Prayer needed for my friend Rita who’s husband passed away last night

Please pray for my friend Miss Rita, she lost her husband of many years last night. He lost his battle with cancer. He belongs to Jesus but there is guilt and some division over the shot.

The kill shot gave him the cancer. I just want to scream!!! There is so much pain in this dying world. Is there anyone in this world that has not been touched by death from this.

I guess I need prayer to. :cry:

Much love, your sister in Christ,


I will pray for your friend Miss Rita and also for you Lauren. It is so sad to lose a husband or loved one, especially in these days.

The Lord promises to comfort those that mourn.

God had his day of death planned way before he was even born. No matter what the circumstances were, it was in God’s perfect timing.

Trust Him to know what he is doing. Soon we will all be home.
:pray: :pray: :pray:


For the grief that seems only heavier in these dark times, I have prayed to our Great Comforter for you both. May the Lord give you unlimited comfort and understanding, as He continues to do His perfect will through us all. :revolving_hearts:


Since 2020, I have changed my thought process on death in some situations like this. Pertaining to disease. While I understand this was due to the shot and there’s guilt and division over that (would pray for understanding on all in that boat)

I wouldn’t say he lost his battle, but rather he won it because cancer can no longer attack him. He was welcomed home by the Lord thankfully to boot. With all Rita is going through though, it’s going to be an extremely bumpy ride :butgod: will guide her and carry her through.

Loving Heavenly Father

We place Rita into our mix of prayers pleading for comfort and peace and calm in her heart and mind over the loss of her husband. Decisions were made, lies were given and those who are at fault will pay through judgement by You. We are thankful Rita’s husband is with You though and happy that this disease can no longer attack him and take him over so he would suffer even more.

We ask that You bless her along with family and friends with Spiritual wisdom and understanding. To transform anyone’s hate into love over this matter. We ask that you change sorrow into rejoicing for Rita and family. To celebrate where her husband is residing forever, instead of the alternative. We pray this moment will guide others to You that have yet to flee the prisons they’ve made for themselves.

Father-as humans we can’t help but declare that well, frankly, death is terrible. We grieve and understandably so. Soon however, we can face acceptance and rejoice not only in where our loved ones are whom have accepted Jesus as Lord, but be thankful for the memories that were made to remember our loved ones by. Please envelop this entire family circle with Your love and guidance to band together and not stray apart from each other.

Let the fact that a decision was made, guilt is laid, and the moment not available to turn back time as hindsight is perfect vision. Lesson learned and a lesson that should be shared with those who refuse to accept truth of the deception. That said, let all this wash away and placate lives no longer but as said, band together and be with one another and love one another as never before. Knowing you need to tell someone you love them while you still have that moment because we’re not promised a second more.

I pray this in Jesus’ name


I am so sorry to hear. Lord Jesus, bring comfort to Rita and those still here.

Lauren42, I have sometimes wondered whether there are people who know all about the “kill shot” and take it anyway, with the desire to just be done with this dark world. I can’t say I’d do that myself, at least not today, but I can’t say it wouldn’t be a temptation at some point, at least in dire circumstances. It’s never easy for those left here on earth. We miss those who have gone ahead. My dad passed about 2.5 years ago and there’s not a single day that goes by I don’t miss him. But I have reminders… in particular, a wristwatch that he wore that I now wear sometimes. Hope to see him, and many others, soon.


I pray for her peace and comfort. May she give it all over to the Lord. May she ultimately rejoice he is with his Savior and Lord


Praying for Rita. :pray:


You’re so right Dallas @DallasT,
Our breaths are known and numbered by our Creator. It’s sad that there is division over Rita’s husband taking the shot. Our enemy loves to compound our troubles. :butgod_dark: Our God wins!

Lauren @Lauren42,
Thank you for inviting us to join you in prayers for Miss Rita, all those mourning the loss of her husband, and yourself. Seems we are all aware of how much we need prayer, how much we need God in these times. Our awareness is a blessing as we walk through the valley of this shadow of death. Our world is dying from the evil and hate that are infecting every living thing. Miss Rita’s husband is one to envy, although I’m truly sorry for the pain his family is experiencing. I will join you in prayers to our Father.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that we can come together to pray to You, confident that You will hear us and that You are working all things together for the good of Your children. We praise You for it!

Thank you for Lauren— for her faith and for her caring about another’s burdens. Please bless her for the love and kindness she has given. You know Lauren’s needs and desires Lord; thank you for answering them in Your perfect will.

Thank you for the time Miss Rita and her family and friends had with her husband. Thank You that his suffering was short; please help all who loved him to see his death as a blessing. Please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon them so that their mourning can turn into joy.

Please pour out Your Holy Spirit in power and love, a spirit of revelation and repentance upon this lost and unbelieving world, Father. Awaken Believers who are asleep to how late the time is. We ask that You bring back those Believers that have strayed, and that those who are lost would place their faith in Jesus. We ask that You tear down every barrier they’ve erected that separates them from Your love. And we ask that You please motivate all who believe, to ask what they can do to further the mission of our Savior because the Day of the Lord is quickly approaching. Please help us to be about Your business until You call us home. Maranatha!

May the Name of Your only begotten Son Yeshua, our blessed Kinsman-Redeemer, be lifted high on the earth and in the heavens! In His Name we praise You and pray. Amen.



Everything in these times is heartbreaking…we’ve all be touched by evil one way or another.

I pray for Rita’s peace and yours as well. Now we wait for the return of our blessed Lord to rescue us.

Maranatha Jesus, PLEASE come quickly…



God had his day of death planned way before he was even born. No matter what the circumstances were, it was in God’s perfect timing.

That’s so profoundly true.


Dear Father, God of compassion, pkease comfort miss Rita . You love the fatherless andcwidow surround her withbyour love . Remind her that Jesus is yhe resurrection and life and they will be reunited so verynsoon…