Prayer request for job situation

I’m in a weird situation at work, and I knew it was coming and should have done something about it while I was working from home over the last 2 years, but I didn’t.

Our office is closing in a couple of months, and we’re merging with another local office. One of my Sr managers has already quit, and the other is relocating to yet another location. Because the building is closing, this means my own job is going away. I’m told I should look for another job in my company, but I really don’t want to work there any more. On top of this, my immediate manager seems to have it out for me, she’s either trying to get me to quit or…perhaps I should just let her fire me? Seems I can do nothing right, and am constantly being called on the carpet for things I didn’t even know about, or thrown under the bus publicly (which she did in a response email to myself and several others just last week). It’s gotten quite ugly.

I am BEYOND stressed. It’s now making me physically ill, I’m unable to sleep, I cry a lot, and have to really ‘buck up’ before entering the building each morning. I really do want to quit just for my own peace of mind, but God “gave” me this job years ago after I was out of work for almost a year, and I begged Him for a job. So then I feel guilty about that as well, that I’m squandering His blessing.

I would love to retire–but I am in a weird gray area where I’m just too young for retirement, yet still need to bring in steady income. I’m thinking of a career change, but have no idea what that would be (I’m an EA/Admin). I’m just…stuck. :face_with_diagonal_mouth:

I would appreciate prayer for the following:

  • 1st: for restful sleep, peace of mind & a cheerful disposition (I’ve been a very ‘sour girl’ lately).
  • 2nd: that another route/path will make itself VERY clear.
  • 3rd: that I not become angry, bitter, and guilt-racked over my current situation, or against my supervisor (we’re just very different from one another).

Thank you all and many blessings to you.



Kelli, I think your biscuits are burning in that fire. Remember, just because he opened the door for you, doesn’t mean it’s meant to stay that way. We learn what we need and sometimes we move on. Just like with teaching lessons to people. Sometimes we are meant to stay somewhere, other times we are meant for a short time and like all things, move on.

Loving Heavenly Father

Father, I pray this prayer coincides with Your plan. Please provide @Kelliblue the prowess in Spiritual wisdom and understanding she needs right now with a heaping of discernment and a blessing of peace and calm in her heart and mind.

Please galvanize her with protection from evil and those not of You. Please provide a moment of truth to be experienced between Kelli and her immediate manager. Her IM isn’t the Great I Am after all so we ask that some sort of peace in that trial prevails under Your will being done.

Please transform her problems into solutions, questions into answers, anger into laughter, anxiety into peace, confusion into clarity, depression into happiness, despair into hope, doubt into Godly confidence, sorrow into rejoicing, hate into love (if any), irritations into soothing, stress into rest, trials into victories, loss into gain, and worry into calm. Think that about covers it.

Bless her with a presence of not seeing personal attacks but as spiritual attacks which You have already won for us. No carnal weapon will help, even though sometimes we do wanna take a nerf gun and pop someone in the face with a nerf dart, it won’t help matters.

PSA: God does not endorse the use of Nerf guns to solve problems

Help her to look at each day at work as the last moment to be a walking-talking depiction of why it’s essential to have Jesus in our lives to come out for everyone to see.

Lastly, Father, we beg you to deliver Kelli to a kiosk to k ow what to do next, and to be patient and see and hear the signs You provide to that next open door in her future. Without any confusion, hesitation, or question. Let it be clear as crystal for her and her alone.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Hey there Kelli @Kelliblue,
I’m gonna join Jon in his prayer. He gave you some very wise advice tucked into his one-of-a-kind praying style. I have no doubt our dear brother has given our Father many smiles and a few chuckles. And though it is a prayer to God, it’s also a message to you.

The fact that you’re under fire, not resting well, and anxious becomes a wheel of depression; it’s no wonder you feel the need to buck up before pulling that door to work open. I am praying for God’s will to be done and your prayers to be answered.

Father in Heaven,
Thank You that we can come boldly to Your throne, confident in Your love for us and sure that You are working all things together for our good. You know what Kelli wants and what she needs; please pour out Your Holy Spirit upon her. Comfort her and give her those good things that You know will benefit her walk with You.
Please open doors and hearts that Kelli’s path may be clear and sure. Cause those she encounters to show Kelli favor and create situations that allow Kelli to be a beacon of Your love. In Jesus’ Name, amen.


Praying for you.1. for the Lord’s peace 2.for Him to open a job for you 3.Always remember……He’s in control and will take care of you.


Just seeing your prayer request today, @Kelliblue , Kelli, and joining with those above to seek the Lord’s intervention to transform your situation. Hoping you might let us know if your sleep has improved. I know from experience how sleep deprivation can affect one’s functioning.


Any updates? Did you find job? Praying for you. Blessings.

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