Prayer request for ocd (new)

I struggle with OCD which is based on fears. Fear of germs, fear of intrusive thoughts, fear of leaving the stove on etc… asking for prayer


I will say a prayer for you right now. :heart::pray:


Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father

Please lead Tricia to the tranquil waters of Your ways, Father. Inspire her to lean upon you with great weight of her cares and worries as we beg of You to transform her anxieties into peace and worries into calm. Change her infirmities into strength and any fear into courage. As she sleeps tonight, we ask of You to touch her mind and heart and dissipate her woes to wake anew, refreshed and without struggle. Please break her bonds of a beleaguered life as she rests her head in Your hands like the lamb in the Shepherd’s flock.

Reinforce those You have assigned to her to battle the demons attacks upon her life as the fiery darts bounce off their defense and never make their mark upon Tricia again. Change her thoughts of worry into thoughts of comedy, peace, and solace in Your presence. Generate in her a transformation of devastation into restoration and despair into hope with doubt into Godly confidence.

We pray this in Jesus’ name