gone backwards , now needing 2 people to assist her in walking instead of just one and that she hasn’t got the cognitive ability to co-operate with physiotherapy.

Please pray

  • that Sarah consistently co-operates with the physiotherapist/s in improving her mobility.

  • that they don’t do any more tests of Sarah’s cognitive abilities (she finds these distressing)

  • that we don’t fret (Psalm 37) in spite of feeling harassed by some hospital staff regarding Sarah’s right to maintain her independence in her own home.

  • wisdom as to whether or not to request a transfer for Sarah to a hospital closer to where we live.

  • that the hospital will arrange for Sarah to have her injections for wet Macular Degeneration done whilst she is an inpatient. These are already a few days overdue.

  • for practical help to organise enduring power of attorney and enduring guardian if this be the Lord’s will.

Thanks very much for your prayer support .