Prayer needed for Daughter and Family, and Myself

My daughter has an upcoming hearing for child abuse. The tribal court and police are very corrupt, and are attempting to remove her from her family and the reservation through these charges, even though county police found no evidence.
The whole family is shattered, and the younger children are in foster care for the last year. They are having emotional issues also because of the “woke” public school, after having been home schooled. I just found out that my daughter is pregnant again, and that child will be removed when it is born.

My oldest grandchild got pregnant at 16, now 22, has been living with her boyfriend, and 4 year old son. Her boyfriend is a very nice, responsible young man. She just abandoned both of them, when her boyfriend found out that she was involved with a lesbian sex cult. He then filed a restraining order. I’m not surprised by any of it because neither are Christian, and she got pregnant so young. I support her boyfriend, and want to send him a short letter telling him so. But my heart is broken. This world is so evil, and time is so short. This situation seems unimaginable and unbearable. I’m just trying hold on, and listening to JD’s sermons, and Bible Studies is a real lifeline for me. Come Quickly, Lord!


“This situation seems unimaginable and unbearable.”

Christy - when I have been here (I went through a situation with our daughter; if you think it could help you, I’m glad to share with you privately- just let me know) and it has always been when God shows up and works things out according to His will- which is always perfect- even when we don’t understand it or agree with it. This is how He tests our faith and trust in Him- He knows how we will do on the test, so it is a test for us- to reveal our hearts and minds and tell us where we are lacking.
So keep the faith…nothing is impossible with God
I will be praying for you and the situation.


Heavenly Father

Please place the hundred million angels singing praise to You on the edge of Heaven to bask in Your glory as they watch from on high Your work upon this family and all the situations placed in their paths. Please rally their guardian angels to protect from the roaring lion testing their weaknesses as we pray that You will transform their infirmities into strength, fear into courage, doubt into Godly confidence and anxiety into peace with worry into calm.

As the individuals of this family are thrust into their separate storms, each storm cell has gathered into a families torrent-like hurricane storm and we ask that You stand with them as we know You will and we pray they lean upon you when the winds blow too hard and dance and laugh with [You] in the rain when the trials commence their ending cycle and the hope these trials provide is shown in a glorious light as they praise You and learn to praise and follow You; they who have yet to follow You. May the outcome be the evidence they need to start their walk with You in ways never experienced before. Please inspire them to escape the prisons they’ve made for themselves, as You have delivered Your children out of our prisons we’ve made for ourselves and accept the salvation of Christ awaiting them.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thank you Bob. I appreciate talking with anyone who has treaded the waters before. I don’t know how to use PM on this forum.

Thank you so much for this prayer, we lean on each other to help hold each other up, and most of all on our Father.
I have been listening to JD for years, and it really is my lifeline. I’m so thankful for you all.


Hi Christy, If you click the circle avatar for Bob, you will see a yellow rectangle with the word message. Just click on that and you can start typing your private message to him.

So sorry for the immense grief you are experiencing as a caring Mom and grandmother. Praying in agreement with Bob and Jon.
Sending :hugs: