Prayer Warriors Needed, Please, for Distressed Friend

This is an update to a previous request

My Christian friend is still suffering a lot of harassment in the form of being woken every night by loud banging on her ceiling by an old man upstairs. This has been going on for a long time. Years, not months, with only occasional respite.

At the beginning she told the landlord " about the knock sounds " but he told the governor of the building that she was mentally ill. So there is no help for her from any of these people.

She wrote to me yesterday,

“Please continue to pray for me about the knock sounds. I will find another place to live when the pandemic covid-19 no longer too serious in my country.”

I am appealing again for some prayer warriors to take up “Sally’s” case before the throne of grace , :pray:praying for either cessation of this problem or for her to swiftly find alternative rental accommodation.

Feeling powerless :worried: to help my friend, who lives overseas, and yet knowing that God can make a way out for her. :pray: Pray too, please, that He will reveal any barriers to this prayer request being granted.


Loving Heavenly Father

The turmoil we face in this life is sometimes instantly unbearable to us. Other times, it festers like a thorn or sliver in the flesh, unable to be plucked. We understand that no prayer to You goes unanswered, but sometimes the answer is also the trial we face. That being patience. With patience however, our resolve to endure, to persevere draws closer and closer to our end. We lean on You for understanding and we lean on You for help. O Lord, with what’s going on with this “Sally”, we ask that you place upon those who could do something to correct the matter, a sense of urgency to heed her warnings. We ask that somehow, in the divine wisdom You possess that only we can imagine and still not understand, place upon the man living above Sally an understanding of his actions and to “have a talkin’ to” with this man to cease his actions.

Please continue to bless “Sally” with bold strength and courage to endure till the end. Galvanize her with a protection from those who are not of You O Lord. Please provide an answer, a solution, to Sally’s plight that will help free her from this torment she faces.

Please shine forth a heavenly light upon Sally whereas peace and calm and patience will embolden her heart and mind during these times. Please talk with her and guide her on her journey right now to where she can rest her troubled head on your shoulders and your hand to protect and cover her from the insanity of this world.

We pray this in Jesus’ name



(Thanks so much for praying for my friend.)

“Sally” wrote today 17th June - Very touched by Jon’s prayer. That old man hasn’t knocked for a few days. I think he is binded by God. Thank you so much.


Added Sally to my prayers list.

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Thanks very much, Warren.

Thank you to everyone who read this topic and prayed for “Sally.”
A couple of days ago she reported that the old man had stopped banging on her ceiling for 3 days, for which we praise the Lord.
However, today she sent me this message : Again, please continue to pray to stop the harassment from the old man.
That is why I asked this time for prayer warriors, because it seems like it’s an ongoing battle against demonic forces.


This is why sit reps (situation reports) are so vital at times. This way we can “fine tune” our prayers. Kinda feels like a prayer mechanic lol. Praise the Lord that SOME comfort of peace did come to Sally and may she experience more of those moments till the Lord calls us home.

Dear Gracious and Most Merciful Heavenly Father

We praise You O Lord in thanks and wonderful song for the answering of prayer for Sally and that for a time peace and calm through also relaxation comforted her life regarding the man upstairs (but not THEE MAN upstairs…you uh…You get my point)

We come again to petition You O Lord to bless Sally yet again with more of the same. Woe to those who go against Your children, for may they receive a “talkin’ to” by You our Father in Heaven for their transgressions. Woe to those who do not listen to Your children O Lord for they will be struck deaf when the matters of Truth must be heard. May the wings of our Heavenly Father shadow the glee in man’s heart for the desire to cause torment towards another. May the man upstairs who does such turmoil to Sally see You O Lord and hear Your voice as a thunder across his day to poise him for the Truth to enter his life in ways never expected.

Bless this man who is of a reviling nature of woe to Sally that he may receive understanding of what he’s doing to her and may he cease this nonsense for good. We pray O Lord not for his destruction, but his education in the Way, the Truth, and the Life. You are the Way Maker, Promise Keeper, and Light in the Darkness O Lord, may Your presence shine a Heavenly light upon this man to cause a cease and desist upon Sally’s torment day and night. May he be blessed with exposure for what he’s doing to her by those who once refused to acknowledge Sally and make steps readily made to quench this fiery dart once and for all.

May Sally be blessed with an overabundance of joy in her heart to pray ceaselessly and talk to You O Lord as we know You are but always with us in good times and bad. May she be still in her worry and may the stormy waves of her life be instantly calmed by the voice of our Lord and Savior. We do not ask of You O Lord to do anything sadistic or evil as that is not Your nature, nor ours. We ask for that which is not of You be repelled by You so Sally may bask in You till the time You call us home. May she witness the trouble caused by Satan’s temptation above her no longer and may those who accept the Devil’s temptations be reviled in their decision to do so, so much so, that they beg You forgiveness O Lord and in so doing, ask Sally to forgive them for their misconduct.

Lastly O Lord, we ask that if it’s in Your will for her to move, that you have prepared a place fitly fixed for her and that the timing, as perfect as You make all things thus, be a time of now and for whatever reason, please talk to Sally in response to a question of why and a question of when.

  • Why is this happening to Sally
  • When will this occurrence cease
  • When will she find peace
  • When can she have peace

You have shown her a glimpse of that peace and relaxation a couple times now O Lord, please help and provide her that again.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


Thankful for prayer mechanics. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Update June 28th - Sally has written to me, thanking all for your prayers.

“That old man doesn’t knock so violently. It is really helpful to me because I cant go out too often. The government is a bit strict. Staying at home, I need a quiet place.”

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Your friend is being lifted up in prayer right now. In Jesus’ name Lord please stop this knocking and give Sally guidance and direction .

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Thanks, Kathryn, for your prayers.