Prayer Request ❤️

Hello everyone!

My name is Alissa. I don’t know how to begin this… But I could really use some prayer right now.

I know that there are so many of us that are currently going through a season of struggle. So my story is no different. However, I do firmly believe that prayer changes things. Matthew 18:20 promises that “For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” :sparkling_heart:.

Last year I was diagnosed with covid. And unfortunately my symptoms became chronic. The doctors labeled me as “long hauler”. I tried to hold on to my job for as long as I could. But due to being so sick, my employer eventually had to let me go. I had to give up my apartment, and move in with family. I was denied disability, but blessed to be receiving unemployment.

It’s been a long year, but God has been so sweet and gracious to me. I’m still struggling in this body of mine. Mostly inflammation, pain, lung and bp issues etc. The flare ups switch up from time to time. I’m currently using a cane, because I’ve been having difficulties walking, especially up stairs. But I truly believe it’s more than Covid. I’ve been under spiritual attacks as well. More about this later…

My unemployment ran out a few weeks back. While I was receiving unemployment, I paid off all of my debts and made sure everything was paid on time and did my best to keep afloat. God has definitely held my hand through all this. I even saw my credit and fico score soar for the first time in my life, which made me laugh considering my situation. But more importantly, I’ve made sure to put God first before anything else. All tithes, all offerings had to be put first. I told God that I wanted His hands involved in absolutely every single aspect of my life. Nothing at all was off limits. In my heart, I knew I needed to do this. God doesn’t “need” our money. But He wants our trust. So, I figured in the midst of this storm, while it feels like my hands are being tied, I will still do my best to put Him first and give Him my very first portion of everything I have.

A few weeks into first feeling ill, I heard God tell me , “Alissa get your house in order” with a strong sense of urgency.

Tbh, at the time I was so sick, I thought there was a possibility that God was going to take me home. And it was urgent that I get everything sorted out before so.

Looking back now, it was much deeper than that. Yes, God needed me to get my house in order - I was about to lose my job and apartment, I just didn’t know yet. And yes, God wanted me to get my debts sorted. I’ve always said, “when I leave this world, I don’t want to leave a mess behind”. I believe He heard me. And now, with His help, He was making me stand by those words.

But what God REALLY meant when He said “Alissa, get your house in order” was… “Alissa, get your “SPIRITUAL HOUSE” in order” Start taking your relationship with me more seriously. Make ME (God) your number one priority. You say you believe in Me. You say you trust Me. You say that I am your God - Start acting like it.

And so I have. I’m not perfect by any means. But I am trying. And guys, HE IS SO PATIENT AND FAITHFUL. He corrects, simply out of love. He corrects because He desires more of us. He wants us to desire Him more, so that He can reveal more of Him in us. :sparkling_heart: He loves us. More than we can could ever possibly try to comprehend.

So, to quickly wrap things up about me… In the next few days, I will officially be out of funds. I’ve got rent, and other financial obligations coming up. But I’m holding on and believing with all my heart that God is going to open a door. I don’t know how. I don’t when. But I’m believing for it.

So, brothers and sisters, please join me in prayer that God not only leads me, but that both my ears and eyes are sensitive to what He is trying to say and show. Please also pray for complete healing and restoration of my health. I have seen and felt many things released over these last few months despite the spiritual attacks - more about this soon.

I also wanted to point out that my previous employer recently started to let go of his staff, simply due to them refusing the vaccine. I myself am in the same boat, when it comes to finding work. I personally can’t tell ppl what to do. I can only go by what the Lord has put on my heart. And it was for me NOT to get it. So, please pray for me in this area as well.

Speaking of the V. I am now officially one of the only people to NOT receive it. 3 brothers, my sister, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins and now all of my nieces and nephews (under the age of 10) have already received theirs. I have cried more private tears than I care to share, but regardless of my stance, I praise God that so far no one has had any complications, other than a few days of illness. My one brother just received his booster and is feeling pretty awful. But believes in the science. All I can do now is pray for my family. But I can’t lie, my heart has been breaking bit by bit. Especially now that my nieces and nephews have started to be vaccinated.

From my family, there has been pressure put on me about getting vaccinated. Most disagree with my choices, as well as my walk with the Lord. They think that I take things too seriously or that I’m losing my mind. That I’m turning into a conspiracy theorist and that I’ve become a “prude”.

It’s okay though, I know the truth. And the only opinion that matters, is the one my Father has of me.

Also, we don’t battle with flesh and blood. The tension that keeps coming at me is simply because the Jesus in ME offends the demons around them.

Lastly, please pray for my family. So many of them are lost. I don’t want to display their personal business. But witchcraft, atheism, worldly walks and spiritual blindness is all involved. I have been in constant prayer for them - hence the spiritual attacks. Over the last few months, a family member who lives here has been actively involved with witchcraft. Along with inviting a “self-proclaimed” witch into this home. This isn’t my home. So I don’t make the rules. But I pray, and rebuke in prayer on the daily. I know God is moving, and there are Angels around me constantly. And the more I pray, the more activity stirs about. But God is Good and He is my protector. I’m believing with all my heart they all will be saved🙏

I know this was very long, (oops) :relaxed:.
But thank you all so much for your prayers in advance. I’m praying for you all as well. I know many of us have stories and struggles. And I’m believing God is going to sort every single one of them out - IN HIS TIMING :sparkling_heart: Keep praying, and believing! Much love - Alissa :two_hearts:

Numbers 6:24-26

‘May the Lord bless you and protect you. May the Lord smile on you and be gracious to you. May the Lord show you his favor
and give you his peace.’


I would be bless to pray for you , lots of details here. I am glad to see that you understand God, about getting your house in order, that great! I would just say to you trust Him, and avoid this witchcraft stuff as much as you can, flee the devil remember. Witchcraft comes with a price and should not be taken lightly. Prayer and fasting together may be needed here, as for your health I will clearly be requesting to our Father to step in here and help. The shadow of Jacob troubles our now showing up all over the world. Stay close to God, Good luck. Amen


Thank you so much, Amy. I definitely have been and will continue to do so.

I was saved in the early 2000s. But never felt like I was on the same page as everyone else. It was always considered that i take my “faith” too seriously. That I read into things too much. But God has been talking to me in volumes, even before I was saved.

I could go on forever about things the Holy Spirit has shared with me over the years… But the most important message I ever received was this: “Alissa, I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you. You are loved! Alissa, I am coming back SOON. Do not fear. I love you!” This wasn’t the first time I heard the Lord speak, but it was the first time where my eyes and my awareness of God finally opened wide.

I heard those words back in 2011. I just returned from a long stay in Costa Rica. At the time I felt broken. I just ended a relationship. I was disappointed in the church. I was disappointed in myself. And I was disappointed in God. I was heartbroken and I didn’t want to talk to God. I didn’t want to be angry with Him. But I was. I didn’t know where I belonged. I didn’t understand why I couldn’t relate. I didn’t understand why I felt so empty. That the messages I heard at church and on television felt so empty. But in that brokenness, God spoke. He didn’t scold me. He didn’t get annoyed that I refused to talk to him. He patiently, lovingly watched over me until it was time for him to speak. And in that moment… He simply said “He Loved Me” over and over again and that He was coming back SOON. Emphasis on SOON.

For many years, all the church messages I heard felt watered down. I never understood why they weren’t talking about the dangers of witchcraft, or touched on the topic of Hell. Why the God they spoke of in church, all though they admitted to be Mighty, felt so small, boxed in and distant.

That wasn’t the God I was experiencing. He was a great powerful God. Full of love and wonder. He wasn’t distant… He sat on a throne, but He also held my hand and walked beside me. He was a God who got down in the dirt with me and wiped away every tear. To this day, He still does the same.

But that’s not relatable to the people in my life. They thought I was nuts. They still do. And I’ll admit, I know people need milk, but I so dearly want to show them the buffet.

So little by little, I started to bottle up what God was revealing in me. I started to shut down because I was “too much” for people. Words were falling on deaf ears. No matter what I said, there was rebuttal and at the end of the day, I was told that I was crazy. So, I did the next best thing I could. I still loved them. I still was kind to them. I still stood my ground, and did my best not to act like a bull in a chinashop when I felt my God was being disrespected. I’ve been biting my tongue and excusing myself, all the while throwing myself at the mercy of our Lord. At times, the bathroom has been my war- room. My bedroom has been my place of refuge where I can be myself and let God minister to me without the noise and distraction of the world.

It wasn’t until 2019 when I discovered Pastor Farag. FINALLY everything started to click. His messages, were exactly how I’ve been feeling for years. I chuckle thinking about this… But inside I felt like… "YES, FINALLY! I FOUND MY PEOPLE! "… Except they live in Hawaii and I’m here in Pennsylvania lol. But nonetheless I finally found people who see things the way I see them. Praise God :raised_hands::pray:. My loved ones are very lost. I’m praying that God not only opens their eyes and ears, but that my family blood line is restored. That this home will become a home of prayer and worship. :sparkling_heart: Thank you again for your prayers for my family and I. May God bless you and yours :two_hearts:


Wow, the only other thing I could imagine hearing from God even better than that is…
Hopefully soon! :two_hearts:


Dear Alissa,
I’m so sorry that you are facing such trials. And I’m so proud of the way you are handling them! I don’t know if it’s possible, but IF YOU CAN, get some ivermectin. As I understand your post, you HAD the virus but have lingering symptoms. I’ve read about ivermectin helping others with lingering inflammation. And if you can, CoQ10 and Vitamin D are also supposed to be very helpful in recovery.
Since you’re surrounded by those who have taken the jab, you may be experiencing serum transmission. According to lots of articles, including one from Johns Hopkins, transmission is pretty much a sure thing. JH didn’t admit to it being here now— but in development. Makes me think it’s a thing now.
If you like Pastor JD and want to hear more solid teaching, look up two other Calvary preachers: Jack Hibbs and Gary Hamrick. I found all three separately and then discovered they are all part of the same theologic group. In fact I’ve seen a video of Hibbs at Farag’s church. I know I spend most of my free time feeding on the Word and one preacher isn’t enough. Alan Jackson of World Outreach Church is also a good teacher. Chuck Missler, RC Sproul, and J Vernon McGee (all these are now dead) are some other favorites of mine. For laughs I like many-not all, of JP Sears’ news cast parodies. I’ll forewarn you though— he sometimes shows too much of his body for my comfort and would probably be very insulting to anyone who isn’t conservative. He has tons of videos but I watch mostly just his news cast parodies.
You probably don’t think so, but your testimony is inspiring. Such faith! Hold on Sister. Help IS coming.
Father God, I thank You and praise You for Alissa’s faith. I pray that all those around her who are stumbling in blindness will come to see You by virtue of her witness. I ask that You wrap her in Your loving arms and heal her body. Please bless her faithfulness. Please make provision for her until we are called home. Bless Alissa in EVERY way— her health, her spirit, her finances and her living situation. Thank You for loving Alissa and covering her in Your Holy Spirit. In the name of our blessed Savior I ask these things and thank You for them. Amen.


Alissa, I am so sorry for what you have been going through but I praise God for what he has been doing in your life. I will also be praying for you dear sister. Many have said what I would say.
Here’s a scripture that came to my mind as I read your post.

2Co 12:9 And he said unto me, My grace is sufficient for thee: for my strength is made perfect in weakness. Most gladly therefore will I rather glory in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me.
2Co 12:10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in necessities, in persecutions, in distresses for Christ’s sake: for when I am weak, then am I strong.


Y’mean like those who believe in the science of a shot that’s actually making people sick but are told it’s good for them? Yeah we take things seriously as Christians because we are realists in the understanding of the connection between world events and God’s word foretelling and warning about those events over two thousand years ago. I’d say they (with all due respect) are losing their minds rather than us.

You have an amazing outlook upon this based on truth and I applaud you for your control.

We’re used to lengthy posts (I write a bunch of them).
Well, Alissa, first and foremost welcome to the forum! May you be found in favor of fresh punch bowls every Tuesday with Karaoke Wednesday that we never do but if you wanna sing, sing, and Color Friday which is my favorite.

Loving and Merciful Heavenly Father

With our request, we ask the light of Heaven vaporize the clouds and shine upon the house Alissa calls home. Cast forth a blessing to enter their hearts and minds as we beg You to direct them out of the prison’s they’ve made for themselves and into the arms of Christ before it’s too late. Please continue to bless Alissa with a galvanizing protection from those not of You, Lord and continually bless her with bold strength and courage to hold onto her faith, which by the sounds of it, is not a thing to worry about.

Please comfort her in these times as we ask that for her to be delivered to the answers and solutions she needs and that You’d mend her broken heart in terms of what she’s going through even as she praises You with such joy in her heart. For many of us, we should be praying to be more like Alissa, but for now we’ll focus on her. Please pluck from her body the ailments, afflictions, diseases, illnesses, infections and yes, even viruses that plague her life at this time and please revive her to robust health. Please continually reenergize the Holy Spirit within her and may the demons find no place to hide where Alissa resides from the blinding Heavenly light that shines upon her thanks to Your glory and grace and mercy.

Lord, we pray for the miracles needed within her life via financial and dwelling places but also career-oriented direction that only You can open and shut doors for her to find that which You can best utilize her in.

Please enlighten her family to the truth as we beg You to cascade upon them wave upon wave of truth and discernment through whatever means You so choose. We pray the scales fall from their blinded eyes and the plugs pulled from their enchanted ears. We pray the truth will enter them at a time unknown and before it’s too late.

We thank you for allowing Alissa to enter our journeys upon her path and we pray she feels continually welcome, at peace, and with family upon this forum as time permits.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Amen and amen!
Thank you Jon.
Stay strong Alissa! Your walk encourages us all. You are loved. You are a blessing.
I hope your holiday is filled with peace and great joy. Shalom.
If you like to read encouraging EOTW type books, another of your sisters has made her first book in a series free to read. I devoured it yesterday, lol.


@Alissa Welcome to the fellowship, Alissa.
You are strong, blessed, and highly favored by the Lord!
It sounds like your head and heart are in the right place. I pray that you can stand firm in your convictions, in Jesus name.

May you continue to be a light shining in the dark places, sister.



Love you so much and am praying for you.
We’re all here for you :heart:
Best of all our Dear Precious Lord Jesus is right there with you, sheltering you, keeping watch over you.


:heart_eyes:… You guys are the absolute best. I apologize for not replying sooner. The last few days have been abit busy here, so I haven’t been able to thoroughly read through everything yet, But I will soon. And just know, even though I haven’t had a chance to catch up, ALL of your prayers have been felt. :two_hearts:

Each one of you are incredibly special! And I thank God he led me here.

Thank you all for your prayers. Each of you are in mine as well. If I don’t have a chance to reply back sooner, have an amazing Thanksgiving.

May the Lord watch over and guide you. May He wrap his arms around you and lead you to the path He has planned for you. May He cover you with His wings and shelter you from the dangers of this world. May He bless you with wisdom, understanding and direction. May His favor forever shine upon you. In all this, I pray, in the wonderful name of Jesus. AMEN

Much love and many prayers - Alissa💕


I am praying and blessings on you, sister.


Alissa - praying much! Check your Armour daily as do physical fighting forces - how much more should we! Yes the enemy unseen armies are battling but when you know your ARMOUR and WEAPONRY are far more superior to theirs - none better - tested, tried, proven and forged by Almighty God bearing His Word of approval - therein is our confidence of assured victory! You are obviously experienced in spiritual warfare and alerted to some of the enemy tactics and with so much going on in your life it would be easy to drop your guard (I’ve been there!) feeling battle weary but isn’t it wonderful to know our brothers and sisters in this Forum read one another’s posts and PRAY….



Welcome!!! You are not alone.

I’m from the Philippines and our story is so similar.

Yes, I am praying…

God bless you sister in Christ.

9 For God hath not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ, 10 who died for us, that, whether we wake or sleep, we should live together with him. 11 Wherefore comfort yourselves together, and edify one another, even as also ye do. 1 Thes 5:9


Praying for you dear sister. God never fails and in the storms he will shelter you. GOD LOVES YOU.


Alissa, welcome, sister, welcome. Your story is our story. Most of us have the same struggle with non-believing family and friends. Most, if not all, of us have refused the vaccine.

Since you had covid recently, you will have the natural antibodies and if you were to take the shot, it would destroy your natural antibodies and do more harm to your body.

Bravo to you for standing firm in the face of so much adversity from family. I am the same way. I am so overwhelmed with the wonder and joy of my salvation in 1985, that I will never ever stop praising Him through all the trials, sufferings and joy. None of my children talk to me but it is okay. they are convicted and my faith makes them feel guilty. Good! I pray for them and plead with the Lord to save them and bring them into His Kingdom.

When no one else wants to hear you speak of the Lord and His goodness; HE DOES!! I believe He loves hearing the love and prayers and praise coming from His children. Think of how He bragged on Job to the devil. After Job went through all the trials and testing and stood firm in the Lord; God blessed him with more than he had lost. Hold fast. He is not going to forsake you.

Father God, I lift this precious sister, Alissa, to the Throne of Grace, pleading for her healing from the effects of covid. Heal her please, Father God, from the bottoms of her feet to the top of her head. Restore to her all she has lost because of this illness and more. Keep her strong while living in a home where there is witchcraft going on. Keep her safe and hedge her about. Let Your love shower her and let her know how special she is to You. If we lose all our worldly goods and all our family and friends, we are richer by far because we have You. You have written our names in the Lamb’s Book of Life. Our names are written on the palms of Your hands. We are Yours and You are ours and we are wealthier than the wealthiest billionaire, if we merely have two cents to rub together.
The Word says, I have never seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging for bread. You takes care of Your own.
Jon sent up a powerful prayer, Lord and I echo it. Help Alissa in all the ways she needs help. I ask in the powerful name of Jesus. amen.

Alissa, pray expectantly and with the belief He has heard your prayers and is preparing His blessing for you. Your faith is strong and beautiful to read about.