Prayer for sister

Please pray for my sister.She’s in a bad place right now.Deeply depressed and doesn’t want to live.pray for……salvation,deliverance from alcoholism,depression,and anxiety attacks and anything else the Lord puts on your heart.thank you,Lynne


Father God in Heaven, I say this prayer in the all mighty and precious name of Jesus. Abba Father, please bring the Holy Spirit to convict Gay’s sister of sin as this is the start of salvation. We all are broken vessels and we all need a savior and Christ Jesus is the only one that can save. Please show your Great Love for her. Shower her in Agape Love, letting her know that you first loved us and first sought each of us out before we sought you Lord. Lord , while we were yet still sinners, you died for us, please reveal this to her. I pray if she knows and understands that you died for us and paid our sin debt that she will come to believe in you and on you. I know it has to start with salvation first. To be born again in Christ Jesus is first, then all other things will be cleaned up by the Holy Spirit through sanctification and growing in Christ Jesus. Please Lord just reveal yourself to her. Amen


Please Lord open Lynne’s heart to hear Your Truth :pray:


Is sister a believer? Praying about these things sister is suffering from. What’s sister first name? Make sure she eats right. That can cause depression if she is not eating a good meal. Much prayers going up. Sandra.

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Happy Soup. How’s sister doing? Praying tonight for her again. By His stripes she is healed. In Jesus name. Much prayers. Sandra