Prayer for Sister Beth ... Breast Cancer

Please pray for healing and direction for my sister Beth, who is due to start Chemo for Breast Cancer today. Originally they were just going to do radiation, but have said she needs chemo first and aggressive treatment. Also pray for her Salvation.
She regrets having taking the two doses of the jab and it was after that … that her cancer was discovered. My heart tells me something isn’t right about all this and I truly don’t believe the hospitals are safe any longer.
Thank you and Blessings :revolving_hearts:


Praying that God gives the doctors wisdom and guidance and with whatever treatments that this is eradicated, for Beth’s salvation and Gods comfort and peace for her , you and the rest of the family. :pray::pray::heart:


Praying for your sister…I’m a cancer survivor (7 years now), praise God. He will carry your sister through.



Praying :pray: :pray: :pray:


I wanted to share this where it might be helpful. I always like this actor and am not surprised to find out he and His wife are believers and now sharing their story.


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How is your sister, Beth?
Hoping you can update us all :heart::heart::pray::pray:


Please keep us updated and I will keep praying for the holy Spirit to move on her heart and that He would bring believers into her path at the right time and place to speak to her and may her heart be soft toward hearing the word as like never before.

May the Lord place Guardian Angels around her to keep her heart at peace and from confusion.

Let her know she is not alone during this time as my heart now understands how she might feel in some way or another.



Loving Heavenly Father,

you see this so i’m asking that you will heal Beth with your healing hands and love on her in your loving arms comfort Beth in the name Jesus Yeshua! Amen