PrayerI I need prayer

I need prayer. I have what the doctor thinks is gout. It is very painful even with medicine . Please pray that my pain, swelling and redness stops.
Thank you


Hello Nadia, @Angel6557

I am sorry you have received this diagnosis and for the suffering you have been enduring.

I will pray :pray: for a reduction in, or better still, a cessation of the pain and swelling.

Would you be interested in some information about natural treatments and dietary factors? I have a few friends who have suffered with gout so I have looked into this before. Of course, there will likely be others on the forum who can share first-hand what has helped them.


“Pax” :sunflower:


I will pray that your pain, swelling and redness stops and that God would completely heal you or help you find a solution to the problem. :pray: :pray: :pray:


I well know how painful conditions can impact every aspect of one’s life. I too struggle with endless…even excruciating pain from head to toe which in my case is endless.

If perhaps what you’re experiencing can’t eventually be relieved the only peace to be had will be by accepting that THAT is His will for your life. In your own suffering you can find a new and expanded empathy for others.

Loving Heavenly Father, I’m asking in Jesus’ precious name that you touch Nadia with Your might healing hand and remove her suffering. However, if it isn’t Your will to relieve her pain. I pray that her faith in You be strengthened in order to endure it as she continues running the race to the very end…for His glory. Amen

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Thank you and God bless you and heal your pain also. In Jesus name

Thank you and God bless you.

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Thank you and God bless you and if you can share here. It would be informative.
Thank you

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Hi @Angel6557 Nadia. Just saw your request and happy to pray for you. Also, here is an article with lots of helpful information and recommendations by Dr. Josh Axe. I’ve followed Dr Axe for a long time and have found his advice to be sound. Just make sure before you start any new supplements that you check for any interactions between the supplements and medications you’re taking. Also, please keep us posted on your progress.

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Thanks and God bless

Praying for healing Angel! :pray:

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Thank you and God bless you! :heart:

I am glad that @Janet has responded quickly as I was unable to spend much time on the forum (or internet ) yesterday.

The main article I was going to link to is no longer available. To my dismay, the entire website has been removed…

Two of the friends I mentioned have got some relief from taking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis. Another drinks lime juice and avoids certain foods, especially cooked tomatoes and very spicy foods.

Hopefully the Dr Axe article will go into more detail.

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Thanks and God bless

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Dear Nadia … I had my first gout attack some 15 years ago. It was SO painful that I couldn’t let even one sheet rest upon my toe! Went away after several days. But I’ve been liable to develop gout pain ever since.

The key to avoiding gout is to keep your uric acid levels low in your body. That means avoiding certain foods like the plague. I’ve quit eating the following;

  • Pork (hot dogs! although Hebrew National beef ones are ok)
  • Shellfish, especially shrimp.
  • Dark raisins (sultanas are ok for me)
  • Red Wine,

Personally, I don’t buy into everything on the above linked list. But it may also depend on how sensitive your body is to uric acid.

Will pray for your healing. Once you remove the main offenders above from your diet, you maybe able to tolerate small portions occasionally. But don’t cheat too often!

love in Jesus’ Precious Name … Dave

I pray in Jesus name your pain will be removed, never to return🙏🏻

Thank you and God bless you!