Prayer Please for PSW

Please pray for me. My one PSW is making me so angry. The comments, attitudes and overall interjecting her own ideas and beliefs when I can’t physically change my situation. She’s doing the bare minimum. She says she feels sorry for my daughter but complains there’s dishes. She says what would you do if Casey wasn’t here? She deserves to have a life - not just caregiving. Here I am in a vulnerable state. I feel very victimized by her. I am not happy. I would almost rather my daughter do the care because she’s not stressful. I finding myself just baring with the care and painfully waiting until the hour is over.

PS. She brings her own drama and talks about her problems to me too. She also speaks badly about my other PSW. Itself I just am having a hard time coping. I just want her to come in, do my care and leave. I know this is not the best attitude.

Thank you ahead for the prayers.


Morning Kate,
You are NOT wrong to want your PSW to do her job which is to focus on YOU and your needs. She is a selfish woman and her meanness is understandably stressful. Is there a way to get a different caregiver?

If she cannot be replaced, might I suggest that you write her a letter? You’re very good with words and writing allows you time to edit your thoughts to a more palatable delivery of much needed criticism of how this woman is performing (or not performing, as it is) her job. She should not be allowed to disrupt your home or verbally abuse you (which is what her jabs are).

I lift you and yours up in prayer every day and will add this situation/person to my pleas on your behalf. What this woman is doing is the opposite of caregiving. Her malice will grow if it is allowed to. BUT GOD…. We will cover this woman in prayer; perhaps God will soften her heart and she will accept His salvation. If she remains rebellious, we will pray that He remove her from your life. May His will be done!

Father, You are so good to us. And Your Word tells us that You want what is good for us. Please help us to understand why You have placed this woman in Kate’s life. And give Kate the wisdom and strength to approach this situation in a way that will bring peace to her and glorify Your Name.

We lift this caregiver up to You Father. Please soften her heart and turn her towards You, that she may know the joy of Your salvation. Please rescue her from the situations and chains that cause her to hate. Bless this woman with a desire to know You, and to work as though she was working for You (and not just a paycheck). Surround her with people who will bear witness to Your goodness and love for us. Open her eyes Father, please, for the sake of Your beloved daughter Kate.

Only You know if this woman will come to accept salvation Lord. And if it be that she will never choose Your love, please remove her from Kate’s life. Bring in a new caregiver that will minister to Kate spiritually and physically. We thank You that even now You are working all things together for Kate’s good. Please give Kate peace and strength and wisdom as she waits, ever working to bring You glory.

Thank You Father for every good thing You provide. Thank You for our Savior, Your beloved Son. Thank You for Your Spirit who helps us in every way. Thank You for being You! We are so very grateful that You are good and righteous— and that You love us. In the Name above ALL names, Yeshua Hamashiach, we thank You, praise You and we pray. Amen.


Good help is so very hard to find, and you are on the receiving end of that with this caregiver. I am praying for your own extra strength and patience to manage through those hours and for this young lady to curb her tongue and her attitude around you. It isn’t fun to have to dread those visit, I am sure. Father, see Kate through these challenging situations in which she is seeking to do right by You. Guide her continually.:hibiscus:


God took care of it. I told her it wasn’t okay. She was very quick to apologize today. It’s been put to rest. Praise HIM that turns everything around for HIS glory.

In 4 hours hours God has…

Put 4 situations to rest (4 different individuals - C, J, H and S intials of names). All in a short amount of time ending in beautiful results.

Everything was recieved and touched based with as far as appointments and extras.

My ROHO cushion will get serviced and hopefully repaired or replaced - I can start to combat the beginning stages of bed sores.

God is so good. Yesterday He very clearly told me take heart, I have overcome the world. No need to be angry just fall on my face to my loving God. He will make a way. He did.


Thank You Lord for taking care of this problem!
Thank you Lya for putting your trust in Him


Is there a way you can ask for a different one?
This is abuse, Sister. I am an RN and I review this topic every couple of years for recertification.
We have reported this type of thing to adult protective services.


Oh that’s awesome Lya! I had commented before I saw this down the thread. Glad it worked out and you were not harmed further.


So THRILLED how God pulled this one off for you!