Prayer help

Hi everyone I been in this group for a while but I don’t know how to navigate it… i am looking for prayer. For myself as well as my family as they are not saved.


Dear sister Sue,

Lifting you and your family up in prayer. My family aren’t saved either and I understand how you must be feeling. We can but plant the seeds and hand in to the Lord to nudge and nurture bringing them into the fold.

The prayer request thread has unfortunately not made the cut with the recent changes to the forum. Such a shame as I’ve been so comforted in the past. Remember a :heart: is a prayer.

God bless you and your family.




Adding you all to my prayers list


Hello Sue @Sue71,
Many of us pray for everyone who is lost and rebellious. I know it’s not the specific prayer you have asked for, but that’s how much God loves us— He has people all over the world already praying for our loved ones. (I’m sure you pray for those yet unsaved as well.) Even though the people praying might not know individuals’ names; our Father does.

Two suggestions, if I may…
Have you considered writing a letter/note to these loved ones? Many people are writing “Left Behind” letters for loved ones to find after the rapture. I’m suggesting you write I don’t want you to get left behind letters. You could tell them how much they mean to you, share a favorite memory of you together, tell them you believe the rapture is near and why it’s so important that they believe sooner rather than later, and share the gospel. You could add a few verses or share links or websites to a couple favorite videos and/or preachers/teachers to the end of your note so your loved one could do some searching on their own. There are tons of resources for sharing the gospel. Father’s Love Letter is one of my favorites. It’s online, if you’re interested.

Second idea is for you to go to the Watchman River channel on Youtube. It’s become a praying community. Ask for prayer there. You could even add the prayers of others on your loved ones’ behalf to your note. Something as simple as, “Emma, Warren, Jenn and GR, my family in Christ at JDF (or name those from WR) are/have been/will be praying for you.” You could even copy the actual prayers, if they are posted and you feel led to include them.

A favorite prayer of mine, made on your behalf, Sue.

Father in Heaven,
As the Day gets nearer, our concerns about the salvation of our loved ones grows. We know You are not willing that any should perish— and we praise You for it! We thank Your for the compassion and patience You have for those who are yet lost and rebellious. And Abba, we pray for every single person who is still dead in sin. But You know we hold special worry for those who are dear to our own hearts. And we are confident that You understand our feelings— and that You hear our prayers.

And so we ask that You put others in the lives of our loved ones— people they will listen to, people who will have the words that will resonate; that will awaken those we love to the fact that they need You in their lives, that they need to know Your Son Jesus— and accept the redemption He offers to all who will believe He is Your Son; He died on the cross and rose again—just as the Scriptures say. And we ask that You bless us with Your words and boldness, and that You give us the opportunity to be that person for someone else’s loved ones. Please help us to do Your will; to be who You created us to be; to share Your gospel so that no one would perish, so that Your will would be done here on earth (in our lives) as it is done in Heaven.

Abba, please pour out Your Spirit of grace upon those who are lost and rebellious that they can hear You calling to them, that they would have the faith to believe Jesus—that they would be born again. Please open eyes and ears, and soften hearts, LORD. Please break every bond and tear down every barrier that separates the unsaved from the Joy of Your Salvation.

We thank You for loving us. We give honor and praise to Your only begotten Son Jesus, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer. May His Name be lifted high on this earth and in the heavens— that all who live might bow to Him and give Him the love and adoration He deserves. We ask this in His Name. We thank You for all You are doing in this world in these last days before You call us home. We pray that we can help Your harvest be bountiful. Amen.




Thank you for your prayer and enjoy :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Please pray for me to better handle some hurtful things that happened recently at both my work and at church.

I’m having difficulty deciphering if I’m handling the situations as Christ would have me to.

Anyone ever have other’s hurt you ( even fellow church members) and struggle with how to deal with it wanting the Lord to just take your hand and not allow your flesh to do the battling???

Thanks for praying :pray: :heart:


You and your family are on my prayers list.


Thank you Warren :heart:

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I felt that prayer GR. Thank you for standing in the gap for those whose dont know how to pray or thay need that intercession from believers.
How glad we are to pray for your family Sue71. We want them to know Him and be joined with us as the Family of God.


Yes, I have felt the struggle as well. Our fleshy nature wants to respond in kind and it’s difficult to navigate through the hurt as Christ would have us to.
I will pray, Stephanie.


Thank you :heart:


Sending up prayers for this situation (s), Steph @Stephmerm. I think we will all begin to see more of this as we get closer to the end. I’ve had a couple things happen lately that were beyond bizarre and I clearly felt it was “training.”

You are probably already doing what I’ve begun to do…. now if I find myself entering a difficult or weird situation, I’m starting to pray first. I pray that I do God’s will, that my words/actions bring honor to my Father.

And of course we stopped attending church years ago because one family (who ‘own’ the church) were so hateful and there was nothing else to do. I’m sure it was a win for the enemy (as we were very active members) but God has used our lack of a brick and mortar church to grow our faith.

love, gr

Thank you Carole Ann @Flamingogirl49563,
Praying is one of our greatest privileges, and I’m most grateful God uses our shared prayers to help each other in so many ways. I’ve learned (and still learn) much from hearing and reading other people’s prayers. And I appreciate your encouragement! As the days get darker, prayer becomes more needed and valuable. But I know you know that!
love, gr

All praise and honor and glory to our Father in Heaven, to His Son Jesus, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer, and to the Holy Spirit!


Thank you for the prayers and encouragement GR.

I will not elaborate but will say that I am shocked at how disrespectful some church members can be. Unfortunately, it’s not just me noticing these believers’ actions and attitudes. My family , who I’m not sure are saved , but have come to church ( most recently Easter ) snd especially my daughter who has also came to ladies activity nights has noticed.
It’s one thing for me to be saved and know to use prayer and scripture to deal with them, but it’s definitely a poor testimony being shown to my family ( and church visitors ) about the Christian life who can be turned off to coming again or even church in general and God forbid, even to wanting to know Christ.

To be gracious, I get that we all can have a bad day , but repeated behaviors are different.

Thank you again for the prayers. I actually did get some guidance from the Holy Spirit via prayer, scripture and even a couple sermons dealing with the type of situation I’m having.
God is good and I’m thankful even for these type struggles because if we allow Him, there is a lesson he will teach us using these uncomfortable scenarios.


Sending encouragement to everyone here :

I put together a life lesson based on He is the Potter , we are the clay …. Good uses broken vessels.

I studied women in the Bible that had struggles or made poor choices yet God used them in a mighty way. Some were Rachel, Leah, Naomi, Rahab, and yes , Martha !

Then I found used wood bases, patterned small ceramic plates and bought themed stickers.

I painted the bases to match a color that was in the plate pattern, put the lesson sticker on , cracked the plate and reassembled it with glue onto the painted base.

The lesson is:
God made us, and in life because of sin ( whether our own choices or another’s), unforeseen circumstances, trials etc , we get dents and chips and cracks and scuffs and sometimes break…

He can and will still use us despite our imperfections

This is one I made ( it didn’t come out exactly as I planned and I’d like to rethink the next one I make but ironically, maybe it’s fine as is because…. I’m not perfect :joy::sweat_smile:) :

Thinking I’ll hang it somewhere so it reminds me of this important lesson :



I hope this encourages some of you as I know we all are trying to reach the finish race !