Prayer for safety and success of operation

@Pax Thanks for the update! I will continue to pray for Sarah and for you as you go through this with her. So many decisions and concerns, but God…He will lead you down the right path I am sure!


UPDATE October 22nd

  • We received help to finalise the Enduring Guardianship last night. A legal practitioner friend came to the hospital and Sarah was willing to appoint my husband. So thankful to God for this help and this result… Hospital may challenge this outcome, we’ve been warned.

  • We are meeting obstacles when trying to obtain transfer to closer hospital.

  • Injections still have not been given for eyes. Please pray this will happen very soon.

  • Yesterday I visited the hospital during the afternoon/evening and was told to wear protective clothing before entering Sarah’s room. Reason given : she has a bacterial infection resistant to antibiotics . My problem was they said she has had this at least since her admission to hospital 6 weeks ago and my husband and I had never been asked to wear such gear prior to yesterday! Nor had any nurse or doctor mentioned this to us before. Not sure what to think or pray. We could be carriers apparently.