Prayer That Covid Goes Away

Hi guys…i posted this in a few places…but please consider this as a prayer request. Perhaps many are praying like this…but COVID seems so strategic we may not be as aware to pray like this…so just in case…there may be light at the end of the tunnel yet. Please pray that God might take COVID away. Thanks…Amen :slight_smile:


Would it be too nice to take away the reason for the shut down? I believe so.


We know the plans the globalists have with it. But for some unexplained reasons, God may step on their coattails for a moment. :slight_smile: Prayerfully.


Well, I pray that since a looong time already.
The diabolic globalists don’t want it to get away. If YHWH will not take them out, it will at latest go away when the heavens and earth will pass away.
Yet for the time being, I pray more that the Bride of Yeshua will go “away” from this mad world…

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it’s a good prayer indeed. but Johns Hopkins hospital, to my understanding, is corrupt and untrustworthy.


I’ll be the pessimist (at least until the last part of the post)… If covid does “go away”, it will be replaced. The powers of darkness will not relinquish control without a fight. They’ve had people wearing masks for nearly a year and Mr. F. says it’ll be another year. He’s already on record saying masks do very little to stop this kind of a virus. They’ll come up with new reasons as they have to.

As I consider the depravity of this nation, the thumbing of it’s collective nose at God Himself, I can’t help but wonder how much longer before God will say, “enough” and begin pouring out His wrath. We all know what comes right before that.


@alllllz Thanks for your reply. I only know marginal info regarding corruption. Like:

There history with treatment towards the black community.

Current corruption charges related to fraud

There maybe other reasons, but I came across this video detailing that Johns Hopkins retracted an article under pressure. The retraction in this case is the corruption though…not their “original” findings. They have been seen as providing data contrary to mainstream media in recent months. I would imagine that this current finding is coming out of their more honest historical renderings likely…

(loses sound in some places)

My position has always been that COVID would fade and MSM would lose the narrative. Hopeful :slight_smile: blessings.

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Thanks Brian for your reply. COVID is too powerful of a narrative for MSM and the UN to let go of. I totally agree. The COVID plans made seem to be enormous. It would seem EXTREMELY unlikely Big Gov would let that pet of theirs go. I am not posting this article in a vacuum though. There of course could be other things coming. But what I tend to weigh is how instrumental COVID is in the great reset. And political science algorithms do not reflect that COVID is a part of that plan. I know that sounds like nuts. But that is what the data I’ve tracked suggests.

Perhaps it is more important to the Biden Admin to sell legitimacy to the people. Curating a good economy would help cement trust with the public. If the economy tanks in the first quarter of Biden Admin they would blame on Trump…but they already have armed guards and fencing suggesting how paranoid they are to begin with. This would suggest they need legitimacy more than reset. I don’t think the reset is weeks away but months or years (short years). That is what I measure.

For a reset we likely need a war to justify. I think there is more of a potential for Ez 38 (especially with Biden Admin) war on the horizon than for COVID to remain a threat. COVID was to get rid of Trump. Not implement the reset. At least from what I can tell. Even if we get Ez 38 war, rapture may still be 3.5 years out (because Israel needs to burn weapons for 7 years…up to tribulation midpoint). There is not gaurantee the Ez 38 war occurs at the beginning of the tribulation. Although it might.

The common consensus is as you say Brian, “The powers of darkness will not relinquish control without a fight.” No doubt. I believe we are in a time of extreme evil. But also a time we might not be expecting. Even though we can read the writing on the wall regarding evil…it could be eisegetical to double down on how the evil trajectory moves. What i see more so likely is God stepping all over their coattails. But either way…nice to see some “odd” thing with reason poke its head out. :slight_smile: Just saying…prayers might actually work.

the interpretation of a text (as of the Bible) by reading into it one’s own ideas

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Just dont get one for your jogging outfit, I hope. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also, Laura, yes we do get pestilence. But that seems to go with the 4th horseman…no indication of it apocalyptically prior to that horse.

Rev 6:7-8

7 When the Lamb broke the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth living creature saying, “Come[h]!” 8 I looked, and behold, [i]an ashen horse; and the one who sat on it had the name Death, and Hades was following with him. Authority was given to them over a fourth of the earth, to kill with sword, and famine, and [j]plague, and by the wild animals of the earth.

The horses prior are: Conquer, war or extreme violence, and famine…not pestilence. We need to graduate first :slight_smile:


Stay strong sister. I want you to know I appreciate your posts. I rarely post anymore. But, want you to know many here, like myself, agree with most of your posts and point of view. God bless you. :heart::pray:

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Just chattin’ out loud, so to speak. I do that sometimes.

I get somewhat jumbled at times, wanting this world to wrap up so we can go Home and yet not being able to help wanting to see good triumph over evil right here, right now.

Every day, I have my heart turned towards Heavenly things. But most days, I’m also trying to be a good steward of the things He’s entrusted to me in this world. Even if I never get to eat a thing from this year’s garden, I still feel like I need to plant it. (Hope that made sense.)


Amen brother. I have a sense we will be here a while. But we just don’t know. Things could just erupt over night. And there is a very real possibility that the globalist regime takes over and we fall headlong into COVID vax hell. No one knows. Even though I have strong alternative convictions, they could be wrong. It does not keep me from having them or stating them. I see it as a stronger potential than the narrative currently provided. I encourage to think out loud. God favors whichever comports with what He is doing…and that to include any of us. Or parts of all of us. Blessings…and Amen :slight_smile:


thank you for the extensive info!! really unfortunate about the sound cutting out on the last one, it’s really good otherwise.

as for your position, that’s the first time I’ve seen the theory that msm will eventually lose the narrative. interesting to consider. I can hardly imagine what the results of that would be.

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As it related to Trumps China chokehold (no President but him ever stood up to China), it made sense COVID would only be around as long as Trump was President. Early reports of it coming out of a Wuhan Lab go as far back as Spring 2020. You may not have heard it directly…but you have heard it…

…He didn’t say which April. Glad it was helpful. Guess we shall see. Blessings.

Sorry to hear that you are a germaphobe. Get into the Word of God. Throughout the Bible we are told “fear not”. The masks are causing countless problems:

  1. It decreases the amount of Oxygen coming into your lungs. And you are re-breathing carbon dioxide.
  2. Constant masks wearing is causing severe acne on people’s faces.
  3. Another type of respiratory condition is emerging called “bacterial pneumonia” from the masks!

We are surrounded with viruses and bacteria. If it doesn’t exist, then we don’t exist. It is through these things that people have immune systems.

My best advice is to read the Word. Find Scripture on “Trust”, “Peace”, “Sound Mind” and your “Faith” in believing God’s promises.


How convenient. Globalist do not give up power so easily. We have had such a very small flu season. I don’t trust them.


Nothing like a good challenge to the immune system to keep us on our toes.

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I absolutely agree with you. Even if ‘COVID’ goes away, the next crisis will quickly replace it. JD has already warned about this at length! ITS ABOUT CONTROL! There’s no going back to pre Covid. I just pray people will WAKE up soon!!


In March-April 2020, the Flu virus was combined with COVID. The CDC ordered doctors to change the ICD-10 billing codes to include COVID as a possibility in every situation. Example: if you were cleaning your firearm and shot yourself and died, then you were listed as a probable COVID death. You ask why? Follow the money. Each time a doctor would diagnose someone with suspected COVID they were rewarded tax free money. Each time a hospital put someone on a ventilator they were rewarded with lots of money. There was a study done by an Economic Analyst out of Johns Hopkins School of Medicine which describes the joining of the Flu virus with COVID. It was published the day after Thanksgiving 2020. Money is always involved with power.


You ara spot on. I have seen several videos of nurses that gave their stories about working with other doctors and nurses that don’t care about their COVID patients. They let their patients go into acidosis and then they swell up and take on to much fluids, then it lead to inflation of heart and lungs, then the put them on the ventilator when it was already too late and then die. All when they could have given them preventative meds and a little more care to stop the dominion of events that lead to their death. I saw another video of a nurse who had also worked as a nurse in the Army and she said that her patients received better care down range in the battlefield than at the hospital she working at. Also, she though of her coworkers (nurses and doctors) as psychotic since they did not care about their patients needlessly deteriorate instead of using preventative measures that would save lives. In this environment she even questioned her sanity for the lack of their sanity meaning that their behavior at times messed with her mental.

So like you said, everytime the got a patient with COVID or could classify one with COVID($$ increased), or was able to put someone on a ventilator (even more $$$$ increase) and then die of COVID ($$$$)

They were reward for patients that spiraled out of control that lead to death. IMO, the hospitals should have been rewarded for those whom they saved from COVID and not the other way around.

What a cold and heartless time we live in.