Prayer for the Unborn

Before you read this, please know that I don’t expect to win any popularity contests with this post. I’m new to this forum and you don’t know me well. I pray that my words might be accepted in the spirit in which they are offered. I have no doubt that many of you have been praying and working against abortion for years. May God bless you for that.

I understand that what I say is harsh but I mean no offense by these words; I stand as guilty as anyone else. If I get thrown off this forum, so be it. Life is precious and are children are being sacrificed all day long. To be ripped apart and sold for profit from the safety of the womb … this abomination must stop. Please join me in praying that our Father in Heaven will make a way of Life for the unborn.

Our leaders seem hell bent on killing as many humans as they can and they’re aiming for our children, born and unborn. Again, I know many of you already pray for our children but we need more prayer warriors— more prayers, more fasting, and more repenting of this evil. I wish my words were more eloquent but my heart is too broken.

Texas finally passed a heartbeat bill and the White House fought/is fighting against it. Other states have passed similar legislation with the same response. I’ve even read about one city declaring itself a sanctuary for the unborn. … Now this America-wrecking $2T bill has passed in congress and tucked inside they want to give more tax money to kill and destroy life in the womb. (link attached)

At this point, it’s very clear (to me) that America is under judgement. And rightly so; we have enjoyed our comfortable lives and adopted a tolerance for evil. If it wasn’t affecting our little bubble, we looked the other way. We can’t continue; our enemy bombards us with lies and deception and distraction in a last ditch effort to keep us focused on our own troubles. This war has been brought to our door steps. Please, pray more if you’ve been praying and begin if you have not. Shalom.

May our God forgive us for our selfish complacency. And may He show mercy to our children and rescue them from evil. In the name of Jesus, amen.


GR, I find nothing harsh in your words. As a believer living in this once great nation I’m appalled with our consciousness leaders. It’s horrific to realize that abortion is being considered to be birth control rather than murder.
And I totally agree…as evil is now ruling hearts America has old it’s soul to the devil and will be judged accordingly.

Maranatha Lord…please come soon!


I will be bless to pray for you. Note there our many that our in this fight and have been for a long long time. And I thank God for ALL who have join in the fight. Like it or not we our taking a stand in a very dark world. And I understand you our upset , we our dealing with a Nation and a world that needs to find Jesus . So pray for the lost to find Christ and in kind they will join you in your call to fight for the unborn.We our living in the latter days and Jesus warn us it would be hard, God bless your heart. Amen.


Thank you HIS. BTW, my email is and the way I sign my ‘art’ is Hischild. Like minds…. I like that you use all capitals!


Thank you for your words of encouragement Amy. Praying for the lost to trust our Savior is my number one prayer. I ask for hearts to be turned many times each day and often when I wake at night. I have been asking everyone (strangers) I speak to on the phone or deal with out in public if they have been saved by the blood of Jesus. My heart breaks for the lost even more than the murder of the unborn. The unborn won’t spend eternity in hell….
The fact that the world has tumbled so far down the road to perdition in such a short time is frightening. I can’t imagine the evil that will reign once the Holy Spirit has stopped restraining it. May God have mercy!


Words well spoken, Have a wonderful Thanksgiving and keep that wonderful faith of yours in front of you.


you can tell things have been going exactly as you say, when you must spend so much time prefacing that you hope this won’t offend anyone. <3 </3

thank you for your fervent prayers and I stand right alongside you. my eyes were opened to the truth after many years of thinking I have to support abortion rights. if we keep silent, the young ones will end up like we did- brainwashed. some people may get angry with us but we can’t be silent. I appreciate your post wholeheartedly and I pray for your strength when facing opposition on this issue. <3 I’m with you every time it happens!!!


I agree…actually, silence is not golden…TRUTH IS!


I, for one, have never supported abortion and never will. It is one of the reasons I refuse the jab or any flu shot. You are right in saying that God is judging America and the world. We have an evil regime in D.C. and they are bankrupting our nation. We, here, on this forum, are taking a stand against the jab because of the aborted fetal cells and/or tissue. Even one abortion is one too many.

We do not need to be afraid to speak out against all the evil laws they are passing in DC. A satanic spirit has taken over our government and even the conservatives in Congress seem helpless against them.

Until/unless America repents and turns back to God, nothing will change. But the Rapture will come closer! I am so sick of this evil world where sin is embraced and righteousness is ridiculed and punished. I don’t feel like I have belonged in this world for a very long time now. Maranatha! Come, Lord Jesus! Your bride is longing for Your coming!


Thank you both @alllllz and @HIS. If Texas had had the heartbeat bill forty years ago, I would be someone’s mother. I believed the lie that my baby wasn’t yet a baby, “Just a blob of tissue.” No one— no doctor or nurse— gave any information about biology or the way the murder was to be performed. I was 17, on my own, and incredibly naive. They did however, let me know after the slaughter, that my baby had been seventeen weeks old. Not that the blob had been growing for that long; but that the fetus HAD been.

Not a day goes by that I don’t grieve for the horror and pain I caused that child. Not a day goes by that I don’t mourn my empty arms and family. And not a day goes by that I’m not repulsed by and don’t regret being the monster I chose to be. You see, I grew up in a very abusive home… but at least my parents didn’t kill me.

There are few days that I don’t recognize my cowardice and laziness shown by not telling others who are in the position I was, by not trying to save a life. I live hours away from a city and the abortion clinics therein—- yeah that’s my wretched excuse.

I raise my empty arms and thank God for His Son who has forgiven me through the sacrifice of His blood, thereby giving me Life.
And I often wonder if that child will also forgive me….

NOT looking for comforting words in this post; just being real.


You are right in all you say. Shalom.


My heart aches for you. Please know this, you have been forgiven by God and now you need to ‘receive’ His forgiveness and remember that you will see that baby in heaven where God has been caring for him/her until you come. Don’t let Satan keep beating you up over a decision you made before you knew Christ.

Let your voice be heard loud and clear on your stand against abortion. Go to area churches and give your testimony. Those testimonies are powerful and can change the minds of young ladies who find themselves in that situation. God bless you and please let go of the guilt. God has forgiven.


Dear Jesuslover,
Thank you for your kind words. I’m praying for boldness. The Texas Heartbeat Law is the catalyst that gave me the strength and will to speak to ‘strangers.’ I’m praying for boldness and open doors. Thank you for your encouragement. An in person confession is gonna be tough. I’m willing and I believe I’m being prepared.
BTW, I was already a child of God’s at 17– was just walking far from His love and influence. Some say they don’t believe it can happen, but Jesus saved me when I was five. When I became homeless three days after graduating HS at 16, I got kinda lost. Doubt I would’ve made it to 17 or 60 (now) if He hadn’t.


Bless your heart. Just remain open to any opportunity He gives you. He will let you know what He wants of you.


you say you’re not looking for comforting words, but I want to give them anyway lol.

I was discreet in my response so as to not bombard your post with my own story. I’ve posted a lot in this forum about my own abortion experience. but now you’ve told me about yourself. so I want to say, first of all, my story is SO much like yours. it was only about 14 years ago but still, I was 18 in high school, and had the same ideas as you- blob of tissue, etc. and yes those at the abortion “clinic” definitely weren’t interested in telling us the reality of the “procedure” , they’d tell us what they would do to us but not how the baby is treated, or how developed it really was. same as you I get sickening chills in my gut when I envision what actually happened to my baby. not a blob but a real baby. its horrifying. I know your pain. and I know that 40 years will not lessen how horrifying it is. you will always miss your child. I applaud you for gaining the boldness to speak out. my mom had one in the 70s and has a hard time admitting that it was even bad for her. I encourage you in your ventures. I’ve been working on it myself for a few years now. I could go on and on but my work break is ending now and I don’t want to bombard your post lol. but just saying I’m right there with you and I’m praying for you. I’m so glad you’ve been moved to help others. it’s one thing we can do when the baby is no longer an option. <3


Thank you Alllllz. I’m sorry for your pain, and for your child’s pain and death. You’re right when you say that time does not heal all wounds; I think time has increased this particular pain.

The bad news is that we are, in fact, guilty of murder. The good news is that our Lord paid the price, with His own blood, to redeem us from our sin. We have been forgiven. I believe that with all that I am, with every fiber of my being. And while I am grateful, that forgiveness does not negate the pain and suffering I caused. Perhaps this gnawing regret of such a great sin might be what Paul referred to as the thorn in his side that kept him humble.

In the seventh chapter of Luke, Jesus is at the house of a pharisee named Simon. He tells him a parable of two men who owed money to another. One owed much; one owed little. Neither were able to repay the man and the lender forgave both debts. Jesus asked Simon which man would have been more grateful. Simon answered, “The one who owed more.” He was correct.

You, me, and Paul are numbered among those who owe more. By the grace of God, we are aware of what has been forgiven. We are told of Paul’s response. Don’t see myself able to walk in his shoes! And I don’t know what happens next for you or me. Because of grace, nothing is needed. We are saved by Jesus’ sacrifice alone. But I don’t think that means that a response would not be appreciated. Seems to me that showing gratitude for such an act of mercy is in keeping with showing our Redeemer the love we have for Him.

I just don’t know yet what form that will take (for me). Although I’ve grieved and known forgiveness for many years, I’ve kept my sin— and my shame— secret. Facing your faults is not for the timid! I pray for wisdom in this matter. I pray for boldness and … I’m not quite sure, but I think that it has something to do with faithfulness, remaining steadfast.

Alllllz you seem to be further along in this process than me. I pray that your response be pleasing to our LORD, that it brings glory to His name and peace to your soul. I pray for your mother and her unborn child. Thank you for reaching out to me. May our Father bless you for your incredibly compassionate response. Shalom Sister.


Dear @GR, sometimes—most times—the most powerful messages come from harsh backstories. God makes beauty for your ashes. Remember that, Sister.