Prayer request for my friend

I have a friend who claims she is saved yet whenever I try to talk to her about the end times or the rapture (as well as any Bible related topic) she ignores me or yells at me to stop. It was always like this but recently she went as far as to block me, leave all the group chats I was in and stop coming to my church (which my dad pastors so I can’t go to any other church). I have another friend who like me, loves prophecy and she ( I’ll call her friend 1) also was talking to my other friend who doesn’t like prophecy (friend 2) as I was. She stopped talking to us both. I talked to my parents about it and I talked to friend 1 about it too and what to do since she blocked me. I was given the advice to apologize for coming off as pushy and persistent as well as friend 1. But we continued to tell friend 2 that we wouldn’t stop talking about prophecy and that it was important. She read both our apologies, forgave friend 1 and didn’t forgive me… I am known among my friends and online classmates as a “end times fanatic” or “doom and gloom preacher” (which I take as compliments) friend 1 likes prophecy but she is also a people pleaser, while I can be pretty blunt/ honest. I recently threw out all worldly things that was distracting me from my relationship with Jesus. And some of those things were things that friend 1 and friend 2 loved. Friend 2 took it badly (but not that bad) and friend 1 understood completely. And without a worldly tie that friend 2 can associate me with now, she resents me. Friend 2 is the kind of laodecian church member mentioned in revelation. She claims she is saved yet she doesn’t live like she is. She goes on woke tiktok all day and is constantly sending climate change memes and tiktoks that I feel uncomfortable with. She is blinded by the charm of the world and wants to live out her life instead of looking to Jesus. I need prayers that she would forgive me and continue to fellowship with me and that she would realize that Jesus is coming soon and that it’s very important to our lives. Thanks you all. Maranatha.


Dear Kayla, bless you sister!!!
My heart is right with you. I am overwhelmed by your love for our Savior and your preparing heart.
Father God, please do a work in Kaylas friend . Please give her a new heart, a new spirit and a new life in You. Please grant her repentance and a living relationship with you. We pray that she sees the peace and joy in Kayla at the soon return of Jesus and that she wants that too. Please draw this friend to you. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, Amen


I know that it is tough, but at the end of the day all we can do is plant and water if called and God He gives the increase. My own wife and child at this point in time hate the Truth of God’s Word and that’s just the way it is. It has taken me 5 years to just simply let go and take everything to the Lord. And Yes it does hurt, but this is just sadly the way that this world is and always has been. However there is always Hope so just keep calling upon the Lord in prayer that all of the lost may be found.

God bless.


Thank you so much for prayer! This forum is such blessing!


My adult children and grandchildren don’t want to hear it either, and don’t talk to me anymore because I refuse to turn from Jesus. Granddaughter only calls when she needs something. I tell her how badly she needs to get right with Jesus and she says she has to get off the phone. Mind you, I don’t hear from her for months at a time until she needs financial help. I never get a thank you.

The devil has a strong grip on our family members who are not under the Blood. Prayers lifted for them and I stand on His promises.


That evil one definitely has a strong grip on certain family members!
He knows his time is short and it is. So we must continue to pray and plant seeds with every opportunity.

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