Prayer request for son on vaccine mandate

I would like to ask for prayers for my son who lives in Georgia and works from his home. His job has issued a mandate for all employees to be vaccinated by Jan 4. He does not want to be vaccinated, he knows a friend of his who died after receiving the vaccine, leaving behind a wife and new baby. He has the exemption letter, but was told they will not even be considered yet. I’m sure most of us here feel the same way, and its hard to put those feelings down, but you all know the feelings. Thank you.


Tell him to submit the accommodations request anyway—He has a right to request accommodations under the constitution. Now whether they approve it that’s a different story. Frankly I don’t know how these mandates are a thing anyway since the courts are pushing back that OSHA can’t enforce this stuff. Yet.

I feel for him; for us all.


Absolutely will pray, Sherri.
I’m with @December_Mist : submit anyway and email and cc everybody. Keep a copy, screenshot the email in the sent files.


Good morning Sparkler,
Agree that your son should submit exemption request. I’m sorry that his friend passed and am praying for that man’s family along with yours.
I’m adding a link to a recent (and eye opening) video by a well known Nevada preacher, Billy Crone. While I don’t like his seeming fixation with the dark side, he came from that world and now serves our Lord, so I just ignore that part of his research. He preaches the true Word of God.
Regardless of some of his video content, he is respected for his detailed source citations. This is a covid update he recently gave to his church. What struck me hard was the coverup of all the injuries and deaths associated with the jab. Terrifying and heartbreaking to see so much absolute evil on display.
The video includes a message from the doctor who treated Trump at beginning of all this mess. There’s also a clip explaining ingredients and planned destruction but some of the speaker’s claims made me wonder. Anyways, even though my husband and I have decided not to take the jab, this video strengthened my resolve. I’ve even declined needed heart surgery because we are refusing the tests too. I’m trusting only our God, and praying for whatever we need in the future. He alone is our provider.
I thought that the video might provide your son with the same clarity. There are two other videos in this series: first is about ingredients, second about motive. The ingredients have been coming to light and of course we all know the motive! Shalom.

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Yes, have your son submit the request. Will be praying!

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Thank you GR, I have forwarded this video to my son, and I have let him know I am asking for prayers for him. He has decided not to submit the request right now because if he does they will interview him and question him and he doesnt know if he could answer, so he is considering selling his house and seeking a job in Florida. So I think I could ask for prayers that he would be able to find an acceptable job in Florida!


Thank you, Michelle84!

Good evening Sparkler,
We will pray for your son to have success in finding a better job in Florida and finding a new home for his family.
Father, we thank You for the ability to choose and ask that You bless this man’s choices. Give him and his wife the gift of discernment to know Your Will and to make the best choices as they seek to remove their family from a place of tyranny and make a new life for themselves. Thank You for watching over them. Please bless them spiritually, mentally, physically and financially. Wrap your arms around them in this season of change, direct their steps; please comfort them, and the friends and family they will surely miss. Thank You for loving and guiding them as they seek to walk with You, bringing glory to Your holy name. In the name of Jesus, amen.


Thank you ,GR! My son does not have a wife as far as I know, and at the moment I certainly hope not! But I also pray that God would send him a wife that he can grow in the Lord with!

Good evening Sparkler,
Oh my goodness, I’m embarrassed. I even reread original posts before I answer, lol. Don’t know where my head was!
At any rate, I do pray for your son AND his wife in the future (wink wink). Thanks for being so kind about my mistake. Shalom.


No worries GR! I appreciate you thinking of me!! Happy Thanksgiving!!

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