Prayer for upcoming Holy Land trip

I leave 2 weeks from today for my trip to Israel.

Been patiently waiting since August of last year.

There’s increased tensions over there so I’d appreciate prayer for the trip as a whole and also that if God gives opportunities to talk about the gospel with either others in the tour group or any of the people I come in contact with that He will guide and protect.

There’s a 9 hour time difference that’ll need adjusting to and I might need horse sized tranquilizers as I’m going to be like a kid on Christmas Eve who’s also on steroids and sugar overload the night before and during the trip :joy::joy:


Will definitely remember you in my prayers - His protection and His peace throughout the time you are there as you take in everything that the Lord will show you. Looking forward to your praise reports :pray:


Hey sis, I will be praying for traveling mercies for you during that time to safely travel and return from your destination.


I will definitely be praying for you sis. Can’t wait to hear about your fun adventures and see some photos. You will be fine. :grin:


i love Israel :israel: even tho i have never been there but i hope to visit if Abba will make a way, i have a appreciation of the beautiful photos Amir Tsarfati has shared on his Instagram. I have prayed so many time for Israel, Amir and his family with streaming down tears, i love the sound of Shalom and i love my ABBA daddy!


I will be praying that you will have a safe trip.
Also I’m praying that Jesus will direct you steps to brings others to Jesus❤️ Amen


Thank you everyone :heart:
Lord willing, I’ll be posting many photos on here upon my return to share with everyone!


I can hang for a postcard lol.


Well BIG CONGRATS Stephanie :tada::grin::tada:

I am so, so happy for you…I know we’ve talked about the Israel Holy Land Trip before and now you get to go…WooHoo :partying_face:

Yes, tensions are escalating, however, the Pastors I listen to have been over there in times of tensions and they all say it was one of the safest places on the planet, even with the tensions.

From what I understand, after a Holy Land Israel experience, the Bible will come to life in ways never imagined.

Congratulations Again Stephanie : )


Thank you David!

I’m getting so excited and if you recall my husband was not on board initially but he came around soon after I registered last year and he’s helped me get many things in order for me to hopefully have smooth sailings.

My prayer aside from safety and meeting wonderful people is to internalize the Bible because I’m where it’ll definitely come alive!!


So happy your dream is coming true. Praying Gods protective hand on you and all your tour group plus many opportunities to share the true Messiah with those you meet. Do you have a good Hebrew translator? It will help you read signs even though they have it in english. How exciting. I will be thinking of you. We all are anxious to hear about your trip.


I believe we have a tour guide that will do this.

Thank you for the prayers :heart:


Actually I meant something like Babble that can help you converse or read signs, newspapers, etc.


I didn’t even think of that :woman_facepalming:
I’m probably just going to take my chances and struggle pretending I know more than I do :smirk:


Received my name tag, luggage tags, hotel information, fellow travelers and Living Passages Columbia travel shirt.
We stay in 5 different hotels… one is on the Mediterranean, one near the Dead Sea, one near the Sea of Galilee, one in Jerusalem

I’m going to need the Holy Spirit to keep me calm. I do not want to be “that crazy American lady tourist “ in the minds of the people I meet in Israel mistaking my utter excitement for mental health problems :grin:


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Greetings Stephanie,

As I watch the Middle East news, I find myself thinking of your Holy Land Trip.

What I think, if the current status continues, YES, you will be very safe…I also think that in addition to seeing the Scriptures come alive, I think you might get an in-person atmospheric understanding of the ancient issues between Isaac (then Jacob), versus Ishmael.

Genesis 16:12
And he will be a wild man; his hand will be against every man, and every man’s hand against him; and he shall dwell in the presence of all his brethren.


Didn’t think of that but that is so interesting as we know the conflict has always been related to the Isaac/ Ishmael and the Jacob and Esau assumed “disparity “ of them and their descendants.

I have been worried about the increase in tensions over there but so far I haven’t gotten any warning emails from the tour group or churches hosting the trip.

Your insight makes me also think of how it will probably be very humbling to see a little of some of what is part of their daily life routine simply trying to survive daily life which I know will grow my compassion for everyone over there regardless if their Jew or Arab.
So different than America. Yes, there crime but we aren’t getting tickets fired at us and such as we get the mail, mow the lawn, etc.

Hopefully, aside from the Bible coming to life , my heart is also changed too.

I also was wondering about hearing their alarm system go off and also the Islamic calls to prayer.

I know God will keep me safe and although I’m not really nervous now, I’m not sure when I’m walking the land if I will be. But for me, it’s worth going because it’s a once in a lifetime opportunity.

I am so humbled that God has worked this trip out for me. Lord willing next Wednesday, I’ll be in the sky headed toward Tel Aviv. :flushed::grin:


Have a wonderful time, Stephanie.


Hey Steph @Stephmerm,
I’m so excited for you! And a bit concerned, but I know you’re safe in God’s hands regardless of where you you are on the globe. I pray your trip is everything you’ve been dreaming of and that you get home safe and sound.

I won’t get there until we come back with Jesus, lol. But that’s okay. Maybe you can lead a group of JDF family around and show us the sites… you know, since you’ll be the resident expert! Anyways, I hope you have fun, learn a lot— and I know your heart will be changed.