Prayer for Wisdom in Decision


I’d like to ask for prayers that I might have the wisdom to discern the Lord’s will.

I’ve been considering selling my house and moving out of CA since before the pandemic. Been praying about it a lot and over the weekend I saw a few properties online and shot some emails to agents. Have done this before and gotten no answers. Last night I prayed that if He wanted me to move He’d open something up for me but that if it was His will that I should stay put, He’d give me peace about that.

This morning first thing I got a call from one of the agents. It is a sweet little house that would be prefect for me and the dogs and is well within my budget in TX. The agent is so nice, she went and took video. Also its twenty minutes away from a town where a real sweet family I am acquainted with lives.

To me it seems like an answer to prayer, BUT I am concerned that maybe I could be wrong in thinking that? So I need discernment. I don’t want to do anything outside His will, especially in these times.

Thoughts appreciated as well as prayers.
Thanks and God bless.


Violet, God will use you where ever you are. Be so very sure of that! I always call to mind I Thessalonians 5:16-18, regarding His will for my life. I think this sweet spot in Texas, near someone you know sounds lovely!:pray:


Praying for you! I don’t mean to discern God’s will in this matter, but having lived in California and Texas both, I will tell you there is more freedom in Texas!


Change is scary, do I stay where I am, with the troubles I know, or do I take a risk for something better?

I pray that you find peace with your decision.