Prayer Request for a Job

Hi, I have been on this site for a little while. I enjoy replying to comments and sharing medical information with this forum.

I am a licensed professional and have an opportunity coming to me to work in psych/mental health. I will not ever put my health at risk of the “jabs”. My concern is the N95 or KN95 masks. I cannot wear them. I have lung issues and cannot breathe right. I took a pulmonary function test and royally flunked it. I am requesting a mask exemption by my lung doctor. This would be a blessing only obtained by prayer.

I want to work because I want to give to a community that has so many needs. I am a cancer survivor and have many tricks up my sleeve on handling stress and chronic illness.

I don’t know if God will allow this job in my life. There is always the possibility that I could crash my immune system with stress or exposure to something else.

I know Jesus Christ is my Savior, this body is just a shell to me and I share the Love of the Truth with everyone.

This may be an excellent way to share God with a population that doesn’t rely on Him or cannot understand His word. My reference to that statement is Psalms 1.

Pray for me to make the correct decision and to get a mask exemption. Thank you.


Dear Lord ,
we ask that if it is your will for clc to
work that you make this happen . We pray
for a hedge of protection to keep clc safe and
protect her lungs from sickness . We pray
that you give her comfort and bless her as she
navigates through this process . We thank you
for giving us salvation through Jesus Christ .
we ask this in Jesus Christ name amen


All Knowing All Loving Heavenly Father

@clc363 is faced with a slight problem which is begging and pleading for an answer from On High. We beg You O Lord, to place @clc363 in a position to best serve You O Lord as You see fit. Please guide them to the answers and solutions they need in order to deliver Your message to those in need through whatever job opportunity You allow.

We pray that you bless their pulmonologist with a heavenly understanding of for their health and grants them through the power of Your direction, the exemption needed for wearing a mask, IF this is the job You want them to have. Please guide @clc363 on their path and to make it straight as an arrow and place their feet on gentle ground along their journey as we hope and pray this is the calling placed before them by You to do exactly what they can do. Share tips and life hacks to those dealing with stress and chronic illness and share the message of Christ to a community whom may be in need of a fresh start with You or a reminder from You.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


I had my job interview and they want to hire me. I cannot get a mask exemption. My lung doctor cannot write for it because the US Government has control over the medical doctors.

I do not have to take the China virus shots, they are not mandated. However, the Flu vaccine is mandated. I am planning to go to the department of health to file a religious exemption.

I still need discernment for the mask issue. Everyone must wear a surgical mask. I plan to ask the company’s occupational health for options for me.

We will see what happens. Thanks for your support & prayers.