Prayer request,

I really could use some prayer. I ended up taking the vaccine, just from being pressured and verbally bullied by a drunken spouse. . I got the exemption letter but didn’t know how to back up the proof of ingrediants of the vaccine which I had asked for ,for the print out.
No side effects so far, I too work in medical in a small town and have no other employment options. No I don’t believe this will push me into taking the mark of the beast because I was so easily swayed. I am frustrated beyond belief at myself. But one thing I do know is that the Lord will protect me. The prayer is that now it’s very hard to listen to solid preaching against this vaccine, knowing it took it. I feel like a failure at best. Anyhow, thank you for reading. I am taking supplements and drinking a lot of water hoping that helps somewhat.


:pray:. God knows, @GrafedIn. Praying for His protection and ministering over you. :cherry_blossom:


Praying with you @GrafedIn.

The situation you describe is grievous yet seemingly typical and represents a microcosm (miniature version) of the world at large.

You are not alone in your predicament, nor a failure; you are here in fellowship where Christ is pre-eminent and…

22 …has reconciled you by Christ’s physical body through death to present you holy in his sight, without blemish and free from accusation— 23 if you continue in your faith, established and firm, and do not move from the hope held out in the gospel.

In Christ


Welcome to the fellowship, @GrafedIn.
Praying for your protection from any side effects, and also for your home situation. I’m sorry you had to go through that stress and know that God has his hand on you. You are covered and protected, friend.


Don’t worry sister. I truly believe the Lord will be calling us home soon and I do not believe that jab will be much of a restraint.
Like Pastor Farag just talked about on Sunday about
being strong in your faith.
Pray though this and stay strong.


Will be praying for you, you are not a failure many are in the same predicament as you. May the Lord give you the Peace that you need over this issue. God bless


I also took the vaccine or I could not see my daughter, grandkids or my sister. I could not see nobody. I felt pressured, no more like cohorts into it. I feel so so guilty…I let God down , maybe forever. :pleading_face:


I don’t have the words to comfort you, but I pray God will bless and comfort you. Remember, He loves us all and none of us are worthy of His love.


No, no, @JanetW, you did not let God down. He loves you more than you will ever be able to fathom. Just like you love your family, just bigger…waaaay bigger.

Don’t beat yourself up about it; we all do what we think we must at the time, and none of us are perfect. That’s why we have a Savior in Jesus Christ…thanks be to God for sending His only Son to make a way for us or we’d all be doomed. Praise Him!

Enjoy your family time and thank God for your blessings. He’s not mad at you…not in the least.

Love you, sister in Christ! Be happy.



God loves you so much :heart:
You are Loved!