Prayers for Guidance and Intervention

Greetings everyone,

Would you consider praying for me, please? Currently, I have multiple challenges with family, current job situation, and health. The Lord’s guidance and intervention are desperately needed in all of these areas.

Thank you for your time and prayers.

Have a blessed New Year!


Father God, I lift this sister in Christ to you. We have no specifics to pray for and so I ask You to cover her from head to toe and consider all her needs. Take away fear or frustration and let her see the strength of Your Mighty hand. Guide her, intervene for her where needed, and keep her close to You with her eyes fixed on You. Asking in the Name of Jesus. amen.


Praying for wisdom, guidance, and Divine Intervention! :green_heart::dove:


Praying for you .

Dear Lord ,
we ask you put your protection
over our sister . We ask the
Holy Spirit to help guide her
with wisdom and understanding .
We praise You Jesus .
In Jesus Christ name we pray


Thank you all so much for your prayers!!! They mean so much!

Having all these challenges occur at once with little support from family and friends is overwhelming. The most pressing issue out of all of them is getting out of a very difficult workplace and into a better job quickly! However, I’m hopeful that the Heavenly Father will act on all of them soon.


Dear Father in Heaven, we come to You in the Name of Jesus, Your only begotten Son who makes intersession for us. Father, You know all details of this prayer request. You know all circumstances. Father, You are Wise and Good to Your children, and we ask for Your Wisdom. We ask for Your Grace and Your Peace Lord in this family. Father, we ask for a hedge around this family. We ask for protection in the job and health problems in this family. Lord, You are Worthy to be Praised. Glorify Your Name in this family, and let them be a testimony and a witness to Glorify You. Let Your Love flow upon them like never before in their time. We thank You we can come to You, boldly, with confidence and ask these things of You. We Praise You Lord for You and You alone are our Good Good Father. We deserve a stone yet You give us Bread. Thank You, Lord God Almighty. We ask for Mercy and pray for Your Will to be done in our lives and in the lives of this precious family. In the Name Above All Names, Jesus Christ, I petition You. Amen and Amen


Thank you, Jesuslover1985!

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Thank you, Idahopeful!

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Thank you, becky!

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Thank you, Jared!

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Thank you, IamBlessed!

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Happy Friday everyone,

I wanted to provide an update.

Another employer extended a fantastic job offer to me. This new opportunity will provide opportunities for professional growth in addition to several awesome financial incentives!

As part of the onboarding process, I informed them that I intend to seek both a medical and religious exemption to the vaccine requirement before starting the new job. Today, I’ve talked with HR officials at the new employer who implied that my religious exemption request will likely be denied and that they’re now waiting on me to submit paperwork from my primary care physician regarding the medical exemption. Just yesterday, my primary care doctor emphatically stated that she cannot write an exemption statement nor complete exemption - related paperwork on my behalf, even though I have several health conditions at this time.

Please continue to pray with me. In this case, I’m hoping for a concrete resolution to this exemption request matter from the potential new employer ---- whether the answer from them is either “yes, request granted and you can start working with us” or “no, request denied and we’re retracting our offer.” I continue to apply for other jobs while still employed at the current workplace. Waiting for a concrete answer on a new role, while dealing with other challenges in life is tough.

Thank you!


You just need a squeaky teddy bear to hold or a security blanket. There are still security blankets, right? Okay, we’ll go with prayer instead.

Merciful and Mighty Heavenly Father

@WatchandPray7 has created a name fitly used today and for her own prayer request. The waters of her life are so tumultuous that a rogue wave would seem like a tiny splish splash in a bathtub to what she’s dealing with it seems. The sound of crashing water so loud she can’t even hear herself scream “STOP!” But God, Father, You have a reason for this and perhaps it’s meant to get her attention and say, “Little child, let’s rap for a bit and have a chat.” The weighing of her sighs and groans must be breaking the scales right now and Father, we ask of You to smooth those waters to a dead calm, or at least a calm with a nice breeze. Preferably leading TO her destination.

Please bless her with a peace and calm in her heart and mind as we ask to have her heart mended, to pluck what ails her for her health both with illnesses and any injuries she may suffer from. We beg You to guide her to the answers and solutions she needs and to help her to feel the sturdiness of You whom she leans on while the storms beat her down and trials pound and forge her with the perseverance and endurance You are creating in her.

Please protect her from those not of You as we ask to also protect her family, and heal them from those not of You. Please allow @WatchandPray7 to sip like…a mimosa as she raises that spiritual shield of faith to the fiery darts as our Lord and Savior plays some samba music next to her drinking like maybe a cranberry and club soda saying, “It’s okay, we’re fighting in the shade today.” Please place upon her the knowledge she needs to continue on and with brethren around her, help dust her off and guide her in the direction we’re all meant to walk.

Please shine the light of Heaven, of Home, upon her and revitalize her Godly joy in her heart and re energize the Holy Spirit in her so everyone she encounters can feel the strength You provide us to get through the day. Please protect her and her family from evil and on their commutes. Please bless them with an overabundance of discernment for a time such as this. Please lay upon her the loving embrace of hope through faith in You.

We pray this in Jesus’ name


@Jon, thank you so much for taking the time to pray in agreement! Your prayer lightened my spirit and made me laugh a few times. Much appreciated!


You might go to the Resources tab on Pastor JD’s website and look at the Exemption Letters and examples provided there. From what I understand, these letters are being excepted for the majority of the time. God Bless and continue to uphold and keep you!


Thank you, @IamBlessed! I submitted a copy of the letter available from Pastor JD and am still awaiting an official response regarding it and the supporting documentation sent along with the letter. I’m praying for an official response and an outcome that will glorify our Heavenly Father. :pray:


I meet with the new company’s HR department tomorrow regarding the exemption request. I’ve been praying and fasting about this situation and will continue to pray until the HR reps provide a response. Will provide an update here about the final answer. Thank you for praying!


Amen .

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Thank you for praying, Pax!


A few hours after meeting with the HR department today (no major developments yet), terrible news impacting my family struck! It seems like there’s no let up with troubles for Christians lately. :cry:

Praying for a favorable outcome for my family. :pray: