Prayers for discernment after dream

Hi, I think that you have some good interpretation of your own dream. There is a high watch for a possible rapture date in May. It seems that the earth will become exactly 6,000 years old in May on the feast of Pentecost. Use the calendar of Enoch to get the proper date. After the rapture there will indeed be an unprecedented release of evil on our world. According to extra Biblical sources that the Bible endorses we are only dealing with 10% of the demonic force right now. The remaining 90% of the demonic being will be released after the rapture!!

I do believe that the Lord is showing you something very powerful. If you are having trouble saying the name of Jesus when confronted with evil this is also a bad sign and I would encourage you to get Christian help from either your pastor or mature Christians that are experienced in spiritual warfare. There is likely some kind of evil oppression in your life and it needs to be dealt with.

No you are not crazy and it was the correct thing to ask for Christians to help.

You can also go to there is on the web site a book for interpreting dreams using sound Biblical foundation. God bless

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God bless


Dear Jill,

Thank you for trusting us with your dream. I too, have had dreams where I am coming against the enemy and am unable to speak. That’s when I know it’s the real deal, not just an ordinary dream. Sometimes they are just creepy and disconcerting. Other times they are terrifying. When I wake up, I praise Jesus that He is mine and I am His. I really think your interpretation is spot on. Way to stay in the Word, sister. You are a child of Light and of the Day. Love and prayers. ~ Rou


I’m no dream interpreter. But I can see how seeing evil come out of the shadows and expose itself openly makes perfect sense. Demons aren’t even trying to hide anymore.
Set aside the current vax push and vax passport for the moment and just look at what’s going on;

satan in a online dating commercial.

Tax prep companies running commercials with ppl talking about satan, lake of fire, etc.

The most evil and wicked movie now being released while the commercial brags about the most unholy movie being released on one of the most holy days (Good Friday)

Musicians creating satan worshipping shoes with pentagrams and demons adorning them and the packaging and droplets of human blood used in the shoe and producing a number of pairs that match the number of the beast

They’re not even trying to hide in the shadows anymore. They’re walking out into broad daylight, so those visions within your dream make perfect sense.

Just a guess but the pregnancy thing could have reference to the a.c. about to come on the scene/being born.

Total speculation on my part that isn’t worth much. My speculation plus $2 might get you a cheap cup of coffee somewhere, but it makes sense to me.


It’s actually pretty clear. I think you do know most of what it means and I concur that the baby is lucifers seed. (AC) Here’s the thing I think might be the main point to this prophetic dream. She is coming up out of hiding and bringing her child to the surface, then putting us down in hiding in the basement. That is certainly what is occurring. I think Dano is on point.


Gentle reminder that Biblical end times date setting or date speculation is not allowed here.


Sorry i was telling her what stood out to me.
And what may 14th might mean. i did not realise i was date setting…
Feel kinda bad about it now… please forgive me.
I will delete my post.


Possibly the most disarmingly humble public response to Moderation I’ve yet witnessed.

If this forum had a badge for ‘Humbled Exaltation’ I’d be pinning it to you right now @Jay_H.

Matt 23
12 And whoever exalts himself will be humbled, and he who humbles himself will be exalted.

In Christ


Thank you for your insight, Boris. I think I had forgotten that the 6000 yrs was coming up soon, and thanks for reminding me. That is so exciting to think that we may be going home soon and even more exciting to think we’ll be spending the 7th millennium shortly thereafter. With regards to your interpretation of the inability for me to open my mouth and speak in my dream… if I had been successful in that, I would have missed the entire meaning for having the dream. Because I was truly trying to call on the name of Jesus from the moment I saw her. If she had been rebuked in that very moment she would have disappeared. I never would have detected her pregnancy at all. But I truly treasure the thought that you took the time to be concerned for me. I have been a born-again believer for 45 years now and have the peace of Christ in my life daily. God bless you, brother.

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Thank you, Rhonda. Your words help me feel better about the inability to speak. As I mentioned in a response to another gentleman, if I had been able to get my words out right away, I would have missed the entire reason for the dream. She would have been rebuked and disappeared instantly. So keeping my mouth from working was the plan all along, I believe. God bless you, sister.

You are far more informed about the satanic influences currently in this world than I am. And what you have been outlining is downright unsettling. Thank you for sharing them with me, though. Just curious, what is the movie that is coming out on Good Friday? I used to be a movie buff but the Holy Spirit convicted me to stop going to them when the sex, violence and language got waaaay out of line. If it isn’t on Hallmark these days, I’m not watching. LOL
Let’s all hope the AC is not about to be born, but maybe revealed? Otherwise, I fear we have far too many years to wait to be raptured!
And I totally agree with you that the evil in this world is getting bolder and far more brazen.
Thanks immensely for your $2 worth of insight. And God bless you.

I pray his seed is already in the world and is an adult by now, but that the new evil being unleashed will be his revealing as AC. Otherwise, our timeline for rapture will be thirty or more years down the road, right? (As info, I believe in the pre-trib rapture of the church). Maybe us being down in the basement is more Christian persecution where we all need to hide more and more for our worship? I know that is prevalent in many other countries, but it hasn’t quite gotten that bad here, yet. Your thoughts?

Exactly Jay. May 14th is Israel’s 73rd birthday. Interesting, isn’t it?

sorry, me either.

I have also considered this when I was meditating on your dream. I found it very sobering that evil will soon be birthing more evil. The tribulation will be exceedingly terrible and this is confirmation of both the rapture and the tribulation to follow.

It was Noah that asked God to remove a portion of demons from our earth and God listened to his prayer. I thank you for your reply and for sharing your dream.

Nike has sued the creator of that shoe.

@Twi and @jasonacts177 , I thought date setting was specific to the “Rapture”. No? :slight_smile:

I see the bullet point of

  • Biblical end times date setting or date speculation is not allowed.

Not arguing, just wanted clarification. :wink:

A bit vague…

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I think the name of the movie is unholy or the unholy. Some supernatural horror thing. I typically change the channel or turn away when the commercial comes on.

I don’t the the a.c. is about to be born - and I agree with you - I’m looking up. Ready and expecting to go at any moment.

I only meant to say “born” as in born in your dream possibly meaning to come out onto the scene/be revealed. “Born” to the public.

And to Boris - yes I heard that too about Nike doing the suing. It is some rapper and some shoe company that is taking nike shoes and re-modeling them for the satanic imagery. It’s simply repulsive.



Fair question, and I’ll be honest, I haven’t heard the reasons behind it. Personally, I think it’s intentionally vague to help steer conversation away from even the potential of rapture date setting.


Dreams can be one way the Author of Confusion unsettles us in the last days. Suggest that you do not get excessively deep into it. Trust the Holy Spirit, you could get an answer but even if it weren’t the case - best to move on in the path of His righteousness.