Prayers for girls cough

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Prayers for daughter she keeps having cough ive tried alergy meds its been a while. No fever judt prsy it goes thank u


Hi there,

Just some food for thought…I had a dry cough without a fever that lasted one and a half to two weeks then it suddenly became a wet cough which quickly worstened. As it turned out, I had pneumonia.
I’d like to suggest taking her to a doctor who can listen to her lungs and possibly take X-rays to accurately evaluate her condition.

Please don’t assume it’s nothing…


Prayers for your daughters healing. Much prayers daily,


Now that it’s been a few days, could you please give us an update? How is your daughter now?


Doing much better thanks. I notice all kinds of little kids coughing too. Maybe something is goi g around?
Me and my older kids are fine so unsure what to think


I agree with Vicki that a dry cough can be pneumonia and I know you’re keeping watch. If you’re ever in need of relief and have no lozenges or medicine on hand, a bit of butter or honey can be soothing.

Father in Heaven,
Please watch over M777’s family, especially her daughter with a cough. In Jesus’ Name, thank You. Amen.


PLEASE…don’t assume it’s nothing serious just because you believe something is going around. It would be wise and definitely in her best interest to have her examined by a qualified physician. God forbid she has an infection that needs attention…waiting will only make it worse and create complications requiring more aggressive care.

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Still praying for child. By his stripes child us healed. In Jesus name.

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Have you tried ricola throat drops. With honey lemon and echinacea. I get a dry cough as an adult not a cough just dry. Try these cough drops. Praying. Sandra

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Its finally gone. Its just allergies from this sand bowl the desert


Praise God…that’s wonderful news!

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