Prayer for Safety From Gossip and Anger in Church

I am unsure of what’s going on at this church I was(am?) attending. For months and months there was no big deal and all seemed well, but it seems like there might be a rumor about me or maybe I angered someone? I am willing to admit that I may have an imperfect view of myself but I’ve tried to be a positive and ladylike person in church. But now it’s like one by one the people who work there are going cold like they dislike me and want me to go away. This doesn’t seem like a very Christian thing to me. I mean, aren’t we supposed to talk out our differences, give someone a chance to defend themselves against whatever…? I’m totally confused and now I’m picking apart every little detail of everything I can think of. It’s kind of driving me crazy and I could really use a prayer to help me balance this out. Please pray for a joyous resolution to this creepy thing that’s happening. Please also pray for a cessation of malicious gossip in the church, as I suspect some of that’s going on. Please also pray for the worship team, as I am starting to think some of them may not be saved. Thanks brothers and sisters.


Lord, I bring my prayer request to You, for EdenRoseArcher (Emily). O God, You know all things. Your children are imperfect. We are saved sinners, born-again by the Blood of the Lamb, Your Grace poured out upon us. Let Your House, O God, be the House of God…Holy, Clean, uplifting one another, and obeying Your Holy Word when we have our differences - to seek forgiveness and to forgive. Dear Father, please make a Way for this situation that Emily is having in her Church. Please direct her Spirit to Your Word, and please give her wisdom and courage to go to the Godly leaders of her Church and discuss her feelings and fears. Lord, help Emily to keep her eyes on You and You alone, and to trust You, regardles of what others may be doing or how she perceives them as to their salvation. You know the heart, and You tell us our heart is deceitful - please protect Emily from the enemy and fill her heart with abundant love for her Church family and friends. Remind her gently, Lord, You have all things in Your Hand. We love and praise and glorify You, beloved Savior and Friend, and give all thanks to You. In the Name Above All Names, Jesus Christ, we pray and look for rejoicing in the coming times for Emily and her Church. Amen and Amen.


I would say the best thing to do is confront one who has grown cold and ask if there is something wrong or if you’ve offended them. Now naturally, you may hear, “no, not at all.” Then you state the obvious. You’ve observed a change in the wind at the church regarding select brethren and would like to correct whatever seems to be going on that you’ve observed. It’s no secret that many Christians love gossip. And it very well could have been a point of “we need to pray for Emily.” And “Oh you didn’t hear?”

Romper room was fun when we were kids, but as adults, this stuff isn’t for us. I would say that’s the first step. Second if that doesn’t pan out, talk to your Pastor. One way or another, you’ll get your point across. I had to do it with the Pastor of my former church back in high school. I told him his congregation wouldn’t accept Christ unless he walked in wearing the tailored suit from the local tailor, driving the best car from the biggest dealership in town, and flashing jewelry from the jeweler in town, and being all high brow. They didn’t comprehend Jesus and I proved it to him. I was scared to do this too. Had to be done though.

Loving Heavenly Father

Please instill a blessing of transformation from problems into solutions, questions into answers, fear into courage and devastation into restoration within Emily pertaining to her church brethren. Guide her in this journey and galvanize her with protection from evil and those not of You. Mend her broken heart over this matter mentally as well as emotionally and Spiritually.

Bless her with peace and calm in her heart and mind and guard and protect her words, thoughts, and actions towards herself, and those whom she makes contact with through tonight and tomorrow. Blaze a light of truth upon the congregation she attends and reflect upon them the mirror image of themselves to see how they fair in Your eyes. Perhaps this will deliver a balm across the hearts of many but also send a spiritual kick to the backside of those accepting evil to gossip towards one another.

Remind them a house divided cannot stand. Also gossip is a no-no in your eyes.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I’ve a suggestion…that is similar to Jon’s but with a slightly different approach.
How about going to the Pastor and request a private meeting with him and the church deacons where you can express your concerns. Take with you a list of names and events that have seemed OFF about what you’ve experienced. Be sure not to be accusatory in an angry way, but rather humbly ask for their help to intervene.
If you don’t feel heard or taken seriously and they refuse to be intercessors on your behalf in order to sort it out, you may have no choice but to leave that church…find another and begin anew leaving behind any negative history,
If you’re left with no other alternative, keep in mind…you would only be leaving that church behind…NOT Christ.

Oh-good ole prayer gossip. I’ve been a victim myself.

Definitely always a good idea to reflect as others have said…and to make sure our own attitudes are in check.

But also, maybe it’s a good time to sort through your church friend closet…it’s okay to take a step back and see who is lifting you up and lovingly correcting…and who is just sitting back and watching you stumble around.

I remember a pastor once saying, Love Jesus with all of your heart and then do whatever you want! He’s the ultimate friend, sister. He doesn’t gossip or want to see you fail. He truly loves you and maybe He wants you to see that not everyone has your best interests at heart. Just the fact that you’re spending your free time on this blog says a ton about you!! You’re searching for wisdom and Godly answers!

Don’t let it get you down. Church can be a lot like high school…everyone wants to be popular and friendships shuffle. I mean-think about it…don’t you still feel young in your mind?? I’m almost 50 and I still feel 17 in my brain…a cooler, more suave and controlled 17 that is. Keep your eyes up. He’s watching out for you. :yellow_heart: