Prayers asked for my daughter Trinity

My daughter 16 year old Trinity started to read the Bible and draw closer to God through His Word, but the distractions of this world are pulling her away once again. The change in my daughter through God’s great love, mercy and grace are beyond words. It was only around 6+ months ago that the lgbti had a heavy influence on her and then one day God’s Word with His hand on her heart convicted her to question the world and she put the pride flag and all the other accompaniments into the rubbish bin and started drawing closer to God.

Lately however she has started to drift into the world once again and is starting to be taken away by it.

I ask for your continuous prayers for my daughter Trinity.

God bless you all.


He who began a good work in her will be faithful to complete it. This is a truth that you can rely upon from Philippians 1:6. How many times and the duration of those times drifting may be difficult for you, but never lose hope. God works on hearts although sometimes we don’t understand His techniques to invert them. The pull from the world is very strong right now but greater is He that is in you to endure and, if you feel that the seed of The Truth has been sown with your daughter, then that’s a great start. Nurture her with :heart: unconditional :heart: love and let God do the rest.

I pray that my children will remember the God that they know. (Romans 1) Try that :blush: I will remember you in prayer but more importantly, know that all the prayers that you take to God in Jesus Name are heard. We never seem to grasp this. Jesus is our High Priest; your intercessor :wink:

Praying for you and your Trinity!


Dear Lord ,
we place mike’s daughter in
your care . We ask you to
keep her eyes open and focused
on You . Please send Your
angels to fight this battle . We
ask this in Jesus name


Morning Mike,
Sorry I didn’t leave a prayer yesterday. Went to your blogspot (link in your profile). Found a source for Charles Lawson that I had been looking for and began listening to his sermons. God does indeed work in mysterious ways! May you and yours be blessed for your faithfulness in spreading the word.

Trinity is an uncommon name. The only time I’ve heard it was from a Matrix movie.

Beautiful name of our God— your daughter is blessed to carry it. I will keep you and your family in my prayers, especially Trinity. Please keep us posted on her return.

Father God, You Who knew Trinity before she took her first breath, You Who will uphold and protect her all the days of her life, and Who will be with her as she breathes her last— thank You for this child. Thank You for giving her to a man of faith. Thank You that Mike has reached out to ask his brethren to join him in prayer for Trinity. You are so good to us! We thank You for it. We praise You for it!

Please keep the world at arm’s length from Trinity— break its hold on her. Help those who draw her from You to have ears to hear Your Holy Spirit calling. Turn Trinity’s heart back to You and strengthen her resolve to walk in Your ways. Bless Trinity Lord and her family that they might be a blessing to others, especially to those who have not yet accepted Your salvation.

Thank You for loving us so much that You gave Your beloved Son as a sacrifice so that we might be saved from our sin. Thank You for His obedience to You, which showed us how to live. Thank You for His obedience to death that paid the price WE OWED but could never pay, that His death bought us our freedom. Thank You that He lived a sinless life and rose from the grave, giving us the hope that we too will be raised into new life to live with You once again. Thank You for Your Holy Spirit sent to help us until we return to You. May You be worshipped and blessed forevermore! In the Name of Yeshua, our Kinsman-Redeemer, we pray and praise You. Amen.